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Are You Dating an Army Soldier or a Fake?

If you don’t want to read the rest of this article, there is one surefire way to know if your soldier is fake:

If a soldier you’re “dating” online asks you for money for ANY reason, it’s a scam. Period. End of story. [Click to tweet this]

And as my husband says….If you have to ask, it’s a scam.


UPDATE: Two women were prosecuted for receiving over one million dollars from 374 people in these scams! Story here.

Since starting the website in 2004, I have received many emails from people who believe they are dating a soldier when, in most cases, they actually are not. Nine times out of ten, they “met” their soldier on a social networking site, such as Facebook, or an online dating site. And he is the one who just happened to find her while he was looking around and decided she’s going to be his future wife. What he really means is she’s going to be his next victim.


Stories That Are Lies

He’s in Special Operations

1. He is in a special operations unit and therefore cannot share any information with you. It’s true that special ops guys can’t discuss their job but that also means they don’t tell random strangers they’re in special ops. My husband was special ops. When we would go out with a bunch of guys from his unit and people would ask what they did, they simply replied they were in the Army. Special ops guys don’t brag about it. They’re known as “quiet professionals” for a reason.

He’s Been Denied Leave

2. He has been deployed for two years, has been denied leave time and will not be coming home any time soon therefore you won’t be able to meet. If there were soldiers being denied leave after being overseas for years at a time, it would be ALL over the news. It’s a lie.

He’s on a Top Secret Mission

3. He is on a top secret mission in a country other than Iraq or Afghanistan (or even in Iraq or Afghanistan – it’s all lies). Now, we certainly do have troops in other countries. However, they don’t talk about it and they certainly don’t tell you they are on a “top secret mission”. Also, any special operations soldier worth his beret will not reveal his location to someone he doesn’t know (or even someone he does!).

He Needs Permission from Someone in His Unit

4. He says he is not allowed to talk about what he does, however, he has cleared it with his CO that he can tell you enough to make you believe he is who he says. This is followed by outrageous lies. If he truly is not allowed to share any details about his job, his CO doesn’t even allow him to talk about it with family, much less someone he met on the internet. Sometimes with this tactic, they will ask you to email/send mail to the CO to ask for permission. Then the supposed CO sends back a letter asking for money to connect a phone line or some other complete lie.

Everyone Around Him is Dead

5. He says one of the following….his parents died, his wife died in his arms, his wife was killed in a car accident along with all of his children, his children are orphaned and living in some remote location, or he was orphaned……all LIES. My favorite is when they combine all these things. Really? I know some very unlucky people but this is just over the top. And I mean if this was for real and that kind of luck follows him, why do you want to be with him?

He Has No Mailing Address

6. He says he doesn’t have a mailing address because either he is in a classified unit or his position changes so often. Even in special operations, he’ll have an APO address. And this is not a post office box and it’s not in Nigeria!! It also has nothing to do with a Western Union office. And you don’t have to send it through a relative because he can’t give out his address.

He Needs Money for Leave

7. He says he needs you to pay for his R&R leave because the Army doesn’t pay for it. This is absolutely false! A real soldier will not request money to travel home as he doesn’t need it! The Army pays for all travel to and from a war zone. This includes emergency travel like the death of a loved one. It’s not like you just book your own flight home from Afghanistan on Delta.

He Needs You to Request His Leave

8. He says he can come home but you have to request his leave through an email address. If all an Army spouse had to do was email her soldier’s commander to get him home from deployment, don’t you think ALL Army spouses would be doing this? There would be no one deployed. The Army does not allow leave requests from Army family members. In fact, even in the case of the death of an immediate family member, the information has to be verified by the American Red Cross before the soldier’s command is contacted for possible leave by officials at the Red Cross – they don’t just take your word for it.

He Needs You to Pay for a Phone Line

9. He wants you to pay for a phone line, cell phone or calling card so you can talk to each other. Real soldiers can call home for FREE. My husband deployed multiple times and we never paid for a single phone call. If he asks for this, he’s a scam artist. Not to mention, soldiers are making enough to buy a phone card if they really had to.

He’s About to Retire

10. He’s about to retire and then he can marry you and live happily ever after. This usually also includes stories about being a higher ranking officer. Typical story and it’s all lies. Real officers have even LESS time to be online talking to strangers over the internet.

His Child Needs XYZ

11. He has a child that is dying or needs surgery (or some other medical emergency) and he needs the money to pay for it. All military dependents are covered by Tricare, which for the most part is amazing insurance. I had a c-section and was in the hospital in a private room for three days. Know how much I paid? $12. Real soldiers aren’t paying out of pocket for their kid’s medical care.

He’s a General

12. And he’s only 28! Wow, talk about a quick advancement! LOL A General will have well over 20 years of service and less than 1% of officers will make it to the rank of General. On top of that, Generals make a minimum of $12,000 per month in JUST base pay. So why exactly would he need money from you?

His Pay is Deposited in the U.S. and He Has No Access

13. Seriously? First, the Army is providing the essentials while you’re deployed so there’s not a need for a lot of money overseas. Second, you can have access to your money, so this is yet another lie. There are ATMs on any main post and the PX accepts debit and credit cards. If he says he’s somewhere that there isn’t an ATM or another way to get money, there is also nothing for him to spend money on. So why does he need it?

He’s On a Peacekeeping Mission in {insert name of country}

14. Last time I checked we aren’t on a lot of peacekeeping missions in Nigeria and Syria. And if we were, a real soldier wouldn’t tell you that.

Verify The Truth

So how can you find out if he’s telling the truth?

The absolute best way to verify is with #2 – ask him to email you from his AKO address.

  1. Ask for his mailing address overseas. If he can’t provide one, he is lying. There is nothing secretive about an APO address. And an APO address will not be a post office box. It’s also not at a Western Union office!
  2. Ask him to give you his AKO email address rather than his yahoo, hotmail, etc. This will be his firstname.lastname@us.army.mil. All soldiers have an AKO account. There is NO reason why he can’t provide it – regardless of what unit he is assigned to, what his mission may be, who he’s working for, etc. And the AKO account is free so him saying his credit card hasn’t been processed or his account is locked because he didn’t pay is also a lie. If he refuses to provide this, he’s fake.

I originally had other questions you could ask regarding his training, etc, but I’m removing those because many people believed whatever ridiculous information he came up with when they asked.

But you say he’s sent you pictures or a copy of his ID?

Many have been provided pictures, copies of military identification cards, even videos. First, pictures can be grabbed from anywhere on the internet – there’s no guarantee you’re talking to that person. They may very well be using the picture of a real soldier but that doesn’t mean you’re talking to him. Some of these scumbags are using the pictures of soldiers who were killed in action to run their scams. It’s sick.

Someone told me once they were dating a General and she even had pictures. I told her to send them to me. Guess who the pictures were of? David Petraeus!

Some use totally fake pictures in uniforms that are all messed up – I’ve seen Army uniforms with Air Force tapes and Navy insignia – no joke.

I’ve seen very badly doctored military ID cards where it’s obvious he’s typed over information on the card. What’s funny is he’ll type over the only legitimate information on the card and replace it with something that makes no sense. Such as rank of SPC and pay grade of MAJ.

The pictures they use many times on military IDs are so fake and it’s so obvious. Real military ID pictures basically look like a mugshot – solid background with him in uniform and basically only showing his face (maybe the very top of his shoulders). Someone sent me one the other day that not only looked nothing like a military ID (more like a business card for a recruiter), it had a picture of a soldier who was obviously at a military ball or some other formal event as he had a bow tie with his dress uniform. That is NOT an ID picture.

Or maybe he’s added you on Facebook and even changed his relationship status to you

The Army posted this example on their Facebook page:


So exactly which one are you dating? Oh and by the way, I’ve never seen a soldier unless it was on an official page (such as the base commander’s page) that uses his rank in his name.

Soldiers Don’t Have Time For This

99.9% of military guys overseas don’t have the time available to them to email, chat and Skype for hours at a time or even every day online. They are too busy doing their JOB. And most have no interest in “dating” someone online while they’re deployed. Continuing to talk to their loved one that they knew before deployment? Absolutely! Time to peruse dating sites and chat for hours? Absolutely not.

But he said he loves you and wants to marry you….even though you “met” last week

I’m assuming if you’re falling for this, you’ve never been in a military town. Go downtown in a military town to a club one night and let me know how many single soldiers are there looking for the love of their life….not exactly what their goal is. And when you’re thousands of miles away from each other, he doesn’t have the opportunity to sleep with you. So the point would be???

Many of these stories contain comments about him saying he loves you within a few days/weeks of starting to talk or he wants to marry you as soon as he returns. Let’s get this straight – you haven’t met and certainly haven’t had the opportunity to have any kind of physical relationship, yet he wants to marry you? Does this sound feasible to you? If you’re even hesitating on the answer, I’ll help you. It’s not. They’re lying so they can get in your wallet. And they’re doing this to many others at the same time they’re doing it to you. It’s just who is going to open up access to their bank account first.

But you asked him if he was a scammer and he said no!

Come on, think about this! Why would he admit it to you? Or even better, he told you he is in fact a scammer but he REALLY loves you…..as long as you keep sending him money.

He hasn’t asked for money yet though

Don’t worry, he will. If any of the above signs sound familiar, it’s only a matter of time. He may get pretty far into his story before he asks. He may wait until his plane is suppose to leave and you’re meeting him in less than 24 hours. Then all of the sudden disaster strikes and he needs three grand to be able to come home. LIES!

Even though he’s doing these things, you still think he’s the real deal

I hate to be harsh but if any of the above sounds familiar, it’s a SCAM. Don’t sit there and think you’re the exception. You’re not the lucky one who’s encountered these signs but somehow your guy is the real deal. He’s FAKE. He doesn’t love you. He doesn’t want to marry you. And sooner or later, he’s going to ask for money.

I get emails and messages (or comments) from people who tell me the story and ask me if he’s fake. I answer yes, it’s a scam. And what do they do? Keep asking me more questions – but he does this or he said this or he sent me these pictures. Guess what? The answer is still the same. It’s a scam. Go back and read the first line in bold at the top of this article. I don’t care if he asks you to mail him a penny – a real soldier will NOT ask you for money. A real soldier makes more overseas than he does when he’s home!!

The Scam Checklist

So let me sum this up:

  • If he’s asking for money for a phone line, it’s a scam.
  • If he’s asking for money for travel home, it’s a scam.
  • If he needs you to help him move money from one location to another, it’s a scam.
  • If he asks for your bank account information, it’s a scam.
  • If he wants you to wire money for ANY reason via Western Union (or similar service), it’s a scam.
  • If he asks you to email his command so he can come home, it’s a scam.
  • If he tells you to open a bank account or credit card for him, it’s a scam (and this one could get you into legal trouble!)

PLEASE quit sending these people money! If you’re just itching to give away your money, send it to me! haha After all, I’ve spent more hours than I can count updating this article with the latest techniques and answering questions here and elsewhere.

Finally, if you don’t believe me, please read this article from the Army – Soldier Scams

About the author: Stacey is an Army wife of a soldier who joined in 2003. He has since been medically retired but she continues to provide information to Army wives and families to make their adjustment to the Army lifestyle easier. Connect with Stacey: Facebook Twitter Pinterest

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  • Tina Smith July 4, 2015, 6:49 pm

    I forgot to tell you his name is Robert Cameroon Hood, supposedly from Delavan, Wi. He is a staff sergeant at Kabul, Afghanistan Camp Eggers. He has also lived in Illinois. His family deceased other than an abusive uncle in Utah. He said his ex wife cheated on him and stuff, divorced / separated total of 7 yrs. No children. He said he has lots of money but acct in USA frozen due to issues with divorce. He said he just received his check for deployment from Iraq, Syria and chemical warfare.

  • Judy Payo July 5, 2015, 3:41 pm

    I am very scared since i fall jn love online .he only ask me to pray for him.and .message me once a day.hkpe his real.pls reply me in my email address.thanks lot.i love reading
    This site.thank you

  • danny July 5, 2015, 5:48 pm

    Its not only guys, i got a request from a woman (atleast in profile) and her parents died when she was eight. I doubted it when she said she wants to move in where i live and that too in few hours. peacekeeping at nigeria. Scam is to buy calling card from welfare, forwarded message is quoted below.

    “My name is xxxxx, I contact to make a purchase of Military Calling Card that can be accessible in West Africa,Nigeria. I am making the Purchase on behalf of my Fiancee , Capt.Maria Brandi , US Special Force Commandant of batch number: UN/US ARMY 0A09/16780/UNAMILQ”

    I were supposed to send this email to military.callcard@usa.com.

    Thank god i found your website, god bless you.

  • Patricia aleesawy July 6, 2015, 2:11 am

    I was falling in love with the perfect guy ….he sends me messages thru email and viber……mom dad and wife are dead…he is all alone …name : Parker Collins he thinks I am a perfect mom for his 13yr old daughter …he pays attention to detail regarding my needs …he dedicates a song everyday and honestly he makes me feel like a princess …and I was starting to believe in true love again ……..but there were red flags since the begining…..I ignored them …but today he asked me to petition him here in the usa so we can meet…and no it will cost me some money…..because he dosent have access to his account in the uk base in Iran … (but I don’t think there is a base in Iran)….he sent me a picture of him laying on bed with the computer open and my picture was on the screen…..I was praying and hoping this will be true …..but I think is a scam …..if it is …..wow this guy Parker Collins is really good …he is a poet too..and a good one…he really spends quality time with me on viber….when my son is crying he tells me to take care of him right away…..he said he is starving of love ……he has not had sex in 3yr 1/2 his wife died of skin cancer 3yrs ago and he showed me pictures …….he showed me pictures of his house in London and his 3 Mercedes Benz. ….and that was another red flag (I am not for sale) and don’t care about people’s wealth …there inside is the most impotent thing…..and so he graduated in poetry…..but later decided….that what he really wanted and was a dream come true ..was to be a soldier…….he told me to refer to MY 3 kids as OUR KIDS….any ways ……he touched my heart like is never been touched before …..So honestly I learned from him so much ….even thu I know is a SCAM ….I REALLY thought he was my Prince charm. ….so sad ….now I don’t really believe in real love …..will stay single with my three kids Forever…..they are my true love

  • Juliaa July 6, 2015, 7:58 am

    Hi, i found this site while searching about internet scam. I’m from Germany and i was contacted by a us soldier over a social network. He told me that he’s in Kabul, Afghanistan right now and we started to talk over yahoo. He was very nice and gentle and never asked for money…after three days he told me he fell in love…wow…but i’m not sleeping on a tree so i started to investigate. Found this site and much other Information about romance scan and was sure…I found a pic of him which he sent me as a current pic but the one i found was already two years old and with another first name in Google+ I confronted him with that…attacked him with words, he wanted to give me the E-Mail of his commander but i only answered i know it would be another yahoo adress.
    My question is…do i have to report this anywhere? I read about the cid…and will the real man behind this stolen identity be informed? I’m so sorry for him.
    i only wonder that he didn’t use a General rang he only uses the staff seargent rang. I followed the header of his E-Mail at yahoo and the ip was located in the us. he wasn’t able or willing to give me an APO adress or something like this with the reason i attacked him and he wont give any evidence.
    I would really be happy if i get an answer here. so thanks in advance.

  • suezq July 6, 2015, 3:11 pm

    Thank you for this site i just saved myself from all the drama of being scammed. You are a life saver i became a nut and searched until i could search no more. i found the real retired soldier and am now sending him all the information I know about him his family and pictures sent of him. This has been a wild ride I am proud i never fell for the money thing but either way it gives you a rude awakening
    Life can be tough sometimes and obviously women can be the targets for these cruel animals.
    Thank you once again,

  • Patty July 6, 2015, 7:05 pm

    Anybody ever talk to a Jack Dawson, (jackdawson101), he claims his full name is: Jack Elleffson Richard Dawson, MOS 11B, in Army. Sent me pics with the Elleffson name on tab on uniform, pics of his daughter, he checks out on most things, just waiting for the money question. I have pics if anyone wants to compare!!!

  • natalia July 7, 2015, 1:27 pm

    I want to say to watch out those scambags i date one his name its david dietrich he send me pictures but of course they will fake he was asking for. Money of course i didnt give to him i new he was fake so becarefu. Ladies he is on meet me

  • arlen July 8, 2015, 9:58 pm

    Hi i am talking to guy he said he is a solider.everything was good til he told me he needs money for his internet and flight ticket to come see me and marry me. He send me lots of picture but when he asked for money i thought he was fake. I told him to send me a picture of him with a paper saying I love you arlen so he did but he cover his face and it was photo shop the paper and name. He gave me his number i call but he did not sound American he sounds so African.I fell for him his so cute the picture he show me. I just want to find who is the guy on that picture that i fell forIs there a way to find himDo you know which site to go to date a solider?

  • Charlie July 10, 2015, 6:21 pm

    Here’s my sting of one of these female scammers:
    ame, there is something we need to talk about urgently
    Today at 1:47 PMme
    What is it?
    Today at 1:49 PMme
    Today at 1:51 PMme
    Where’d you go?
    Today at 1:53 PMDorothy Cornolly
    I have been scheduled to leave for Syria where i do not meet up for the requirement of securing a leave permit
    Today at 1:54 PMme
    Explain… What’s a leave permit and what requirements?
    Today at 1:57 PMDorothy Cornolly
    (1/2)I stand a chance of spending 60days off active duty in a peaceful environment of my choice under the supervision of the security company i am working with
    (2/2)and there after put in for my retirement
    Today at 1:58 PMme
    And you don’t qualify in Syria?
    Today at 1:59 PMDorothy Cornolly
    however before such leave is granted, a compulsory program must be passed through that will help and build ones morale when blending into the civil world
    Today at 2:00 PMme
    And the program isn’t available in Syria?
    Today at 2:04 PMDorothy Cornolly
    The option is i either go to Syria for 6months or embark on a 3weeks program and secure a leave permit to spend 60days off active duty in a peaceful environment
    Today at 2:05 PMme
    Where is the program, and what do you need to do to qualify for it?
    Today at 2:09 PMDorothy Cornolly
    (1/2)The program is due to start by soon and last 3 weeks and afterwards it is a peaceful world away from everyday violence, but i have to register for the
    (2/2)program through a diplomatic agent back in the states but my challenge is i am an orphan and no one to help me just like you when the going was tough
    Today at 2:10 PMme
    What do you need me to do?
    Just remember, I’m in Canada
    Today at 2:12 PMme
    I’ll do what I can.
    Today at 2:14 PMme
    Today at 2:15 PMDorothy Cornolly
    I understand but you can help if you want to, all i need is to pay for the registration through the diplomatic agent which i have no means of completing here
    Today at 2:16 PMme
    How much and where do I contact him
    Today at 2:19 PMDorothy Cornolly
    (1/2)For security reasons i will be providing you with the diplomatic agent details in US and the fee needed for the registration is $695. My chances of a
    (2/2)future hangs in the balance of certainty and uncertainty
    Today at 2:40 PMDorothy Cornolly
    Today at 2:44 PMme
    DO you have an APO address where I can send it?
    Today at 2:46 PMDorothy Cornolly
    I work directly with a security company and that makes it all different, it is all different
    only regular armies do APO, special ops do not
    Today at 2:52 PMme
    Hmmm. Well, please allow me to let you in on a few things you don’t know about me. Charles Parent is a pseudonym. I am a retired Lt.Cdr from the US Navy, SEAL Team 8, and I KNOW how SpecOps work!! At NO time is it required for ANY serviceman ( or woman) to pay for an MEP. Further, actual military email addresses end with .gov or .mil, NOT with civilian email preoviders. You are NOT Dorothy Cornolly, and your email address and contact info, as well as your IP have been reported to US Army CID (Criminal Investigation Division) as well as the NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigation Service) for investigation for fraud! You should be ASHAMED of yourself, for trying to scam people by using the good name of a servicewoman who put her life on the line every day to protect freedom!

  • Marsy July 11, 2015, 8:54 pm

    I have BEEN talking to sergeant Robert Arthur Ricketson from Kabul Afghanistan I NEED TO KNOW IF HE really exist or if some one else is using his photos he states he is not allowed to take pictures and that I have to go through deptofdefensebasezone@usa.com to secure a line for him to call me due to terrorists SECURE phone line and send I NEED TO KNOW IF HE IS who is on the picture

  • Colleen July 12, 2015, 10:02 am

    If you want to track down the location where the emails are coming from, go to “readnotify.com”. You can put a tracker on an email that you send to him which he will not know anything about. When he opens the email, a report will be sent to you with his location, how many times he opened the email, and the time he opened the email. You will also get his IP address off the report. You can plug the IP address into a IP locator which will pull up his location on a map. You can prove if he is lying without him knowing it. At that point, do not contact him anymore, but block your email account. Do not tell the soldier what you have done. You do not want him to send viruses or trojan horses to your computer. You can then contact the FBI, even if you have not sent any money. He has still committed fraud and may be defrauding other women. We can help each other and stop him. By not telling him, you are helping the FBI catch him in the act. You can also use software through your computer to text him, or applications on cell phones that will generate a different phone number for you so that you do not give out your actual phone information. “Burner” is such an application for iPhones. Burner even gives you a satellite view of where the phone is at the time! There are many more. You can do a search on the internet to find what you need to protect yourself . You can do internet searches on how to block your specific email accounts so that he cannot access them. Be sure to write your passwords down for these programs, because you may not be able to change them if you forget. Spokeo.com is another website. However, most of the criminals know how to protect themselves from it, and you will get a blank report. We do not want the same thing to happen to readnotify.com.

  • Kris July 12, 2015, 5:25 pm

    Report Them: All forms of financial fraud, which is exactly what these fake, “love for money” soldiers are trying to pull, can now be reported through the StopFraud.gov website: http://www.stopfraud.gov/report.html

    NOTE: No branch of the U.S. military charges service members money for permission to take leave. Leave is earned, not purchased. As the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command recommends: Never Send Money – “Be extremely suspicious if you are asked for money for transportation costs, communication fees or marriage processing and medical fees.”

    In addition, be very suspicious if the person you are corresponding with wants you to mail anything to an African country.

    Where to Turn Them In: If you suspect or know you have been victimized by a fake soldier scammer, you can report the incident to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).

  • Carla July 14, 2015, 8:57 pm

    Do i met someone off pof he messaged me and . We have been talking for a month and a half. And the grammar is wrong snd me may have spoke for 5 minutes on the phone the rest have been emailing and text. He wants my online account info to put money in my account from his ex boss he says hes been in the army 13 years i know this is all bull but then he also wants me to get benefits from the military but another thing that seems off is he wants me to talk to hus General about the benefits. That doesn’t seem like something they would do. And his general us in a different state then we are. And if course ge wants to marry me and be a family i know that im right i guess i just need deeper confirmation. I have already been questioning him on things that arent match in up. He sent a picture of a military driver license i know its fake and have been asking basic questions that would be on there to see hus answer. They were wrong. Thanjs for the help

  • ann July 14, 2015, 10:51 pm

    I met a guy in christiandating site he told me that he’s a soldier his from Ohio,and deployed in afghanistan,in 5 days of chatting he told me that he already love me,then after 5 days he’s asking my bank account and credit card.but he never ask money for me.do you think this is a scam?his name is Mark Wilson.

  • jennifer July 15, 2015, 10:08 pm

    I have a man saying he is a soldier in kuwait his name is Richard mark johnson ask me too marry him and some other stuff be for i do anything I need too know if this person is real or fake I have a pic of him if u like I can send it too u

  • Jane July 16, 2015, 11:58 pm

    How can you tell if your soldier is real. Is there a soldier name list somewhere. I really want me solder to be real. any ideals on how to tell for sure?

  • karen July 17, 2015, 8:15 pm

    Hi, I’ve been emailing a guy who says he’s in the american army based in Syria. We’ve been using gmail and hang outs to keep in touch. He seems normal and we talk for a short time before he starts his shift. He’s asked me to email militarycallcard.usmil@op.pl to request permission to talk on the phone. Is this normal procedure?
    Many Thanks

  • Pamela Becton July 19, 2015, 2:07 pm

    Can you please help me get m money back. I sent him thousands if dallors thinking I am helping him and his daughter. I even sent laptop computer. I kept my receipts. He had me planning our wedding and all. He had me believe we was meeting on my birthday. He had me believe he had leave. When I took off work for week and had know income. He mentally, emotionally and financially abuse me. I want justice serve to upmost. He need to brt licj up for all the money he took from Mr. Please get my money back and lick him up for doing so. I have my receipts to help.

    • Stacey Abler July 19, 2015, 8:56 pm

      You can try to contact the authorities in your area but it’s highly unlikely they will be able to get your money back. I’m sorry.

  • Pamela Becton July 19, 2015, 2:23 pm

    He had me believe he was in Iraq. His name vis Sgt John Jorge birthday 5/17. He just turn 41. Daughter is called Phyllis He state all his family vis dead except her even get mother his ex-wufe. He stated he was going to marry me, purchase home together, adopt foster children.I have his email and he called from a different number.

  • Julia July 19, 2015, 5:41 pm

    I don’t won’t to believe I fell for a scammer but after reading the things being posted here I have to face reality and it breaks my heart because I really care for the jerk. He tells me he’s ari force special ops and is stationed at bagram air force base in afganistan. He says his name is Johnson Mattias Aspan. Never been married but has a daughter with his ex girlfriend. He hasn’t ask for money but he says we can only communicate through yahoo messanger or his yahoo email and that his only means of communication is through his work device and he has to share it with fellow soldiers. Yes, he’s saying I’m the one he’s been searching for and he loves me and wants us to marry when he returns home in a few months. I offered to by him a phone so we could take and he ask me to make it the new iphone6 but it just didn’t sit right with me so I started doing my homework . I feel like such a damned fool not because I almost feel for the bs but because I was actually falling for him!

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