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Army Wives

An Independent Dependent


as submitted by Ashley Prince From the time I was a little girl, I have always been very independent. I don’t ask for help unless I have exhausted every possible solution to a problem I may have. I don’t depend on anyone for my success. And I don’t depend on anyone for my happiness. When [...]


I have run into this so much lately in both real life and online. Why do military wives (actually this is anyone connected to a soldier but I’m going to just say wives to keep it simple!) feel the need to one up each other for who has the worst situation? Let me give you [...]

Gaining Perspective as an Army Wife

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Recently, I had another Army wife who lives here in town tell me that there's nothing to do here and she really doesn't like this town. I was a little in shock. I think there's lots to do here and I love living here. If real estate prices weren't so completely insane, I would really [...]

Army Spouses Have No Rank


Army spouses have no rank. [Click to tweet this] It seems like this would be a statement that goes without saying. But lately I've been hearing many stories about wives or spouses believing they wear the rank of their soldier. And surprisingly, it hasn't been just an officer vs. enlisted mentality as so many believe [...]

What Does It Mean To Be An Army Wife? (Part Three)


These stories were submitted by site visitors. Enjoy! ***** As submitted by Paige Feliciano Hello everyone! It is so great to be able to share my feelings and thoughts with other army wives that can understand what I am going through. Lately I have felt so alone through this roller coaster of military life. My [...]