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Military ID

Military ID Card Benefits and Advantages

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The Army identification card is issued to the Army member at the same time as his dependents, which is typically his wife and children. Army identification cards are only issued to children who are 10 years or older if they're living together with the soldier. If the soldier only has partial custody, it is possible [...]

How to Renew Your Military ID Card


Here are the necessary procedures to follow to obtain a new identification card: Dependents Must provide their expired ID card and one of the following: * Sponsor present * Power of Attorney * DD Form 1172, signed by the sponsor To be issued a new ID card, the current card must be within 30 days [...]

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Being enrolled in this system is a must when your soldier joins the military. This is an organization wide system that allows any military facility to verify your access to military benefits including, but not limited to, healthcare. Enrollment in DEERS is not automatic. Your soldier must enroll any dependents by visiting the nearest Personnel [...]

How to Get a Military ID


As an Army wife, your military ID card is one of the most essential documents you will ever have in your possession while your soldier serves in the Army. It serves as your way to access the post, allows you to shop in the commissary and PX, serves as your insurance card and can sometimes [...]