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My Story as an Army Wife

In early 2003, my husband came home one day and announced he wanted to join the military. I thought he was joking. Very shortly after that initial conversation, we were both practically interrogating recruiters along with various members of my family who had served. And we also made a deal – he could join the military if I could quit my job and start a business.

In March 2003, the day after we invaded Iraq, we visited with his parents to tell them he had signed on the dotted line. He was due to leave in October with an Option 40 contract, which gave him the possibility of making it to Ranger BN.

I began to seek out information on what the transition would be like for us as a couple. I came up short time and time again. While there was plenty of information online at that time about being a soldier, there was practically nothing about being married to one.

I decided to tackle that lack of information by starting this website, which led to documenting my experiences through his basic training, AIT, Airborne and then RIP. After graduation, he was then assigned to Ranger BN and promptly deployed overseas. While enduring our first deployment, I quit my job, moved to a new town and started my business. I think I was deliberately trying to see how much change I could handle at once. 🙂 Three more deployments after that and I felt like a pro.

Throughout the years, this website has allowed me to meet some of the most amazing women and men I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. And I’ve been honored to help so many new spouses, significant others and family members to understand more about the journey they’re embarking on when their soldier makes the decision to serve.

Even though my husband is now medically retired, I just can’t seem to walk away from the Army. Truth be told, we both miss it every day. The Army made such an impact on both of our lives, there’s no way I could just leave it all behind simply because he isn’t active duty.

Since his retirement, there have been many changes.

  • He is now a firefighter/EMT and loving it – even though I don’t always love the 24 on/48 off schedule he has, it’s nothing compared to a deployment.
  • I earned my MBA from University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!) and walked across the stage at graduation seven months pregnant with our son, who is just the greatest little guy there is.
  • And finally, we’ve relocated to northeast Georgia where I now work in the corporate world in digital marketing, utilizing many of the skills I learned through running this site.

One thing that hasn’t changed is my love of the Army life and my desire to support Army families. Even though you may leave the Army, it never leaves you.

And I happen to like it that way.