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Preparing to Do a PCS Move Overseas to Germany: Part 2


I’m going to back up a little bit on our Germany adventure and continue with preparing to move overseas. This was our first PCS, so I am certainly a newbie. However, hopefully you can pick up some good hints if this is your first OCONUS PCS. See part 1 here. Once you have your no-fee [...]

Cell Phones When Stationed in Europe with the Military


I’m back after my PSC hiatus! I am now officially living in Germany, and I have a lot of good information to pass along to those of you heading to Europe. One of the first issues with settling in was getting in contact with people. Getting a “handy” in Germany is very easy to do, [...]

Command Sponsorship for Korea


ok iv been in korea frovera year i was supposedto leave on aug 16 2010 but i AIP n now i want to commnd sponsor but im not quit sure how i start the command sponsorship…if u have any helpful infrmation to get my wife n 1month old over here so we can be together [...]

Ft Richardson Army Post Review (3)


1. Your name (as you would like it to appear): AJ 2. Army Post Name: Ft. Richardson, now called JBER (Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson) 3. Army Post Location: Alaska, just outside of Anchorage 4. Dates When You Lived Here (please include year): 09/2008 - 05/2010 5. How is housing? On-post? Off-post? Our BAH was approx 1800.00 [...]

Korea Army Post Review (4)


Greetings from Osan AB, South Korea. We are an Army Family stationed on an Air Force Base here in South Korea and this is something that is common here. So you coming to South Korea. There is nothing to fear about here. If the Army didn't feel Korea was safe for families to being approved [...]