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Site Mission

I started this website in 2003 in an effort to help other military spouses become acclimated to the Army lifestyle. At that time, all of the sites on the web that dealt with the Army were about the soldier and recruiting. While obviously important, spouses and other family members were left to wander on their own through the Army landscape.

Over the years, thousands of military spouses and family members have reached out to me for guidance and support. These people, even if we haven’t met, are my family. We are connected through the common bond of loving a soldier and doing anything we can to support them in their journey to serve our country.

It is the mission of Married to the Army to ensure that no family member is left behind as their soldier strives to obtain the admirable goal of honorably serving our country.

MTTA Audience

MTTA serves an audience that is primarily female (current estimates of 96%) and between the ages of 18 and 44. Even though the site is Married to the Army, we provide information for all family members and significant others of soldiers.

Outreach Opportunities

Advertising opportunities are available on Married to the Army as well as sponsored content on our social media accounts.

To discuss advertising opportunities, please message me on our Facebook page.