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Medical Board

Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI in the Military


Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is becoming a common wound of modern warfare. It has even been coined the “signature wound” of the War on Terror. While TBI is becoming more prevalent in wartime activity, many service men and women continue to go undiagnosed. Institutions, like the US Department of Veterans Affairs, are working to make [...]

Disability Compensation from Veterans Affairs


After being medically discharged or retired from the military, most soldiers are encouraged to also seek compensation from the Veterans Administration (VA). This process is just as confusing and drawn out as the process with the Army. My husband submitted his packet to them at the same time that his medical packet was presented to [...]

My Thoughts on My Soldier’s Medical Retirement


When we first found out that my husband was being medically retired, I had a wide range of emotions. On one hand, I was thrilled that I would never have to hear the words ‘I’m being deployed’ again. I thought surviving four deployments was quite enough! But on the other hand, I was very sad. [...]

Medical Retirement Benefits


When a soldier is placed on the temporary disability retirement list (TDRL) or Permanent Disability Retirement List (PDRL), he is given the same benefits as if he had served for twenty years or more. A medical retirement or medical discharge is always honorable (unless there were other circumstances involved other than the medical). Pay For [...]

Temporary Disability Retirement List (TDRL)


A soldier is placed on the Temporary Disability Retirement List (TDRL) if during the MEB (Medical Evaluation Board) he was assigned a disability rating of 30% or more but the condition was not deemed stable enough for a permanent rating. TDRL entitles a soldier to all retirement benefits the same as if he had served [...]