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I have always been very concerned with what my child, and my family in general, eats. Call me a crazy Mama, but my little one does not even know what a Cheetos Puff is. I make sure to incorporate tons of fresh vegetables, organic dairy and real meat  and make most of our meals, snacks [...]

Understanding Bank Loans


When it comes to borrowing money, there is a lot you need to be aware of before you sign on the dotted line. 1. Your approval is based largely on your credit. Maintaining excellent credit (i.e. paying your bills on time) is key to being approved for a loan. When you are going through the [...]

Tips for Keeping Holiday Spending Under Control


The holidays can turn into a very expensive time of year! But it doesn't have to be that way. By following these tips, you can make sure you aren't drowning in debt by New Years. Set A Budget Now Figure out who you have to buy for and set a maximum amount per gift. Stick [...]

Managing Your Credit Rating or Credit Score


Do you know what your credit score is? Have you ever seen a copy of your credit report? Your credit score is a very important number and can be a deciding factor when you are approaching the bank for a loan or even for a checking account. It is important to be familiar with your [...]

Understanding Credit Cards


It’s so easy to whip out the plastic when you’re on a shopping spree or out to dinner and worry about paying it at the end of the month. But it can get you in trouble quickly! Many people in America are drowning in thousands of dollars in credit card debt and being eaten alive [...]