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This article is the place to find out about the process of becoming a commissioned officer if your soldier is joining the military for the first time.  Let me say up front that this information has been gathered from our experience through this process and a combination of online resources.  Your soldier's experience may differ, [...]

OCS Officer Candidate School


by Olivia M. My husband entered OCS in May of 2008 and graduated in August, technically it was a 12-week course. He was at Fort Benning, GA, which is the Federally run OCS. He had a lot more privileges than in BCT. He had his cell phone and laptop computer to use. And he had [...]

OCS Graduation


My husband was sworn in last month and left for Officer Candidate School. I saw on another website that there will be an Officer’s ball the night before his graduation. Can anyone confirm this through personal experience? Could you give me any information on how graduation week goes? My husband has not received any information [...]