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Army 101

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I have always been very concerned with what my child, and my family in general, eats. Call me a crazy Mama, but my little one does not even know what a Cheetos Puff is. I make sure to incorporate tons of fresh vegetables, organic dairy and real meat  and make most of our meals, snacks [...]

TRICARE Service Centers Closing in Spring of 2014

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As of April 1, 2014, all of the 189 Tricare Service Centers (TSCs) will be closed permanently. This means that any issues you experience with Tricare from billing to changing your primary care manager (PCM) will need to be made via one of their toll-free numbers or the self service option on their website. If [...]

Military Pay Changes for 2014

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It's that time again when pay changes for all of our soldiers. Some of us will be seeing increases while others will be seeing decreases this year due to lower BAH at a new duty station or recently announced imminent danger pay changes. See what's in store for your soldier's paycheck in 2014. The President [...]

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For questions and answers about moving with your soldier to AIT, click here. Below are questions I've received from visitors to the site about AIT (advanced individualized training). They range from visitation to the first PCS move after AIT graduation. If you have a question of your own, message me on Facebook or comment below. [...]

Ask An Army Spouse: Divorce in the Army

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My daughter is 18 years old and was talked into marriage by a guy serving in the Army. He was in Afghanistan. She stayed by the computer everyday just to speak with him. He is getting back to Tenn. January 4 and yesterday morning calls her to say he doesn't want her to come down [...]