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People often say the Army is like a family.  A family is generally a nurturing, supportive institution filled with love and encouragement.  At first glance, it is probably difficult to see these qualities in an Army life where it’s all about being "Army strong" and "putting the mission first". When I first encountered the FRG, [...]

5 Myths of Family Readiness Groups


The FRG, or Family Readiness Group, in many ways gets a bad rap that they don't truly deserve. I've heard many horror stories about the FRG but I've also heard many positive ones as well. Mixed in with the stories are a few myths that I thought I may be able to clear up as [...]

Should You Participate in the FRG?

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Time to talk about the FRG or Family Readiness Group. This group can be an amazing source of information and support for the Army wife and family. The level of your involvement is completely up to you – nothing is mandatory. Many units have FRGs that are basically stagnant until the unit deploys. Some units [...]

The FRG and Single Soldiers


by guest editor, Katherine Tiberghien Family Readiness Groups are a Commanders program to keep family members in the loop of informational readiness. Although the name may tend to lend itself as being just for Family Members, it is for the ENTIRE unit, to include single Soldiers. During deployments, many FRGs come together to do craft [...]

A Primer on Family Readiness Groups (FRGs)


Family Readiness Groups (FRGs) were created to support the family members of soldiers, particularly during deployment. Most family readiness groups allow any family member to be a part of the group. Some, such as the FRGs associated with special operations units, may be more selective with who is allowed to receive information. The FRG is [...]