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Army Wives

What Does It Mean To Be An Army Wife? (Part Two)


These stories were all submitted by site visitors. Enjoy! ***** by Penny My name is Penny.  My husband and I dated on and off in high school and the year following graduation.  That's when we went our separate ways.  When we found each other again, I was a single mom of three, and he was [...]

What Does It Mean To Be An Army Spouse? (Part One)


These stories were all submitted by site visitors. Enjoy! ***** as submitted by Misty Being a military wife is EVERYTHING to me. It is not just the job my husband has, it is the way of life we have chosen to lead. My husband and I were married for 4 years and had 2 children [...]

Chin Up: Army Life is What You Make It


Your attitude is so important to being a successful Army wife! The Army is always throwing curve balls – training that lasts twice as long as it is suppose to, deployments that get extended just when you thought he was coming home and that occasional paycheck that never appears in your bank account. As an [...]

Army Wife Experiences


If you would like to submit your own experience, please email me at stacey AT marriedtothearmy DOT com. ***** As submitted by Michelle My name is Michelle and I am a Military mama as we all are I would assume if you are reading this. I told Stacey I wanted to be involved and share [...]

Army Spouse Battlemind Program


I received this email and wanted to pass along the information about an additional source of support. I am from the VA Medical Center in Memphis TN, and part of the research department.  We have begun  Telephone support groups for the spouses/significant others of service members who have gone to Iraq and Afghanistan.  Looking over [...]