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Basic Training

Depressed Letters from Basic Training


Lately, I have received quite a few emails from concerned Army wives, Army parents and Army girlfriends about the first few letters they have received from their Army soldier in basic training. They were concerned because their soldier sounded depressed and was talking about making a mistake by joining. Many times they have written me [...]

Communication During Basic Training


Your Army soldier has just left and if I had to guess, any mention of the Army or anything patriotic right now brings instant tears to your eyes. Don’t worry, it’s to be expected. When my husband first left, I could see a flag waving in the breeze on the way to work and be [...]

Checklist for Before He Leaves for Basic Training


If you are like most soon to be Army wives, the thought of your husband leaving for weeks or months is overwhelming and a bit unreal. But like it or not, it is going to happen. The best thing you can do is to prepare ahead of time. This is actually very good practice for [...]