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Accepting Your Spouse’s Decision to Enlist

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While most couples make big decisions together, it may feel like your spouse’s choice to enlist was more your spouse’s choice than your own. You want to be supportive, but you may be seeing all the cons — and very few pros. As a husband who’s played the supporting role to a wife in the [...]

An Independent Dependent


as submitted by Ashley Prince From the time I was a little girl, I have always been very independent. I don’t ask for help unless I have exhausted every possible solution to a problem I may have. I don’t depend on anyone for my success. And I don’t depend on anyone for my happiness. When [...]

Just an Army Girlfriend? Dating a Soldier?

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It is true that the Army does not officially recognize the girlfriends of Army soldiers. However, you only have to be “just” a girlfriend if you want to be. Official Support Groups Even as a girlfriend, you can generally still participate in the family readiness group and receive updates as long as your soldier passes [...]


In May, the Department of Defense through a partnership with the USO and Trevor Romaine company will be releasing a DVD kit entitled "With You All The Way". The kit will include a DVD that helps school-aged children deal with deployment along with a stuffed teddy bear (named "Cuzzie"), a journal, postcards and a set [...]

Military Teens Toolkit


Each summer, the National Military Family Association's Operation Purple® program provides a free week of camp for thousands of military youth who have a parent serving in the Uniformed Services. We ask them to tell us the best and hardest parts about military life in a popular activity called the Top Ten list. The messages [...]