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Are You Dating an Army Soldier or a Fake?

If you don’t want to read the rest of this article, there is one surefire way to know if your soldier is fake:

If a soldier you’re “dating” online asks you for money for ANY reason, it’s a scam. Period. End of story. [Click to tweet this]

And as my husband says….If you have to ask, it’s a scam.


UPDATE: Two women were prosecuted for receiving over one million dollars from 374 people in these scams! Story here.

Since starting the website in 2004, I have received many emails from people who believe they are dating a soldier when, in most cases, they actually are not. Nine times out of ten, they “met” their soldier on a social networking site, such as Facebook, or an online dating site. And he is the one who just happened to find her while he was looking around and decided she’s going to be his future wife. What he really means is she’s going to be his next victim.

If this article helps you or has kept you from becoming the victim of a scam (or sending him even more money), please consider donating to help maintain this website so that others will be able to utilize this information as well. Thank you!


Stories That Are Lies

He’s in Special Operations

1. He is in a special operations unit and therefore cannot share any information with you. It’s true that special ops guys can’t discuss their job but that also means they don’t tell random strangers they’re in special ops. My husband was special ops. When we would go out with a bunch of guys from his unit and people would ask what they did, they simply replied they were in the Army. Special ops guys don’t brag about it. They’re known as “quiet professionals” for a reason.

He’s Been Denied Leave

2. He has been deployed for two years, has been denied leave time and will not be coming home any time soon therefore you won’t be able to meet. If there were soldiers being denied leave after being overseas for years at a time, it would be ALL over the news. It’s a lie.

He’s on a Top Secret Mission

3. He is on a top secret mission in a country other than Iraq or Afghanistan (or even in Iraq or Afghanistan – it’s all lies). Now, we certainly do have troops in other countries. However, they don’t talk about it and they certainly don’t tell you they are on a “top secret mission”. Also, any special operations soldier worth his beret will not reveal his location to someone he doesn’t know (or even someone he does!).

He Needs Permission from Someone in His Unit

4. He says he is not allowed to talk about what he does, however, he has cleared it with his CO that he can tell you enough to make you believe he is who he says. This is followed by outrageous lies. If he truly is not allowed to share any details about his job, his CO doesn’t even allow him to talk about it with family, much less someone he met on the internet. Sometimes with this tactic, they will ask you to email/send mail to the CO to ask for permission. Then the supposed CO sends back a letter asking for money to connect a phone line or some other complete lie.

Everyone Around Him is Dead

5. He says one of the following….his parents died, his wife died in his arms, his wife was killed in a car accident along with all of his children, his children are orphaned and living in some remote location, or he was orphaned……all LIES. My favorite is when they combine all these things. Really? I know some very unlucky people but this is just over the top. And I mean if this was for real and that kind of luck follows him, why do you want to be with him?

He Has No Mailing Address

6. He says he doesn’t have a mailing address because either he is in a classified unit or his position changes so often. Even in special operations, he’ll have an APO address. And this is not a post office box and it’s not in Nigeria!! It also has nothing to do with a Western Union office. And you don’t have to send it through a relative because he can’t give out his address.

He Needs Money for Leave

7. He says he needs you to pay for his R&R leave because the Army doesn’t pay for it. This is absolutely false! A real soldier will not request money to travel home as he doesn’t need it! The Army pays for all travel to and from a war zone. This includes emergency travel like the death of a loved one. It’s not like you just book your own flight home from Afghanistan on Delta.

He Needs You to Request His Leave

8. He says he can come home but you have to request his leave through an email address. If all an Army spouse had to do was email her soldier’s commander to get him home from deployment, don’t you think ALL Army spouses would be doing this? There would be no one deployed. The Army does not allow leave requests from Army family members. In fact, even in the case of the death of an immediate family member, the information has to be verified by the American Red Cross before the soldier’s command is contacted for possible leave by officials at the Red Cross – they don’t just take your word for it.

He Needs You to Pay for a Phone Line

9. He wants you to pay for a phone line, cell phone or calling card so you can talk to each other. Real soldiers can call home for FREE. My husband deployed multiple times and we never paid for a single phone call. If he asks for this, he’s a scam artist. Not to mention, soldiers are making enough to buy a phone card if they really had to.

He’s About to Retire

10. He’s about to retire and then he can marry you and live happily ever after. This usually also includes stories about being a higher ranking officer. Typical story and it’s all lies. Real officers have even LESS time to be online talking to strangers over the internet.

His Child Needs XYZ

11. He has a child that is dying or needs surgery (or some other medical emergency) and he needs the money to pay for it. All military dependents are covered by Tricare, which for the most part is amazing insurance. I had a c-section and was in the hospital in a private room for three days. Know how much I paid? $12. Real soldiers aren’t paying out of pocket for their kid’s medical care.

He’s a General

12. And he’s only 28! Wow, talk about a quick advancement! LOL A General will have well over 20 years of service and less than 1% of officers will make it to the rank of General. On top of that, Generals make a minimum of $12,000 per month in JUST base pay. So why exactly would he need money from you?

His Pay is Deposited in the U.S. and He Has No Access

13. Seriously? First, the Army is providing the essentials while you’re deployed so there’s not a need for a lot of money overseas. Second, you can have access to your money, so this is yet another lie. There are ATMs on any main post and the PX accepts debit and credit cards. If he says he’s somewhere that there isn’t an ATM or another way to get money, there is also nothing for him to spend money on. So why does he need it?

He’s On a Peacekeeping Mission in {insert name of country}

14. Last time I checked we aren’t on a lot of peacekeeping missions in Nigeria and Syria. And if we were, a real soldier wouldn’t tell you that.

Verify The Truth

So how can you find out if he’s telling the truth?

The absolute best way to verify is with #2 – ask him to email you from his Army email address.

  1. Ask him to give you his Army email address rather than his yahoo, hotmail, etc. This will be his firstname.lastname@mail.mil. All soldiers have an Army email account. There is NO reason why he can’t provide it – regardless of what unit he is assigned to, what his mission may be, who he’s working for, etc. And the Army email account is free so him saying his credit card hasn’t been processed or his account is locked because he didn’t pay is also a lie. If he refuses to provide this, he’s fake.

I originally had other questions you could ask regarding his training, etc, but I’m removing those because many people believed whatever ridiculous information he came up with when they asked.

But you say he’s sent you pictures or a copy of his ID?

Many have been provided pictures, copies of military identification cards, even videos. First, pictures can be grabbed from anywhere on the internet – there’s no guarantee you’re talking to that person. They may very well be using the picture of a real soldier but that doesn’t mean you’re talking to him. Some of these scumbags are using the pictures of soldiers who were killed in action to run their scams. It’s sick.

Someone told me once they were dating a General and she even had pictures. I told her to send them to me. Guess who the pictures were of? David Petraeus!

Some use totally fake pictures in uniforms that are all messed up – I’ve seen Army uniforms with Air Force tapes and Navy insignia – no joke.

I’ve seen very badly doctored military ID cards where it’s obvious he’s typed over information on the card. What’s funny is he’ll type over the only legitimate information on the card and replace it with something that makes no sense. Such as rank of SPC and pay grade of MAJ.

The pictures they use many times on military IDs are so fake and it’s so obvious. Real military ID pictures basically look like a mugshot – solid background with him in uniform and basically only showing his face (maybe the very top of his shoulders). Someone sent me one the other day that not only looked nothing like a military ID (more like a business card for a recruiter), it had a picture of a soldier who was obviously at a military ball or some other formal event as he had a bow tie with his dress uniform. That is NOT an ID picture.

Or maybe he’s added you on Facebook and even changed his relationship status to you

The Army posted this example on their Facebook page:


So exactly which one are you dating? Oh and by the way, I’ve never seen a soldier unless it was on an official page (such as the base commander’s page) that uses his rank in his name.

Soldiers Don’t Have Time For This

99.9% of military guys overseas don’t have the time available to them to email, chat and Skype for hours at a time or even every day online. They are too busy doing their JOB. And most have no interest in “dating” someone online while they’re deployed. Continuing to talk to their loved one that they knew before deployment? Absolutely! Time to peruse dating sites and chat for hours? Absolutely not.

But he said he loves you and wants to marry you….even though you “met” last week

I’m assuming if you’re falling for this, you’ve never been in a military town. Go downtown in a military town to a club one night and let me know how many single soldiers are there looking for the love of their life….not exactly what their goal is. And when you’re thousands of miles away from each other, he doesn’t have the opportunity to sleep with you. So the point would be???

Many of these stories contain comments about him saying he loves you within a few days/weeks of starting to talk or he wants to marry you as soon as he returns. Let’s get this straight – you haven’t met and certainly haven’t had the opportunity to have any kind of physical relationship, yet he wants to marry you? Does this sound feasible to you? If you’re even hesitating on the answer, I’ll help you. It’s not. They’re lying so they can get in your wallet. And they’re doing this to many others at the same time they’re doing it to you. It’s just who is going to open up access to their bank account first.

But you asked him if he was a scammer and he said no!

Come on, think about this! Why would he admit it to you? Or even better, he told you he is in fact a scammer but he REALLY loves you…..as long as you keep sending him money.

He hasn’t asked for money yet though

Don’t worry, he will. If any of the above signs sound familiar, it’s only a matter of time. He may get pretty far into his story before he asks. He may wait until his plane is suppose to leave and you’re meeting him in less than 24 hours. Then all of the sudden disaster strikes and he needs three grand to be able to come home. LIES!

Even though he’s doing these things, you still think he’s the real deal

I hate to be harsh but if any of the above sounds familiar, it’s a SCAM. Don’t sit there and think you’re the exception. You’re not the lucky one who’s encountered these signs but somehow your guy is the real deal. He’s FAKE. He doesn’t love you. He doesn’t want to marry you. And sooner or later, he’s going to ask for money.

I get emails and messages (or comments) from people who tell me the story and ask me if he’s fake. I answer yes, it’s a scam. And what do they do? Keep asking me more questions – but he does this or he said this or he sent me these pictures. Guess what? The answer is still the same. It’s a scam. Go back and read the first line in bold at the top of this article. I don’t care if he asks you to mail him a penny – a real soldier will NOT ask you for money. A real soldier makes more overseas than he does when he’s home!!

The Scam Checklist

So let me sum this up:

  • If he’s asking for money for a phone line, it’s a scam.
  • If he’s asking for money for travel home, it’s a scam.
  • If he needs you to help him move money from one location to another, it’s a scam.
  • If he asks for your bank account information, it’s a scam.
  • If he wants you to wire money for ANY reason via Western Union (or similar service), it’s a scam.
  • If he asks you to email his command so he can come home, it’s a scam.
  • If he tells you to open a bank account or credit card for him, it’s a scam (and this one could get you into legal trouble!)

PLEASE quit sending these people money! If you’re just itching to give away your money, send it to me! haha After all, I’ve spent more hours than I can count updating this article with the latest techniques and answering questions here and elsewhere.

Finally, if you don’t believe me, please read this article from the Army – Soldier Scams

If this article helps you or has kept you from becoming the victim of a scam (or sending him even more money), please consider donating to help maintain this website so that others will be able to utilize this information as well. Thank you!


About the author: Stacey is an Army wife of a soldier who joined in 2003. He has since been medically retired but she continues to provide information to Army wives and families to make their adjustment to the Army lifestyle easier. Connect with Stacey: Facebook Twitter Pinterest

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  • unimus September 8, 2015, 11:19 pm

    Be careful of his person, Jackson Laquette, he said he is Sargent, I dated online for 2 month, all bogus, but wanted me to pay for his leave and it will cost me $ 5,000.00, which I did research, and this is scam, no proof, I just wanted you all to be careful and save your money from this scam.


  • Rebecca September 9, 2015, 8:22 pm

    Anyone heard of a Henry Jordan? Deployed in Afghanistan. …? I image searched with pics he sent. ..no duplicates anywhere. …but something just doesn’t seem right. He hasn’t asked for money, but I want to make sure he is who says he is. Something just doesn’t seem right.

  • Jessie September 10, 2015, 8:21 pm

    Anyone heard of an Aaron Frye in the Army?

  • anonymous September 13, 2015, 9:40 am

    I met a guy named Captain Winstead Slim a few days ago. He said he is from Spain and currently serving the US Army. He is presently in Nigeria – Bama Barracks. He left Spain when he was 10 and moved to US. His parents were dead, he has a son in the army school, Layman Academy Alabama. He lost his wife 7 yrs ago due to cancer. He is a combat engineer specialized on combat acuri c-130… I do not know if he is a scammer… please advice…

  • Joy Christine Vitor September 13, 2015, 10:24 am

    I’m dating now a US army currently deployed in West Africa. Then he said that for us to to get married and see each other, I have to file his request for leave. I need to pay the amount of 15 thousand for the request. Is it real or a scam plese help me.. Thank you..

    • Angela September 22, 2015, 9:55 pm

      Trust me, it’s a total scam.

    • Heather September 24, 2015, 11:51 am

      I am also talking to a guy that said he is deployed to west Africa right now,and he has told me that he wants to talk to me but I have to talk to someone from the Army and pay a little money to a card so that he can call me….I have been a military wife before so I understand that how the phone calls work…but I am not sure if the Army is the same….I would like to know what you have heard about this or anything would help……thanks for hearing me out

    • Kerry October 7, 2015, 4:39 am

      AHAHAHAHAH THIS is a scam. You don’t apply for his leave – he does. Don’t give this guy any money. I am amazed at these guys who do this… some have been talking to me… until they find out that I retired from the military and they cannot answer my questions. Then they disappear.

  • layne September 14, 2015, 12:35 am

    I been chatting the guy claiming as Major Michael Enny deployed in Nigeria. He told me he was separated with his wife for long years and have 12 years old son living with his grandmother. He is asking for help to leave Nigeria . He said he needs money to buy his plane ticket back here in US. At first I believe with him , I ask him to send his mother’s address in Indiana so can visit them and see his son. But he refused and never give the address. In this , I doubted him. But I continue play with his words til I ask his name and other info . because I needed to book his plane ticket back to US. But he insisted the money to send to him so he can choose his own fight.
    I am lucky , I found this sites. Now my mind is open that i am supposed to be a victim of scammers!
    Thank you very much!

    • Kerry October 7, 2015, 4:37 am

      We don’t have any deployments to Nigeria… and a Major would NOT need your money. and if he did, he would not be good dating material since he obviously can’t manage his money.

  • Tria P September 15, 2015, 4:47 pm

    I met a Sgt Major stationed in Kabul, or so he says he asked me to be his next of kin. He wanted me to send a request to his commandant I did and of course they asked for money. Arnold Mike Taylor. My question is fake or real. I’m thinking fake.

  • jejennifer sjoblom September 15, 2015, 8:36 pm

    I dated a man who says he was in the Navy special forces in the 90’s. I asked his family and they said he never was. he has woodland uniforms military i.d. and said he was discharched from the service
    secretly. He says it is a secret government mission,or files so no on knows or can know of his service in Iraaq. He has said his life and others would be in danger if he spoke of it. Can this be true? I see no military record of him on searches. And i was raised in the military?

  • Angela Jones September 15, 2015, 10:27 pm

    I have been chatting with this military guy named, Joe Willcox for 6 months now…he stated that he is in mission in Nigeria…he ask me to marry him like the third time we started chatting on Facebook.. He wanted me to request for his leave from the military, send him a calling card for $500.00 through Western Union, so he could call the manager at his bank so he could have access to his banking account…then as I confronted him about it and explained to him that I also have military friends and they told me that he was lieing about everything, he became mad and he even stopped texting me…So thanks for the heads up!!!

  • sue September 16, 2015, 4:48 am

    Army general asked me to apply for leave for him with a fee to pay,which he would pay me back when we met as he wanted to visit me before being deployed back to florida to retire, If this is a scam how do you let the real general know he is being impersonated.

  • Tracy September 16, 2015, 6:42 am

    i recently met a guy whom I didn’t request him to be my friend.. But there he was thanking me for requesting him., I thought well wouldn’t hurt to talk to him.. Everyone needs someone to talk to..
    His name is MIKE NELSON RAMOS, at first I was going by his name written beside his profile pic. I told him to send another pic, he was in uniform n I noticed mike on name tag, so I asked him, what is his name? It don’t match your name on profile. He told me that, that’s nickname others call him.. Still not convinced. He told me he liked my pic, look honest, soft, beautiful…. Gee feels like I’m in a bar getting hit on.. Texts the most beautiful descriptive poetry.
    Than the bombshell he wants to move all his allowances, money he is made in 6 yrs and have diplomatic officer deliver to me personally “luggage”.. Said it was top secret and that he made contract with Syria government, couldn’t move all this money at once when he leaves.. I shall be next of kin.
    This is as coassignment courier. Looked it right away! Cuz after asking me to receive it two days go by n asked 3500 to wire to customs so that his diplomatic officer can go thru n board to fly here.. This has to be top secret, don’t want gov knowing about this money.
    That night I profiled each n every msg.. Noticed not answering questions directly, change in text, not responding to simple questions or comments I made and certain msgs sounded more of American lang than sum foreign Lang. He said there are a lot of scams out there and can’t blame me for how I feel. He promises This is the real deal, I’ll send military ID, even though their suggested not to, he will. I asked for another pic.. It was same guy but in a chair with maroon shirt, title cant remember, sitting in what looks like a lawn chair of some kind.
    So I’m concerned that he is a fake even though he never asked for account numbers of mine, never ask to send money for anything but to customs, not to him, but how do I know numbers another man has sent, it’s not their account together. So he is Damascus Syria. And yet has diplomat errand boy? Which his name is mr. Morris. He keeps texting me asking why I’m not sending it yet..
    Once in awhile I talk to mike. Says he is busy with his duty, checks in when can to talk to me. But that’s all set up I do believe so!
    I’m keeping up with the game tol I can actually find out who they really are.
    Any one please help me identify these names or same scenarios.

  • Lisa September 16, 2015, 10:39 am

    I met this guy who states he is 1st Sargeant in Army and about to have an early retirement. He calls himself Christian Wilson. He claims he is in Afghanistan on his third tour of duty and put in for early retirement. He claims that his CO told him it will cost about 4550 to complete his retirement papers and needs half of the money up front. he doesn’t have access to his bank account because his bank requires a biometrical finger print to access his accounts. He showed me a bank statement with his name and account balance of $868,699.00. He said that his parents left him money and through some investments of his own, he was able to save up his money. He asked me to send the $2500 or so because he doesn’t have access to his funds but promises to give it right back to me when he comes home. Once his papers are processed he said he could be home in 48 hours.

    This guy sent me photos and we’ve talked on phone and skyped and he does appear to be the person he claims he is. But, why should I be sending him money for this early retirement? It sounds fishy

  • gezena Elabd September 16, 2015, 7:44 pm

    met a soldier online. he said his name is Fitzgerald Kloppenburg. his wife has passed and he has a son named Nellie. after about 2weeks he started asking money for a plane ticket to come to me. after which we will get married and go to the us and stay there. he stated his rank as commander. he did send photos. some of which I found on the net. he is now “married” to.me o. Facebook. he keeps on adding ladies. when I added them as friends he was very angry.

  • Sue Abbott September 22, 2015, 11:52 am

    I have been speaking to this guy for only a couple of weeks and it does sound like he is a scan he say the most romantic thing how he wants to be with me he says he has a house over here in Harrogate and another in LA he has sent me photos of him then the other night he said he wanted to come over on leave to see me but it will cost £4500 and has asked if i can pay half i have said at the moment i can not which he then left it a lone but now he is asking again looking at the other comments am i being scammed .

  • Renato machado September 22, 2015, 8:46 pm

    Anyone hear about John Lopez johnlopez4055@yahoo.com from LA, Sargent current working in Afghanistan,49 GAY who adopted a boy found alone after an attack at the iraque war !?
    He told this his last mission and in December he will be back home and wanna be with me, course he is deep in love with a man he saw at an gay bear date website. Problem HD wasn’t the only US soldier I meet at that website…Thanks. He send photos that I can send…

  • Ang September 22, 2015, 9:58 pm

    Wish I had found this site 6 months ago, would have cost me a hell of alot less money.

  • Neesha September 23, 2015, 10:34 pm

    His name is Michael Russell. Hasn’t asked for money yet, but something just seems off about it. Be told me I’m the only one for him, he loves me and will be back in the states In
    , December.
    his wife passed away 4 years ago and be had a nanny to take care of them. Be came on really strong and told me I would be Dave with him and protected. What do you think? Scam

  • Heather September 24, 2015, 11:57 am

    So I have been talking to a guy that says he is a Captain in the Army and he is currently deployed in West Africa,we Im every few days and he says that he wants to talk to me but I need to talk to someone from the Army because Im not family and not on his phone list…..Now I have been a military wife before but maybe the army is different then the Marine Corp but Im thinking that when it comes to making calls home that its all the same…..I would like to know if anyone knows how you can maybe look up a name and find out if they are really in the Army or any other that…he has sent pics and I have seen him in uniform but I need to know the truth
    thanks for listening to me

  • Tina September 24, 2015, 6:31 pm

    A guy on line said he is Sargeabte5 Brown Knellinger. In few days i found out he us a scam. Asking money for him yo bribe his commandant so he will be promoted. I told him a dignified decent military man will not dare ask a woman for money esoecially for such reasons. I told him not to use the photos of that soldier brc that soldier deserves resoect . And that its not too late to repent. To stop what hies doing. Only response is “okay”.

  • Rebecca September 24, 2015, 9:10 pm

    This guy name James avis ask to send money to a company for I can receives a box and thanks god I did

  • Janice Taylor September 25, 2015, 5:31 pm

    I meet this guy on fb, he said he has no family, and he is deploy in Afghanistan as a soldier, he want me to collect a package for him that will cost usd1820.00, continuing to confuse me about sending the money through fast track courier service. He said his name is col Joseph Barry Levine, how he love me and want to marry me. Is he fake??????

  • Susan Gwilt September 26, 2015, 8:41 am

    Glad i found this site because i’v beening going out of my mind,i been talking to a guy i met on facebook who suppose to be in the Army us Military and he is based in iraq and he’s sent me photos of himself and his email (captmarkgrade2@yahoo.com) would you please check if this soldier is for real,because if not then i’v been scammed and i really need to know.thank you

  • Anonymous September 26, 2015, 11:55 pm

    I met a guy from FaceBook, username, Judy Wonnenburg, claims to be the CNO and posting photos of the Navy CNO, he ask me to cooperate to catch the one who stole his identity, and the man is from Ghana, I have sent $5,900 dollars and he said the man arrested has a box full of money with my name and address that I have to clear my name or I will be charge of money laundering. He also contact me thru Linkedin , using also the identity of the CNO. He said i need to send the money to Canada to clear the funds, He gave me the acct. no at TD Canada Trust , He told me retired last Sept 18,2015 as CNO, I was a victim believing he is the real one, because the pages includes that it was the official page of the CNO. I hope that he dosen’t have anymore victims

  • tab September 27, 2015, 12:49 pm

    Just wanted to let you know there is someone out there saying they are sergeant david fuller and has a son named Lewis. He never asked for money just asked to have me request a leave for him. When i would not he got nasty then got the email of send $850.00 to pay to fly him to the states. Never spoke to him again. Its a shame that women can not find nice honest guys.

  • Rebecca September 27, 2015, 8:49 pm

    Anyone heard of James avis in the army

  • Susan Gwilt September 29, 2015, 4:20 am

    If you need photos of this us Army man i can sent them to you!i need help please could you email asp

  • michelle A September 29, 2015, 12:16 pm

    the names they use are Seth Carney and Patrick Thomas, Thomas Patrick or his facebook Lewis P. Thomas.
    Seth Carney asked for an iphone,cookies,pumas sandals, body was,tooth brush and toothpaste,underwear,t shirts and a watch

  • Julie September 30, 2015, 7:17 am

    I met col kelvin Morgan on line says he’s from afghan working US military, this man is a scammer ladies, asking for money because he can’t access his account over there a fraudster. Do not use my email address on this site please

  • michelle September 30, 2015, 9:18 am

    Bryan Cole. Is the one I have been talking too. He would like me to send him 42,000.00 so that he can come home.

  • Doreen Sica September 30, 2015, 2:17 pm

    Ive been speaking with a military man as well all these stories sounds familiar although I was skeptical and felt this was a scammer I kept talking to him just for entertainment to see what he would say sadly I have heard many of the things I have read here I never sent money nor would I send to someone I dont know or
    met I told him if he was really who he says he is he will findnhisnown money and way he still messages me and hasn’t brought up miney in a few days but im waiting for not on payday lol I met him on a dating site I asked him to remove his account and he did im sure handmade another one tho but anyways his name is Alex Garrison so if you come across him beware

  • Grace Salopisa October 1, 2015, 2:23 pm

    Hi! I’m grace I’ll just wanna ask something about this so called US army his name is manning Nolan and I’ve started to chat with this huy for almost 4 weeks from now on..I dunno if he’s telling the truth that their ATM cards doesn’t work their in Africa and so he want to borrow money for me cos he said he don’t like the foods and he told me that he’s deeply in love with me..What can I do to to know if he’s real or fake?..please give some advice thank you!

  • Callie Haren October 2, 2015, 4:37 pm

    What’s missing from this address . Is this legit ?

    PSC 3726, Box 33876
    APO: AA 092404-7637

  • Tony October 3, 2015, 3:51 pm

    I am being targeted by 2 scammers posing as soldiers. I am continuing the conversations just in case someone can tell me how to let the real people know they are being impersonated and I want to see these scammers caught and locked up in a dungeon for abusing our hero’s like this.
    Is there any organization who can use my information or contact with them to catch them?

  • Anon October 3, 2015, 4:18 pm

    Have anyone heard about a guy called Batelor Melvyn Bert?I just meet him and something is not right.Didn’t asked for money yet but i have an odd feeling.I found on facebook the same name in other profile but with different pictures,says he’s on Lybia .Wife died years ago,parents are dead too.Can someone help me?How can i check if he’s telling the truth?

  • Michelle October 4, 2015, 9:27 pm

    I have been contacted by a man who claimed to be a commander in the USA army named Tommy Silva. He slowly over a period of time gained my heart and also his fake daughters heart. I fell for him hook line and sinker. He told me he is on a peace mission in Syria. After what seemed like a long time he told me he has come into 4 million Afghanistan dollars because as a reward he saved a minister for oils son from Isis. He also told me his parents are dead, his wife and sister both died in a car accident. All fake, thank you for this site you saved me thousands.

  • Justine October 5, 2015, 11:51 pm
  • FAKE CHRIS BROWN October 6, 2015, 12:25 am

    When I first met him said all the right words but when he started asking for money for a lock box he said had all his things in it and I know people in the army if he needs something ship it will be done I went to western union and the lady called the cops on me and said this is a scam then he tried to get me to send money to texas and someone NAME shericka Perkins is going to ship the box to me then he tried to say I’m going to put the pictures out on Facebook and I put it out because it was not a bad picture and he tried and tried to get me then he said he was going to get me so I have picture of who ever he is but I PRAY no one GO for this guy the pictures of him ARE nice but he is a scam.

  • Annonymous October 6, 2015, 1:31 am

    I am currently talking to a Captain Frank James. He hasn’t told me much about where or what doing but is in Afghanistan. I don’t talk to him much but after two weeks he loves me. I found him on Facebook n reached out. No asking of anything n have pictures but Googled them can’t find anywhere. Just want advice have a weird feeling.

  • Brenda October 6, 2015, 11:14 am

    This man enaiked me his nane is major Kenny White of course sounds so nice sent me pictures nice looking shortly after he has a son Chris needed a kidney transplant. 2000 dollars well i fell for it. When he ask for more i said i didn’t have it. So next i get this email i hate you made it easy to leave him. Ladies just beware i know first hand

  • michele October 6, 2015, 4:33 pm

    hi could you please tell me if anyone heard about captain Kevin Tucker-40 years old.lives in New York…i met him on facebook then we spoke on yahoo..he send me pictures with him and his colleague and also one video but not quite clear…he said he is in us army and this month will finish his mission in Afghanistan ?!!! he said he wants to send some of his things home and that he paid some money for this things (one of his colleagues sent me a confirmation email regarding the things he sent but i should pay another 500$ for the things to get home…please help me to find out if it’s a scam..thank you (i am talking to him for about 2months)

  • Kerry October 7, 2015, 4:35 am

    One correction to this story. Tri(to)care does NOT pay for all dependents medical care. Those a holes charged me $1800 to care for my daughter when she was born prematurely. Then they gave her ALL of her vaccinations (without my knowlege or consent) at the same time and within 2 weeks, we had to take her off life support. She died in my arms and then those F&%&ers had the audacity to send me a $1800 bill for 177 days in the NICU at Balboa. So not only did I get to pay for her funeral which I believe they caused but on top of that I get a bill??? Niiiiice.

  • Tammy October 7, 2015, 12:00 pm

    Omg. Thank god I found this site. I met a guy on a online dating site. His name is Michael Gibson. He is supposed to be deployed from the Army and is in CA. He is in love with me after three days! Well, that was my first clue. He wants me to give permission for him to leave the army. Today, he told me his birthday is next week. I told him I would send him a gift. I asked him what he wanted. He wants an Iphone. He said he has a phone from the army, but its restricted. They can only have Iphone 6 plus there! omg that was the last and only clue I needed that he is fake!! Please ladies be careful! I have problems trusting people so that helped me.

  • Susan Gwilt October 12, 2015, 5:36 am

    Has anyone heard of a captain Mark N Art who has been deployed to iraq

  • Ann eastwood December 12, 2015, 10:58 am

    I have been talking to a guy named dennis lawrance for about 2 and half months. He is coming back on Dec 28 for his leave.and he is sending some boxes of his stuff to me .what if it’s a trap something bad in the boxes I don’t want to die or nothing. What should I do ?

  • Kellie December 22, 2015, 7:23 am

    I’ve spoken to lots of scammers I can pick them straight away cos there all for finding their soul mate I report block and delete straight away but just started talking to this one man after talking for the second time he said he’s in the army but we talk about normal every day stuff swap pic with each other on Skype and even video chatted even though it kept dropping out but he kept at it until I could see him we’ve been chatting for about 2 weeks now not every day maybe every 2nd to 3rd day and only for about half an hour he’s never asked for anything all he said was he’s based in west Africa and he’s been there since August and hoping to be sent home in feb I don’t think he’s a scammer what do u think we’ve video chatted on Skype that’s what makes me think he’s real others I’ve asked to video chat with say they can’t or it’s not working or they need to pay for that so just wanting your opinion on this he seems like a nice guy easy to chat with and have a joke with

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