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Army Basics

How To Tell Military Time


Welcome to military time! It’s really quite easy once you get the hang of it. And trust me, you’ll need to know it or you’ll never know when your Army husband is coming or going. Pretty soon, you'll be using it yourself. Civilians may look at you a little strange when you tell them you [...]

Army Ranks and Army Grades


Learning the ranks and grades of others in the Army can be very frustrating for a civilian. For your soldier, it is a necessity. He must know who to salute and how to address each person. As an Army wife, it is up to you how you address someone. Some civilians are very traditional and [...]

Army Alphabet


In the Army, they have their own set of ABC’s so there’s never any confusion between a “b” and a “d” for instance. Between the alphabet, the new way to tell time and all of the acronyms, pretty soon no one in the civilian world will be able to understand any thing you say. As [...]

Army Physical Fitness Standards


All Army soldiers are expected to remain physically fit at all times. In addition to physical fitness tests or PT tests in training, Army soldiers will be tested throughout their Army careers. These are the Army PT test standards for male and female soldiers in the Army. MALE STANDARDS: Age Push-Ups Min/Max Sit-Ups Min/Max Two [...]

Operational Security (OPSEC)


OPSEC, also known as Operational Security, is the principle that we, as Army wives and Army family members, should all abide by when talking about our soldiers. If you’ve been on any military related message board on the internet, you have more than likely seen a warning to be sure to practice OPSEC. This means [...]