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Care Packages

Creative Ideas for Care Packages


as submitted by Maggie I’ve found that sending a piece of home has been a good motivator for him, but I’ve also found some items that have definitely made him feel loved and cared for… his roommates tease them a bit about it but they got to admit, they tell me they wish their loved [...]

Military Care Package Ideas


Some of these ideas were gathered from various sites around the net. Enjoy! 1. Create a collage or sign for your soldier. Cut it up into puzzle pieces and have him put it back together to see the full sign. 2. Send silly toys – water guns, handheld travel games, a book of jokes, magic [...]

Military Care Package Tips


Let me begin by saying that each unit has specific requirements regarding care packages that are sent to a soldier when they are overseas. Some of the guidelines you will see here are among the strictest...what I say is not allowed may be allowed by your husband’s unit – BUT check first! When addressing your [...]