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Dealing with Deployment

Deployments can be hard on Army wives and family members. These articles cover coping with deployment and ways to survive it well while your Army soldier is on the other side of the world.

Notifications During Army Deployments


*This article discusses what happens if your soldier is KIA. It is not an easy subject to write about or read. You have been warned.* Before your soldier deployed, he completed paperwork that listed who he wanted to be notified in the event that he was injured or killed during deployment. Many times, this also [...]

Rumor Mill: Being There for the Birth of a Baby

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Rumor Mill: Will my husband be sent home from deployment for the birth of our child? I heard they will for the first child but not for others. Fact: Some units do in fact try to send soldiers home from deployment in time to witness the birth of their child (whether it is the first [...]

Dealing with Multiple Deployments


Just within the last few weeks, I have heard from several Army spouses that their soldier has become the "lucky" recipient of deployment orders for the third or fourth time since 9/11. Going through one deployment is hard enough. But dealing with your third or fourth twelve plus month separation in the last nine years? [...]

The Importance of Attending Pre-Deployment Briefing

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Most units will require the soldier to attend if the family members are unable to be there. If at all possible, you should try to attend the pre-deployment briefing. My husband’s unit always scheduled multiple times to accommodate different schedules. I always found the briefings to be useful. This is my own experience with a [...]

Support Systems During Deployments

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When my soldier deploys overseas to a war zone, support is definitely a necessity. In my experience, those with the strongest support network are also the ones who survive the deployment experience the best and come out on the other end better for the experience. Regardless of if you live on post or hundreds of [...]