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Army Life

Reintegration: Trying To Fit Back In The Box


How many times have you opened a box and taken out its contents out only to find that putting them back in the same box is IMPOSSIBLE? This past Christmas my wife and I opted for an artificial tree rather than our standard live tree due to allergies that have plagued us the past couple [...]

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People often say the Army is like a family.  A family is generally a nurturing, supportive institution filled with love and encouragement.  At first glance, it is probably difficult to see these qualities in an Army life where it’s all about being "Army strong" and "putting the mission first". When I first encountered the FRG, [...]

Quality Time with Yourself: When Your Soldier Is Away

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When my husband and I were living in different states, I would get so annoyed seeing cute couples together.  I know, I know...we made our choices, and we were doing what we needed to do.  But when your significant other is thousands of miles away, it can be annoying to watch your friends (or complete [...]

How the Army is Like a Marriage

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Hi, my name is Rob and I’m a combat Veteran. For almost 4 years I was married to two "women" at the same time. I would spend my nights with one and my days with the other. One was a living, breathing woman who I had been with for 10 years at the time. The [...]

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Last year, the AER (Army Emergency Relief) allowed E-7s to receive financial assistance without a Commander's signature or knowledge. Now, that same bypass has been granted to NCO's (non-commissioned officers) who are E-5s or E-6s. If anyone of rank E-5 or above needs financial assistance from AER, they can now go directly to the AER [...]