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19 Must Know Tips for an Army PCS Move

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If you’re going to be an Army wife, you are going to be very good at packing your things and being able to set up a new house to feel like a home in a matter of days. Here are some tips to help you along on your next move. 1. Take pictures and document. [...]


You are generally eligible to ship one vehicle overseas with PCS orders to an OCONUS location. The shipping of one vehicle is done so at the expense of the government. If you wish to ship a second vehicle, it will generally have to be at your expense through a commercial shipping company. Before shipping a [...]

Resources for Army House or Apartment Hunting


Trying to house hunt or find an apartment when you live in another town, state or country can be an overwhelming experience. Your first stop should be the housing office of the Army base you are PCSing to. Not only should they have a list of local apartments and realtors, they will also have a [...]

Army PCS Weight Allowances by Rank

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When you are authorized shipment of household goods by the Army, you are only authorized a certain weight based on rank and if you are with or without dependents. If you exceed this weight allowance, you will be charged for the overage. Please note that certain things are excluded from the weight calculations. This includes [...]

Army Housing Website


It’s time to move and we all know how stressful that can be. Thanks to the Army housing website, you can get a sneak preview of what your new post and housing will be like. The site offers information on each post as well as floor plans that are available through on post housing. In [...]