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Rumor Mill

Rumor Mill: Being There for the Birth of a Baby

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Rumor Mill: Will my husband be sent home from deployment for the birth of our child? I heard they will for the first child but not for others. Fact: Some units do in fact try to send soldiers home from deployment in time to witness the birth of their child (whether it is the first [...]

Army R&R Travel from Overseas


RUMOR: Your soldier has to pay for his own travel back home during R&R when he is deployed overseas. FACT: No, he does not. The military pays for this flight to the airport of his choice. The only stipulation is that whatever airport he flies into is the same airport he must fly back out [...]

Holding Soldier’s Letters at Basic Training Rumor


Rumor: Drill Sergeants hold the soldier’s mail at basic training. Fact: True and false. Ask those running basic training if this is happening and they will swear up and down that it is not. However, when my husband was at basic training, I remember crying when I heard the message on my answering machine wanting [...]

Army Pay Increases When Dependents Are Added Rumor

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RUMOR: When you get married or have a child, your pay from the Army increases. FACT: Sorry, but this is not true. There are certain pays that kick in when you are married. For instance, you will receive BAH at the with dependents rate. However, this is only slightly more than the without dependents rate [...]

Army Deployment Schedule Rumors

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RUMOR: Your soldier will deploy to Iraq or Afghanistan as soon as he graduates from basic training. FACT: Not quite. First, he has other training to complete. At the very least, he will need to attend and complete AIT (Advanced Individualized Training) for his MOS (Military Occupational Specialty or job). He may also have additional [...]