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Army Parents

What Does It Mean to be an Army Parent, Part Two


as submitted by Lisa My son Pv2Smith, is in BCT in FT LEONARD WOOD he left the 20th of August this has to be the most emotional roller coaster I’ve every been on his 20 got married in February 07 he has a son on the way in October 07  he has his heart on [...]

What Does It Mean To Be an Army Parent, Part One


as submitted by Maryleta Just received your letter and wanted to answer your question “What does it mean to you to be a military mom?” My son, Nathan, joined the Army 2 years ago. It was the hardest thing to let my son do what he wanted with his life. My son was only 20 [...]

Military Parents Need Resources Too


Read this article written by Tara Crooks about resources for our military parents.

New Army Parents Guide

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by Regan McDonald Joining the Army can be a tough transition for all involved in the process. It’s a life change for the soldier and his new Army spouse and kids, and it’s a tough change for the parents. Whether you are the soldier’s parents, or the spouse’s, you will suddenly find yourself translating military [...]

When Your Child Deploys to a War Zone


Any time a family member deploys overseas into harm’s way, it can have an incredible impact on the entire family, both immediate and extended. When your child is married, as the parent, you can feel somewhat left out in the cold when it comes to dealing with the deployment and the emotions that it brings. [...]