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Tricare Standard


TIP: Submit all claims separately; do not bundle multiple claims. Processors manage claims separately, if you send multiple claims in together, a problem with one claim will delay payment on all claims. Choosing the right TRICARE coverage plan for your family is difficult. Each of the three TRICARE options are designed to fit the needs [...]

Tricare Prime Remote


TRICARE Prime Remote (TPR) provides healthcare coverage through civilian providers for those U.S. Uniformed Service Members and their families who are on remote assignment. It applies to members of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, U.S. Public Health Service, and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. You must live AND work more than [...]

Tricare Prime


Choosing the right TRICARE Plan is a difficult and daunting task. The following information will explain the key factors you need to know to choose the best program for your family. These factors include: Primary Care Manager The Point of Service Option Prime Pros and Cons TRICARE Cost Comparison Helpful Hints TRICARE Prime Enrollment Forms [...]

Tricare PLUS


TRICARE Plus is a military treatment facility primary care enrollment program that is offered at selected local military treatment facilities. All beneficiaries eligible for care in military treatment facilities (except those enrolled in TRICARE Prime, a civilian HMO, or Medicare HMO) can seek enrollment for primary care at military treatment facilities where enrollment capacity exists. [...]

Tricare for National Guard and Reserves


The following link is a printable companion that thoroughly explains the benefits and allowances for National Guard and Reserve Service Members and their Families. It is an excellent source of information and I recommend printing off a copy and storing in a file where other health information is available. TRICARE for National Guard and Reserve [...]