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{ 0 comments } Army Emergency Relief Loans

Last year, the AER (Army Emergency Relief) allowed E-7s to receive financial assistance without a Commander's signature or knowledge. Now, that same bypass has been granted to NCO's (non-commissioned officers) who are E-5s or E-6s. If anyone of rank E-5 or above needs financial assistance from AER, they can now go directly to the AER [...]

The Difference Between the PX and Commissary


One of the many benefits to Army life (or military life for that matter) is being able to shop on post at the PX and the Commissary. So what’s the difference between the two and what should you know about them? PX (also known as the Post Exchange) This is a department style store somewhat [...]

My Army Commissary Experience


I braved the commissary! How funny is that?! We have been a part of the Army family since 2003 and I'm just now making my way into the commissary! It's not exactly the first time though. I went with a friend not too long after we first moved here. It was on payday. Now those [...]

Army Family Team Building (AFTB)


AFTB classes are a great way to get familiar with the Army lifestyle. These classes were designed with the Army family member in mind while recognizing that it takes a strong family member to fully support a strong soldier. There are three levels of the classes. Many Army posts offer these classes or if you [...]

Army Emergency Relief (AER)


The mission of the AER is to provide emergency financial assistance to soldiers and their families. Assistance can come in the form of loans (which have to be paid back), grants (which are gifts and do not have to be paid back) or a combination of the two. Those eligible for help from AER include: [...]