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Army Husbands

Accepting Your Spouse’s Decision to Enlist

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While most couples make big decisions together, it may feel like your spouse’s choice to enlist was more your spouse’s choice than your own. You want to be supportive, but you may be seeing all the cons — and very few pros. As a husband who’s played the supporting role to a wife in the [...]

Chin Up: Army Life is What You Make It


Your attitude is so important to being a successful Army wife! The Army is always throwing curve balls – training that lasts twice as long as it is suppose to, deployments that get extended just when you thought he was coming home and that occasional paycheck that never appears in your bank account. As an [...]

Army Spouse Battlemind Program


I received this email and wanted to pass along the information about an additional source of support. I am from the VA Medical Center in Memphis TN, and part of the research department.  We have begun  Telephone support groups for the spouses/significant others of service members who have gone to Iraq and Afghanistan.  Looking over [...]

Army Husband Experiences


as submitted by Bill I am not an Army wife. The heading of this section, “Experiences of Army Wives” is why I’m writing. I am an Army husband. Consider the stresses of the Army wife, loneliness, sense of abandonment, and jealousy of their husbands’ freedom in their huge Army family.  Add the worry and the [...]

A Note to Army Husbands


Since I started this website in 2004, I have received a handful of emails from Army husbands. Most (not all) have berated me for having a website geared towards Army wives and for forgetting about Army husbands. That's not actually my intention at all. Most of the articles on here are written from my perspective [...]