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Army Wives and Army Spouses

Army Wife LifeAs an Army wife or Army spouse, you have a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. You are your soldier’s support system and expected to be a rock through separations for training, deployments and all the Army throws your way. But Army spouses are strong and that’s what makes us great. Though I’m also much more, I’m proud to be an Army Wife.

What Does It Mean To Be An Army Spouse?

I asked others to answer this question for me and you will find all of their answers combined into these articles.

Meaning of an Army Spouse: Part 1
Meaning of an Army Spouse: Part 2
Meaning of an Army Spouse: Part 3
Army Wife Experiences

Advice for New Army Spouses

Top Ten Tips for New Army Spouses
Army Spouse Battlemind Program
Chin Up: Army Life is What You Make It
Gaining Perspective as an Army Wife

My Rants

Just like all else, Army life can’t be perfect, right? Here’s some of my opinions about some popular subjects around Army spouses.

Army Wives Have No Rank
My Biggest Pet Peeve About Army Wives and Significant Others