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Pay & Allowances

Military Pay Changes for 2014

{ 2 comments } 2014 Military Pay Changes

It's that time again when pay changes for all of our soldiers. Some of us will be seeing increases while others will be seeing decreases this year due to lower BAH at a new duty station or recently announced imminent danger pay changes. See what's in store for your soldier's paycheck in 2014. The President [...]

Military Pay Changes When Adding Dependents


We've all heard people say that some soldiers marry a "random" girl just for the higher pay or they have children expecting a huge increase in their paycheck. Where do these rumors start? So, here I am to debunk the myth! When a soldier gets married, this authorizes him (in most cases) to live off [...]

Understanding Army Base Pay and Allowances


I think I receive more emails about pay than anything else. So I’m going to try to address some of the most common questions. The pay rates given below are based on 2010 rates. All of these are assuming the soldier is married, lives off post and is stationed CONUS. If your soldier is single [...]

How To Read an Army LES (Leave Earnings Statement)


The LES (Leave Earnings Statement) is basically his pay stub. He can elect to receive the paper stub or just view it online at https://mypay.dfas.mil/mypay.aspx. You must have his social security number and pin in order to login and see his LES. The site can give you further details about how to get this if [...]

2010 Military Pay Charts


On January 1, 2010, all soldiers received a base pay increase of 3.4%. For current rates, visit: BAH Rates Base Pay & Special Pay Rate Tables