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Pay & Benefits

Army Benefits for Army Soldiers and Army Families

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This is a quick overview of the military benefits you can expect for your soldier as well as the benefits that your family can enjoy while he is in the Army including Tricare, GI Bill, on post resources and monetary allowances. Medical benefits in the Army are provided through TRICARE. In order to be eligible [...]

MetLife Dental for Military

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In May of 2012, the military switched dental providers. The Tricare dental coverage program is now provided by MetLife. Enrollment is very similar to the old system and can be completed by phone, by mail or online. Enroll in MetLife Dental for Military You can enroll in the Tricare Dental Program at any time of [...]

Blue Star Families Activities

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During the summer, I am often trying to find fun low-cost activities to keep my kids busy and have fun as a family. This summer, I found out about an amazing offer to military families. An organization called Blue Star Families has an initiative with the National Endowment for the Arts that provides free admission [...]

YMCA Military Outreach

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It is known that dealing with a deployment can be an huge source of stress on families. It is also commonly known that exercise is a fantastic way to reduce stress. So, it makes sense that going to the gym while your loved one is deployed can be not only be great for your body [...]

Tricare Mail Order Pharmacy

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One of the major benefits of joining the military as an active duty soldier is the family medical coverage through Tricare and access to zero cost prescriptions at any Military Treatment Facility (MTF).  In addition, any time a National Guard or Reserve soldier is on orders for thirty days or more, he or she is [...]