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Dating an Army Soldier Stories

These stories were submitted by site visitors. Enjoy!


submitted by Alisha

I started dating my boyfriend when I was 15 he was 17.
We fell in love quickly, after dating for about a year, and he was 18 he
told me some army recruiters had stopped by during lunch at school and
they said he had potential physically after completing a pt test with
him. he immediately began processing into the military. I didn’t really
know what to expect. I was supportive, but I didn’t really know what I
was in for either.

The day he left was hard but it still hadn’t hit me, but a few weeks
later I became really depressed. I missed him, a lot. Things became
easier as I received many letters over the course of the 16 weeks of btc
and ait, until we found out he would be stationed in Germany.
Initially I freaked out. I didn’t know what to do, how to feel, and I
didn’t know what to say. I wanted to be supportive but at the same time,
I was still in high school, it was a really rough piece of news to

Eventually I decided that id stay with him, I went to his graduation, it
was so nice to see him again. He was a new person, filled with pride. We
spent a few weeks of leave together, and off he went to Germany. The day
he left was so hard for me, and him as well.

He was infantry and trained a lot but he made time to call me every
night when he wasn’t in the field. We maintained what relationship we

We remained in love and missed each other very much. He came home every 6 months for about 2 weeks at a time. We went through a lot of hard times. I hated the army, I wanted him to quit, he wanted to quit, we fought a lot, but we never ever broke up (we wanted to get married but I had failed my senior year because I missed to much school, because I was extremely depressed)

About 2 years into his career he got deployed, I was devastated, but I
remained strong over the phone, I tried to be as supportive as

Thankfully he went back to Germany safely. Soon after he injured his
ankle during training, he broke his ankle, ultimately he got med
boarded, and came home in 2007.

He misses army life. In 2008 I started thinking about joining, he
supported me, told me probably everything I need to know, answered all
of my questions and I joined the army as a dental specialist September
2009. I’m delayed entry until march. Isn’t it ironic? We are very
excited, and interested to literally walk in each others shoes.
We plan to get married after I join. January 11 2010 will be our five
year anniversary and after everything I wouldn’t change a thing.

If I could give any advice it would be to remain strong in yourself, and
remain strong for your soldier. They need your support the most.


submitted by Angelina

Hi!! I’m Angelina. I’m 20 years old, and I’m the very proud girlfriend of a U.S. Army Soldier!! He and I always joke that our story would make such a good movie =]

I met my soldier 5 years ago while hanging out with his older brother – my best friend at the time. I was sitting in the den, watching everyone play video games while my soldier was on his computer listening to music next to me. Dirty Deeds by AC/DC came on. I looked over at him, and we both broke out singing. As cliche as it sounds, it was then that we fell in love with each other. He thought I was the coolest girl ever for knowing the words to a song few other girls would, and I simply thought he was amazing.

I could say that after that, the rest is history and we lived happily ever after from that moment on, but that would be lying. Things got in the way, and we both dated other people and went on with our lives for 4 years, though we always remained friends. In the Spring of ’08, he joined the Army and went off to Ft Knox for basic training soon after. I figured that was it for us. I’d lost my chance. Little did I know, that was just the start.

A few nights after he’d returned home from Basic Training, I had a dream that he’d come home where I ran up to him, surprised and ecstatic that he was back. I told him about the dream, we began talking on a regular basis, and soon after, we started dating. Everyone thought I was crazy for committing to someone who would be stationed halfway across the country, but he and I knew it was right. We’d waited for this for 4 years. We weren’t giving up our chance.

It’s been almost a year since then, and he’s been deployed in Iraq for the past 9 months, but I don’t regret my decision, and I wouldn’t have my life any other way. Sure, there are days that I’d rather not get out of bed, when I’m lonely and all I want to do is cry. Of course, I’m angry sometimes, and I get so sick of playing the waiting game and having no control while he’s deployed. Yes, there are times that I think I’m crazy for choosing this life, when I could have it so much easier if I’d wanted. But that’s not what life, or love, is about. It’s about going for what you want, taking chances, falling down just to get back up and do it again. And if that’s what it takes to be with my soldier, then throw anything you want at me – I’ll get through. I’m Army Strong, too.

I hope this helped out or gave hope or comfort to those of you who are also dating a soldier and/or are in a similar situation to mine. I know it gets rough, and sometimes, all we need to know is that we’re not alone, that someone else understands and is doing it too. We’ve all got to stick together and support each other in any way we can!!


submitted by Jessica

Hi, my name is Jessica and I was the girlfriend and then the fiancé of an Army Ranger.

My husband enlisted in July of 2003, only months after we had invaded Iraq.  Needless to say, I was not thrilled with his decision.  We had already been dating for a year and a half and a good amount of that time was long distance.  I was attending the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia and he was in Northern California with his parents when he made the decision to enlist.  I was scared of the thought of him going to war, but even more scared that this new lifestyle would make us grow apart.  But I decided to give it a shot and hope that we could make it through this, and we did!

Basic Training began in October of that same year and I don’t remember it being terrible.  We both wrote a lot of letters and he called me whenever he could.  I was able to attend his Basic Training graduation, which conveniently fell on Valentine’s Day weekend.  I saw him again after his RIP graduation – this time he came to see me.  We spent an amazing week together but saying good-bye proved more difficult than before.  Although there were no deployment orders (yet) I knew in my heart that the minute he arrived at his duty station he would be gone.  Sure enough, about a week after he had arrived at 1st Ranger Battalion, I got the call.  He was schedule to deploy to Iraq in a matter of days.  I was a junior in college and had no way of just picking up and leaving for Georgia.  So I had to say my good-byes over the phone.  That was probably one of the hardest things I ever had to do.  To make matters worse, when he arrived from that first deployment, I was not there to greet him.  Only wives were notified of the unit’s arrival and they were the only ones allowed on the airfield when their plane landed.

My husband proposed before his second deployment.  At that point, I became the sole beneficiary of his life insurance policy and he granted me power of attorney.  This proved to be a frustrating task as he was repeatedly asked if he was sure he wanted to leave that kind of power to someone he was not married to.  Although I had complete control over his finances and legal matters, I was still not an Army wife.  This meant I could not be included in phone trees or any kind of support system.  I truly felt like I was discriminated against by the larger Army community for not being married.  I was never able to see him off on any of his deployments (a total of 3) and was only able to be there for his homecoming once.

Even when my husband was state side, life was not much easier.  I was in Virginia and he was in Georgia, so I felt like I was constantly out of the loop.  My cell phone was my best friend during this time because it was my main link to him.  We tried to see each other as much as we could, but at best we were together once a month.  So did this lifestyle put a strain on our relationship?  Of course it did, but in the end, it brought us closer together.  We made the best out of the time we were together and got to know so much more about each other from the endless hours of cell phone talk.  This time apart established the strong trusting relationship we have now.

My husband and I got married in March of 2007, almost a year after he was honorably discharged from active duty.  When I think back to his Army days, the hardest part of being an Army Girlfriend/Fiancé was the fact that I had no support system of any kind.  During his deployments, I had no one who could remotely understand what I was going through.  Although my college friends tried to help, they just couldn’t understand what I was feeling during those difficult times.

The lack of a support system for Army Girlfriends/Fiancés is just one of the many reasons why this site is so useful.  I wish I would have know about Married to the Army and Army Wife Chat when my husband was in the Army and especially during his deployments.  It definitely would have helped a lot!  But at the end of the day, this experience made me a stronger person and has resulted in the addition of many great friends.


submitted by Katie

I meet my fiance 7 months ago. yes that’s short but I know with every bone in my body its right. It all started one night when I couldn’t  sleep I was online and just in those stupid AOL chat rooms, when this guy IM’d me.

We started talking and he told me he was in the army and even sent me pictures, he was stationed in South Korea at the time for a year but only had 3 months left. We talked that night for 6 hours straight and every night after that for 6,7,8 hours on end. We connected so much it was like I knew him my whole life.

He asked me if I would be his girlfriend and I said yes. With today’s technology we talked every night, he called me when he could (because of the time difference) and we would video chat all the time as well. We dated his last 3 months in Korea and he had bought a ticket to come see me after he got home for a week, he’s from Boston and I live in PA. About 2-3 weeks before he was to leave Korea he broke up with me. My heart was broken, but we made an agreement to stay friends and that I would still visit him in Ft. Drum, where he was stationed next. When he got back to Boston we still talked everyday on the phone, online, thru texts everything. It was like we never broke up. Then he tried to date someone else, but still talked and flirted with me like crazy.

Needless to say the one day I couldn’t hold my feelings back anymore and told him that I still loved him, and he said he still loved me too. I asked him why he broke up with me and he said it was too good to be true, I am his perfect match and he can see me being his wife the rest of his life. We got back together, and last weekend he had a 4 day weekend so he came to see me, for the first time in person. Let’s just say that every girl has that dream where there prince sweeps them off there feet, this was my dream come true. The weekend was amazing and he asked me to marry him. We are planning to do a Justice of the Peace ceremony by July hopefully for now, because he wants to be married to me before he leaves for Afghanistan, which we are not sure yet when that will be.

All I can say is that yes, most people think I’m crazy for meeting my fiance online, and only knowing him for 7 months and then getting married so soon. But when you are in love and you know it, you have that feeling of absolute certainty you should never let it go. I have never been more certain about anything in my life, and I can’t wait to be his wife. The first year or so will be rough with his deployment but we’ve made it this far we can get through anything.

**I have an update. I got married the day after Easter, April 5, 2010. I couldn’t be more happy with the life I have been given and the man that makes my life complete. As of now I am not living with my husband due to the fact that I am going to finish school first but I talk to him everyday and night and we try to see each other on weekends. Well just wanted to let you all know.


submitted by Keisha

My experience as dating a solider is way different than I first expected it to be. At first, I was begging him not to sign up and all I could think about is negative thoughts. But as time went out I learn to support his decision of joining the Army and over time I as so happy that he decided to go. We have been dating for three years but have known each other for six. At first during bootcamp was a little hard but then I got used to not expecting a call everyday. It was just hard going from seeing that person and talking to them everyday to only communication through mail. And then during AIT he had more chances to call me.

The big big tip is to be patient and do not expect anything. I feel like if you expect a phone call or something and then don’t get it then you are more likely to be disappointed. Also, be very supportive. They look for someone to stick by them even through the hard times and trust me being patient is so worth it and from my experience it has been a good thing (I just recently got engaged!!!). Trust is also a good thing to remember, most of the time you will be away from your solider so if you have a good trusting relationship that will help a lot. Me and my soldier live about 12 hours away and I only see him about four days every month and we try to cherish those few days we have with each other. In the end, I am so excited that I am going to be an Army wife!!


submitted by Lindsey

Hi, my name is Lindsey and this is my story. It all started when I was six years old. My family and I had just moved to a new town and we had just settled in. I was such a sociable child so it was not hard for me to make new friends. My older brother, Nick, joined boy scouts, with my father as his troop leader. And that is when I met Raymond. At first we were like any other 6-7 year olds. I was a MAJOR tom-boy when I was younger. I tagged along when my father and brother went to boy scouts and soon became good friends with Ray.

As we grew older our relationship fluctuated. One moment we were friends, the next enemy’s, and finally we dated. It only lasted a week, in middle school, and we didn’t really get the whole “dating” thing. A few years later we grew closer. It was my junior year, his senior, and we were in the same class together. Every day we talked, laughed, and joked around like old friends do. At the end of the school year Ray and I fooled our friend, Tom, by making him think we were dating. This act went on for about two weeks. And then we broke up. It was the most HILARIOUS fake break up ever! A week or so went by and we were still laughing at our success. And that’s when we realized, dating each other was actually kind of fun.

I worked up the nerve to ask him to be my boyfriend, for real this time. He said yes but on one condition. “You know, I’ll probably break up with you before boot camp

right?” he said, I just shrugged it off. The first week or so it was awkward, like dating your brother. After a month or so I started falling for this boy. Two months in and then came the bad news. “Do you really have to go?” I asked him, come on you all know you’ve asked once or twice. So I packed his bags, because lets face it, the boy can’t pack, and I watched him say his goodbyes to his family. I was the last person he hugged. They got a picture of us hugging, me bawling my eyes out, he was impatient with a hint of excitement and worry, and his recruiter in the background….laughing.  I hate that picture. I couldn’t watch the car drive away.

After what seemed like the LONGEST three weeks of my life, he called. I cried. While at boot camp he called every Sunday for a half an hour. We wrote letters back and forth, me being a writer pouring my soul onto those papers, him being not much of a writer writing “Miss you too, yes I’m fine, Can you send me a picture I miss seeing your face.” Boot camp was finally over. I bought a plane ticket to South Carolina to go to his graduation. He was not the same person. We had dinner in the mess hall and every thing I did he was like “Stop that”, or “You look foolish”. This was not the boy I grew up with. I also felt very insecure when I went to SC. He was MUCH skinnier, though I never saw him as fat, and I, even though I lost 10 pounds, still looked like a cow compared to everyone else.

We parted, he was headed to Alabama for AIT, I was headed back home. He got his laptop and phone privileges and I thought I was in heaven. The months passed, and although we hadn’t physically spent a lot of time together, I was falling for him. He called me on my 18th birthday at midnight. He came home for Christmas and I was the happiest girl alive! Ray was back to his old self. A friend of mine, who is much older and wiser, has been through what I have been through and she says it happens to all of them. Boot camp breaks them down, but once they get their freedoms back they revert back to who they used to be….but not fully. He was still the boy I fell in love with, but now he was a man.

New Years changed my life. I had been telling myself I would stay a virgin until I was at least out of college, so I wouldn’t end up pregnant, even though I was on birth control. But new years eve…..something clicked. I won’t go into details but, it was the most awkward, magical, hilarious, romantic, freezing cold, experience of my life…And I loved every minute of it. And then he left me…again. As he was hugging me at the airport I held back tears and I whispered “You know, this is the third time I’ve had to watch you walk away from me?”. All he could say was “I love you”.

The months passed and March rolled around. Ray’s aunt was dying. Instead of taking the two weeks leave he had to come to my prom and graduation, he used them on visiting her. I am so glad he did. Prom sucked anyways. I took him out to dinner, wore my prom dress a month before I was supposed to, and paid. He was happy about the dress and dinner (at his favorite restaurant) but he was mad that I wouldn’t let him pay. He left again, after his two weeks, back to Florida. July 4th weekend I flew down with his mom and uncle to visit him in Florida. That was the best vacation of my life. We were on the white sands of Destin beach when he leaned over, kissed my forehead, and whispered “I love you more than breathing.” I melted! For some time I thought he was going to ask me to marry him. I thought he would do it in Florida, I mean it was SO ROMANTIC. But it didn’t happen. The day I left Florida for home was also the day he left Florida for Oklahoma. That last night was magical. We spent all night talking, just lying in each others arms. And then I fell asleep.

When I woke, (we had a room to ourselves), he was no where to be found. I knew he was leaving that same day, but I thought he would have at least woken me up to say goodbye. I rolled over, disappointed, and I heard a crinkling noise. There was a note on my pillow. “Good morning babe. I didn’t want to wake you, but I had PT this morning. I should be back by 5:30. I love you.” I smiled and looked at the clock. It was 4:45 in the morning. I think I woke up because I felt the absence of his body next to mine. I fell back asleep, tired as hell. When I woke up I was facing the bedside table. The clock read 6:30. His plane left at 9:00. “Shit” I thought as I turned over, afraid I had missed him. And who did I see? Raymond, smiling down on me.

“How…What..Whe…” I babbled. He leaned down and kissed me. He told me he came back from PT and saw me still sleeping, note in hand, and decided to take a shower while he had the chance. He said he was watching me sleep, laughing every time I snored or made a funny face. I was so embarrassed, before Florida we had never slept in the same bed, let alone the same house! My cheeks flushed and he told me not to worry, It was “cute”. We parted ways and prayed that he would come home soon. His stay in OK only lasted a month or so. The day Raymond came home was the day his Aunt died. Everyone, including myself, were gathered at her house.

Judy had Down Syndrome. She was the sweetest woman I had ever met. Everyone was gathered at her house, and I know it sounds bad, but we were waiting for her to die, waiting for the suffering to end. We all thought she was waiting for him. She just wasn’t strong enough to wait any longer. Judy died about an hour before Ray got home. He was a wreck. I accompanied him to the wake and funeral.

Believe it or not, life went on a little while after that. Ray was home for a month. That’s when I heard the bad news. He was being deployed to Korea. It seemed like that year had gone by so fast. He couldn’t be leaving me. September 4th he asked me to marry him. After July I had given up on hoping for things, because when they didn’t happen I was even more upset. I was in total shock. I don’t remember my exact answer, but obviously it was a yes. He left for Korea September 20th, 2009. Now I sit here, typing this letter, waiting for my soldier to come home, so we can get married!

My advice:

1) be patient, regular relationships are hard enough as it is, but adding the military, boot camp, being in the field, and deployment…..it takes a big toll on the heart. If you are patient enough, love will find a way.

2) be supportive. you may not love the idea of your loved one going off, but the fact is, they are government property, they cant control their actions anymore, The Army says jump, they jump. If he jumps, you jump too. You may not like it, but tis life, and all he really needs right now is your love and support.

3)have fun! Respect the rules, but still be yourself, remind him/her of who you are, who they are, and what it was like before the Army. Its always good to laugh.

4) Stay strong. Keeping a strong image in front of your soldier lets them know you’re alright, even when you’re not. When they’re gone is the time to let it all out, but

5) NEVER break down in front of your soldier. yes it is ok to cry, or show concern, but if you can’t handle it, neither can they, They have as much stress as you, if not more. Breaking down just adds to their stress, and then they worry about you, and not about their job.

6) don’t distract your soldier. They are married to the Army first, you second. If you distract your soldier, even in the slightest, they may lose focus and hurt someone because they are not doing their job right.

7) You are married to the Army. Respect it. Learn it, Live it. Love it. There is really not much else to say about that.

About the author: This article was contributed by a visitor to the site. If you would like to contribute to the site as well, please email me.

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  • Tabitha Pasco November 14, 2012, 9:06 am

    Hey y’all(: I’m Tabitha. I’m the girlfriend of a U.S. Army National Guard soldier. He left for Basic this morning and his flight leaves at nine. I’m sitting at the airport while he is on the plane and I am looking out the window and watching his flight take off to Fort Leonard Wood is one of th ehardest things I have to do. And for the rest of you going through this…here is our story(:

    I was a regular customer at a local store where we lived. Chris(my soldier) worked behind the counter in the meat department. Everytime I went in the store he would flirt with me, ask me how my day was, and called me beautiful and stuff. Sometimes I would make an excuse just to go down to Gerwigs just so I couls see his smiling face and beautiful blue eyes.(: One day(I went in to buy 1 lb. of meat just so I could see him), he asked what was new and I told him how I had enlisted into the guard that very same day and then we started talking (this was about two months from today) about the National Guard. He told me that he was also enlisted and would be leaving for Basic Training on the 14th ofNovember. He packaged my hamburger and on the top of the package he wrote his name and his phonenumber, whta he said after that was “Call me if you have any questions about the Guard.” It was about the cutest thing ever and I had been hoping he woul dgive me his number because if not I was going to sing “Call me maybe” and then give him my number(: hahaha. im completly serious about that one too. Anyways of course I texted him. and that night he called me on the phone and we talke duntil like 3 in the morning on a school night. After that we hung out everyday. He has now become my boyfriend, my soldier, and my best friend. I know he will be there for me when I leave for Basic and until he returns home safely into my arms for Christmas on the 20th of December, I will remain strong, Army Strong for him and for our Country. We have been dating for three months and I have convinced his dad to tell me what my Christmas present is and it’s a ring. Yes an engangment ring. shhhhh! don’t tell him I know. I can’t wait to be Army Strong forever.

    So for all of you girls (and boys) out there with a military boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, or even family members. remember what The Soldiers stands for. They pay the ultimite gift…their lives. Stay strong for them, even if they are just in Basic because that’s when things get tough.

    forever more,
    Army Strong Girlfriend,
    Tabitha (:

  • Joie November 26, 2012, 12:53 am

    I must say, I almost felt like I was alone in this journey. It kinda makes me feel good to know that there are hundreds of girls that can relate and rely on each other for support with this common struggle. 🙂

    My unfinished story:
    Sooo, I have known my soldier since sixth grade (I’m a senior in high school now) and since I saw him, I had a huge crush on him. We had a class together in ninth grade and that started our minor minor MINOR friendship. Haha, I would say that I wasn’t the kind of person that he would normally hang out with. Haha, though we barely talked, I would often bother him in class, poking him and calling his name while he was dozing off. That was as far as our “relationship” had gone.
    My tenth grade year, I switched schools and started my life anew, losing contact with most everybody from my old school, including my soldier. The summer after junior year, while I was in Latin America, I decided to search Facebook for someone to chat with. I scrolled across his name and thought “hmm… Why not?” Upon my “Heyy!” he replied to me saying “hey!! Didn’t we have a class together? English right?” And from there things grew. We talked for about two weeks before meeting at his place and hitting it off. 🙂
    We have been dating for about four and a half months now, and I’m in love. Is that strange? I mean I’ve been in love one other time and he ditched me, but this time, I feel the same amount of love (if not more) that I did then. Better yet, I am his first love. 🙂 I have talked to most of my family saying I want to marry him and how much I love him, and most of them look down upon it, EXCEPT for my aunt-in-law. She gets it, I think mostly because almost all of her family is in the army and she knows that the only way for me to stay with him (location wise) is by marriage.
    My boyfriend and I have been talking about kids, marriage and our future probably since the second month of our relationship, he even thought of a name for a baby boy while I’ve taken charge of the girl names. I knew from the beginning that he was going to be a soldier but I also didn’t think much would become of us, as he is not my usual type lol. Any who, I am as happy as I can be with our relationship…it is ALMOST perfect 🙂 and that was something I have been scared of since my first heartbreak. My soldier left for basic training on November 22, 2012 and is shipping from Reception to actual BT tomorrow, Nov. 26. Tomorrow, we will have 26 days until he comes back home for Christmas holiday and I am SUPER excited.
    The first few days of his shipping, I was not extremely sad as my mom kept reminding me that it’s not the war, just training — but I did cry periodically for about two days after he left. Needless to say, I was confused and shocked when I got a text and call from him when I thought his phone would be taken up as soon as he reached reception. -.-” haha.
    I guess what was getting me through this week was his constant calls whenever they had downtime and his cute texts. I’m kind of sad about him losing his phone privileges BUT I’m also excited to finally send and receive the letters that we’ve been writing since his first day on base. He says they are kind of depressing but I think I can handle it 🙂 he just keeps telling me to stay strong..
    I don’t know you guys, I really love this guy 🙂
    And I’m willing to be his puppy dog haha. Following him on his journey as I attempt to make mine along with him.
    Is that a bad thing?

    P.S. we are still working on the marriage thing. He planning to ask my mom for my hand in marriage when he gets a ring and we are looking towards the Justice of the Peace option. I really hope everything works out…I want to be with him. Forever.
    And he says the same (even though I joke around with him repeatedly about his love for me).
    I just want everything to work out smoothly and happily.

  • Emily December 2, 2012, 11:00 pm

    My story is very interesting to say the least! I am 20 met my boyfriend about 4 months ago in Hawaii and he is 22. My cousin goes to college there and I went to visit her for the summer. My cousins boyfriend is in the Army which was completely new to me, I had never even thought about ever being with someone in the Military. My cousins boyfriend set me up with some of his friends and it was fun to meet new people and go out and have a good time. I met my current boyfriend about 3 weeks before I had to head home to New York to go back to school. We really hit it off and enjoyed each other a lot and so he asked me to be his girlfriend, and even though I was a little skeptical about a long distance relationship I didn’t hesitate and said yes of course. I left about a week later to go home and we Skype and talk as much as possible although I’m in college and he is always busy so its hard, but we manage. He has leave for Christmas for 3 weeks and he is going home to Chicago to see his family and I am making the trip there to meet everyone and to see him. My family doesn’t really approve of my relationship with him because they don’t know him and they think he is rushing into getting married because he wants to so soon. I need my family’s approval before I can make that step though and I think our relationship is still new. He is about to PCS to Kentucky soon so he will finally be way closer although it will still be long distance it wont be Hawaii to New York fortunately. He makes me so happy and all the time that we don’t get to talk he always makes it up to me because talking to him always brightens up my day!

  • Madison December 12, 2012, 7:48 am

    Hey 🙂 So I’m Australian, 19 years old and an army girlfriend. My boyfriend (19 years old also) joined the Australian army early this year and left for basic on April 10th ( I remember it like it was yesterday) we’d be dating for just over a year and we were inseparable from the moment we met.
    His brother is in the Navy so I suppose I always knew he’d be in the defense force in some respect, but no one can really prepare you for the army life. The moment he got on the bus to leave, i felt a part of me was missing. For the first 2 days, i think i just blocked out the whole thing, thought it was a dream that i would soon wake up from (hopefully waking to my boyfriend next to me) but eventually i had to come back to reality. I cried almost everyday for at least 2 weeks, sounds ridiculous i know, but, it almost felt like we’d broken up. We had no contact for 3 weeks to start then spontaneous phone calls and letters began to flood in. From that moment i knew that no matter what obstacles we would have to endure, we could do it.
    CAT training was wonderful as i saw him almost every weekend for 10 weeks 🙂 nothing made me happier than seeing his face when he saw me waiting at the train station for him.
    He told me, just before graduation, he was being based at the top of Queensland for 3 years (unless deployed of course) I made the decision after so many long sleepless nights, to make a new life for myself and follow him there (I live in Sydney). Two weeks before he was to leave, in true army style, he told me that he was no longer going to Queensland but to Darwin (top of Australia-half the country away) instead. Although this was going to be an even bigger move than Queensland, it’s something i felt i have to do. So as of January next year, i’m leaving everything i’ve ever known, to be with my soldier in a city i never would have dreamed of moving to.
    If you named the first emotion that came to your mind, good chance i’m feeling it. No matter how many times i try to make sense of the situation, i hurt my head. Although army life is more difficult than anything i have ever experienced, and i’ll be honest, i’ve often doubted how much my heart can handle, i believe i’m making the right decision.
    I’ll support him through anything and everything, he’s doing such a tremendous thing and i couldn’t be prouder to call myself an army girlfriend, even though at times all i want is for us to have a ‘normal’ life where i’m not afraid that he’ll be deployed at any moment. In saying that though, every part of this experience, good or bad has helped me grow as a person, as a woman and as a partner and I hope one day i will have the privilege to call myself an army wife 🙂 I do hope my story helps and gives comfort to anyone in a similar situation. No one can say that this is easy, but i think we can all agree it is oh so rewarding. We defense girlfriends/wives need to stick together, know we’re not alone and support each other any way that we can! I respect every single one of you and your partners, all the love and luck in the world to you 🙂 M.

    • ash April 11, 2015, 8:07 am

      My boyfriend is in Darwin too! I’ve been searching for someone to talk to!
      When I first found out I was thinking of moving (deferring uni or transferring to online) but unfourtunately I don’t have the finances or the balls to do that just yet!
      Feel free to contact me! I would love to have someone to talk to!

  • Danielle Roma January 17, 2013, 9:15 am

    i have been dating my boyfriend for a year and a half. I love him with all my heart, he loves me, we want to get married. We are 18 which is very young to talk about marriage. This summer we split for college, it was so hard. We have gotten through the first semester, i attend a college in New York, he goes to Delaware. He is in ROTC and in three years he will be deployed and be gone for six months. We have been in a long distance relationship, but not seeing him for six months will destroy me. I am looking for advice. He has told me he won’t ask me to stay but if I’m not staying i need to tell him so he can move on, or at least try to. I want to stay but i really don’t think i can deal with his deployment. And i don’t want to tell him this because then i will loose him. I know we have a long time and so much can happen in three years but when i look in his eyes I’m home. The thought kills me.

    • Jaz April 11, 2013, 9:58 am

      i’m having the same issue but my bf will be gone for 8 months. he told me if we make it through everything that he will ask to marry me. (I’m only 15 but i’ve known him for four years and fallen hard over the years and i even know im young totalk about love.) Anyway, i know that feeling of not knowing what to do knowing he’ll be gone for so long. but reme ber this. it will ony make your relationship stronger becasue u will cherish the time you have w/ him more when he’s back on visits and your love will only become stronger becasue you will learn to wait for each other.

    • Shawnie April 17, 2013, 5:53 pm

      Dont leave him then.
      This is going to probably be the hardest thing you have ever had to do (support him. be faithful to him. love him through the distance and lack of communication) but you can do it if you take it one day at a time. My boyfriend is currently in AIT and will be graduating soon and then overseas he goes. We have been together for 2 in a half years.

      But your bf is right . you need to let him know if you are going to stay with him or not. He cant be worrying about his gf leaving him or cheating on him while he is away. In the end this will only make you guys stronger so if you are up for the challenge then go for it if not break it off and allow him the chance to be with a lady who is strong enough for this.

      Sorry if i sound harsh but im just telling you the truth sweetheart. there has been so many times when i just wanted to walk away but id rather deal with the pain of him being far away from me then to deal with the pain of losing him forever , or to another woman who can handle the distance better than me . You need to prove to him that you can do this because he can be with anyone and there are plenty of people who would love to take your military man away from you, so you have to be the strong civilian girlfriend and hold down the fort !!!!

  • Latitia February 28, 2013, 6:18 am

    My name is Latitia i am 27yrs old and i am a Army girlfriend. My soldier is deployed in Afghanistan we have only been together for 4mths. We haven’t met yet, but we talk everyday and video chat when he can. This is all new to me i have never been with anyone in the Military. He tells me he loves me and wants to be with me daily. I have no doubt in my mind that he’s who i want to be with he is so sweet and seems to be very loyal. I am learning that trust, patience and loyalty is a must. Can anyone give me any tips or advice as to what I’m getting myself into? Thanks in advance.

    • Shawnie April 17, 2013, 5:56 pm

      Hey Latitia

      You are deff getting yourself into a longggg road of lonely nights, sad days and friends who do not understand why you would want to be with someone in the military . BUT despite all the negatives you are going to have a man who loves you 100% .

      I dont know about the whole online relationship thing with a soldier bc my soldier is my highschool sweetheart and I fell in love with him before the uniform came into play. You just have to remember that his career comes first but he still loves you.

      Distance is hard especially if you are use to being around them all the time. But since you guys started out longdistance maybe that wont be such a problem for you. Just make sure he is really a soldier and not some random guy pretending.

  • Reneigh March 27, 2013, 10:10 pm

    My story, is not a typical one. It has many twists and turns, both bad a good.

    I met the love of my life when I was still engaged (the person I was engaged to wasn’t the person for me, we weren’t happy) I had a fight with my ex fiancé and went to visit a girlfriend of mine that night to get away for a awhile. Little did I know she had friends come down from Sydney to spend that weekend with her, this is how I met him.

    We drank too much had many laughs and enjoyed each others company, somehow separating ourselves from the group at my friends house. We had a moment where he was showing me pictures of him in uniform on his mobile and I was leaning over his shoulder having a fantastic perve. Both of us felt this spark, like electricity tingling on our lips and we locked eyes instantly. However we both knew me being engaged (even though unhappily) it was wrong for us to act upon how we felt.

    Once I had and too much and proceeded to literally throw up everywhere, my girlfriend took me home.
    I thought of him often for the following two weeks, which then I decided I had had enough of my loveless relationship and to leave. Two weeks after leaving I managed to get into contact with that mysterious man who I had forgotten the name of (blaming that on too much vodka!) we messaged over Facebook and he called me almost straight away. We organised to meet up the following night.

    We had such a great time, so much laughing and stories told. We played pool had a few drinks with his friends, then stumbled back to his black and fell asleep (not before being surrounded by all his other mates that went out to the city that night, horribly drunk, telling him he can’t let me go) which was hilarious and we still laugh about it till this day!

    We became inseparable almost immediately, literally! I had never felt this way before, the need to be next to someone all the time or just to be in the same room or to hear his voice.
    He is such a strong man, very loving, very sweet, very gentle. Without fail makes me breakfast in bed every weekend (WHO WOULDN’T LOVE THAT) :p

    He has gone away for quite a few reasons (hasn’t been deployed yet, currently has a high chance too) he has many different things he has had to go away for. The first one was like living hell. I locked myself away for the entire time, I hardly ate I rarely spoke to anybody.
    We recently just got through 8weeks apart, the longest we have been apart from each other. It was tough but so much easier then I first anticipated. I took it upon myself to do something, I workout a lot and keep fit anyway but decided I needed a new way too meet people. So I joined my local soccer club. He is starting to get worried I will be fitter then him soon, we always joke about that haha 🙂

    So I’m writing this now while laying on my bed, waiting for him to come home. For some stupid reason I’m not allowed to meet him at the airport and take him home. (Some duty of care bull shit) so I have to patiently wait to hear my front gate slam shut and the sound of his heavy boots run up the concrete pathway.

    It’s nerve wracking, it sends me into engerizer bunny excitement to almost wanting to cry sad lows.

    We have been together now for almost two years. He is the love of my life. The man I will love forever, even when he no longer draws breath I will never love another person. He means everything to me.

    The biggest thing for all military girlfriends/finances/wife’s or as I like to say PARTNERS as a whole you need patience and if you don’t have them yet you sure as shit going to learn how to get them very fast haha.

    Enjoy the time you get to spend with them, sometimes they are few and far between. Don’t lose that fight to keep going.

    • Jess June 8, 2013, 6:51 am

      I found your story very inspiring. I’m currently dating a soldier based in Townsville and I’m in Melbourne! It’s certainly tough business! I feel as though I’m on an emotional roller coaster.

      • Cass October 28, 2015, 4:10 am

        Thank you for your inspiring story.

        5 weeks ago i locked eyes with a handsome man in a bar, we got talking and traded numbers. Both feeling like crap we met up for coffee the next day and hit it off further. The next weekend we spent at the beach. He messaged me everyday for hours at a time for 4 weeks. After our beach date he had to leave for training for 3 weeks, although i knew it would happen (otherwise i would have broke it off when he warned me) i had no idea it would come so soon. I guess its good as its preparing me for what could be. Although it makes it tough… I wouldnt even know if were in the serious stage or not. This past week hes been out in field and like many others its driving me crazy! But i cant wait for him to get home and have our first kiss all over again!!!

        Thank you for posting an australian story.

  • Jaz April 11, 2013, 9:49 am

    I am a girlfriend to a furture Army Soldier. He is signed up and already has he’s ship date and he’s worried about how we will work while he’s gone. I’m still in high school and i need help

    • Jaz April 11, 2013, 9:53 am

      Our story is we met about 4 years ago and fell in love but never admitted it and so on, about 1 and a half ago we finally admited it and started dating about 5 months ago. and now he’s all worried about how this will work. he’s 17 and im almost 15 and soon after he’ll be 18 and im not sure how to assure him things will work

  • Kacie May 1, 2013, 10:51 pm

    I met my soldier in January of 2011. It was my freshman year of college at East Carolina University. When I first met him, I’m not going to lie, I thought he was an absolute jerk. I had never heard anything good about him at all which was disappointing because he’s absolutely gorgeous 🙂 Anyway, he started making passes at me. He would come in my room when all my friends and I were watching movies, which was kind of cute. Then one night, we just sat in the hallway in front of my room and talked for hours. At the time, I never thought I’d ever be interested in a guy like him. He was rude and a womanizer. But then I got to know him. He told me that his parents were both in the Army. He was brought up in Fayetteville, NC at Fort Bragg. He grew up military style, which was something that I wasn’t used to at all. He was very cut and dry and had absolutely no emotion. He was a rock, literally. I could tell that he had trust issues. He had never had anything stable in his life because his parents were always deployed, nothing against them of course, they raised an amazing man. But when we finally started dating, things were ROUGH. We fought constantly and never got along. But when we did get along, it was absolutely amazing. I met his parents, we went to the beach a few times, and we just had a lot of fun. We broke up and got back together a couple times because we both just couldn’t stand the fighting, not to mention there were rumors of him being unfaithful. But we got through it and always found our way back to one another. All of his friends told me that I had changed him for the better. Ever since he’d met me, he’d become a happier person. Before, he was full of rage and always on the edge.
    He had always wanted to join the army. He wanted to be an army ranger. Well, one day in September 2011, he called me and told me that his parents finally agreed to let him go through with everything. His parents wanted him to be a doctor, they had hoped he’d never want to be in the military. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out in their favor. He signed a army ranger option 40 contract, which was the one he’d been waiting on for two years. He attended meps and did everything he had to do. I noticed that he started getting cold feet, and unfortunately I was right. He broke up with me. He told his friends that he didn’t want to leave me here and he was afraid that if he stayed in the relationship, I’d find someone else while he was gone. We were apart for a month and had absolutely no contact. He’d ended up moving back home to Fayetteville. Over the course of that month, I found out that he lost his contract due to a drinking ticket, so he had to start all over again!!
    One day while I was at work, one of his high school friends approached me with some bad news. One of their friends had passed away in a car accident. So me, being as caring as I am, texted him. I wanted to let him know that I was there for him if he ever needed me, no matter the circumstances. From then on, we’ve been inseparable. We’ve worked on our relationship quite a bit. He has finally given me what I’ve wanted from him for the last year. He’s let down his wall and he actually talks to me. He’s more emotional and a lot more caring. Since he’d lost the last contract, he literally had to go through everything all over again. I was with him through everything. I was afraid that he’d get cold feet again, but he didn’t. He’s more committed than ever. He took me on a beach trip with his ENTIRE family. He told me that he wanted to give me the opportunity to meet everyone. He didn’t want me to feel like I was alone while he was gone. I had a great time and I loved his family, especially his mother. She gorgeous and she’s quite a beautiful person.
    My soldier literally left today for Fort Benning, GA to attend OSUT. Saying goodbye to him wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I didn’t want to cry and put more stress on him. I know he’s going to need all the support he can get. I miss him already and I honestly feel like a lost puppy. I’m already anticipating his first letter. Once again, he’s worried that I’ll find someone else. Fortunately for him, that’s not the case at all. We might’ve had a rocky road in the beginning, but I’m happy to say that we’ve found leverage. He’s truly the greatest man I’ve ever met and I love him with everything that I have. I see a bright future ahead of us. I’m definitely going to give him all the support I can. The military life is hard, I’ve learned that already and it’s only the first day. But in the meantime, keeping myself busy sounds like the best option for me to pass the time. I know that after OSUT he’s going to attend airborne school. I’m hoping that he’ll get leave but from what people keep telling me, he won’t get leave after OSUT. He’ll just go straight to airborne school. Our plan is for me to finish school and eventually move to wherever he is and continue our life together. Hopefully it will work out in our favor. He’s truly the man of my dreams.

  • Annie May 9, 2013, 2:56 pm

    I have known this guy for a number of years. However, it was very light and a simple “hey” in passing. A few weeks ago, he contacted me out of the blue and we have been talking ever since. He is going through a divorce, but assures me it has been over for almost a year now. I’m not overly concerned with that. What I am curious about is if it is normal or consistent for military boys to move so quickly?!? I mean, we’ve not even gone on a date yet, as he doesn’t live here, but will be home in a month and a half. But, we talk everyday, almost all day. He has already said he loves me and we are making small plans for the future. Now, granted, we are constantly reminding each other that if at any point one of us feels uncomfortable that we have to verbalize it and that if this relationship doesn’t go as we planned, we just have to be honest. Is this normal?!? Seems a bit fast! I should probably add that we are 30 years old. It’s not like young puppy love. Any thoughts would be great!

  • Dominique May 9, 2013, 11:00 pm

    After reading all your guys stories I just think I am lucky. My boyfriend of a year and 4 months enlisted in the Army National Guard on January 7th, 2013. When I got the text saying he and his mother signed the papers. My heart sank to my stomach I felt like he didn’t care about my opinion about it cause a few days before I cried to him saying I didn’t want him to enlist. I was scared I didn’t know what to think, all I would think of him getting deployed and him not coming back. I’m just scared of being away from him. Well the good thing about it was that we are still in high school but I graduate this June and he still has another year of high school left. So this summer he will just be at bct. And come back before his senior year then leave again next summer. But after that I don’t know what’s gonna happen. But at least he will only be gone for about ten weeks. But it’s just gonna be hard to transition from seeing and talking everyday to waiting for a letter or a call. But I know that I will have my days not wanting to get out of my bed, crying, and just being plain depressed. But if you love the person you will be willing to do anything. I can do this. With or without my families support. They won’t understand they just think “oh it’s only 2 months” no it’s more then that. It’s fighting to keep your relationship and staying strong I just have to look forward to certain things during those times like the letter or my first call from him or even my birthday and the state fair. It feels like the year just started and its already May, my Soldier will be back in no time.

  • Charlotte May 25, 2013, 6:27 pm

    I got on the web site and within a couple of days I got quiet a few responses but the one that chatted the most was a guy name Harris Brown . Right from the start he was calling me baby and sweetie and with in a week he was telling me he loved me and couldn’t stand to be without me I ask if I could call him and he said I could but I had to go thru alot and it wasn’t cheap
    He said the security was high I guess he was in a special unit but about the 4th week he wanted me to send in a request for leave to his colonel he said for a four month leave I would have to pay 650 dollars but my money would be reimburse after he returned to base So I sent in the request and got a e mail almost immediate after I sent the request I told him to send me the rules for taking a leave cause I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a scam and he sent a paper staying taking leave and he told me to go to a western union to have the money sent to a address of this suppose to be guys home town Anyway I have not sent no money and he is telling me that I decieved him But he would only talk about how he was feeling he never really listened to how I felt or talk about his personal life except where he was from don’t you think I was getting ripped off

  • Joanne Page July 1, 2013, 4:19 pm

    I was contacted through a dating site, he looked lovely big brown eyes, just what I go for, he winked at me and I winked back and that was it, I was hooked going through a divorce and someone was paying me attention, said he name was Daniel Paez he was a Captain in the US Army aeronautics engineer, working with the UK in Warrington but deployed to Islamabad, he wanted me to email him through his hotmail account (dani.paez2@hotmail.com) just incase – he said lovely things, he emailed twice a day, then we started messaging through Yahoo – he was lovely and I fell hook line and sinker, he took himself off the dating site as he had met his perfect woman so he said, this was my first taste of online dating, the first one I had shown interest in (typical really and just my luck), anyway it was when he wanted to keep everything quiet, not tell anyone, then he needed to hear my voice as he was going on special ops with the snipers, he needed me to register with ARMTEL as he wouldn’t have access to a computer (no shit sherlock) but would have access to a phone and this ARMETL would sort out a secure line, so I duly registered and then an email came back i had to pay £298 for the privilege – when I said no under advice from a dear friend as I was truly smitten, i got the guilt trip laid on me so I told him if he was so concerned then he should pay it, he said he would go to the communication base in Islamabad and try, well do you know they wouldn’t let him (again no shit sherlock), I still said no, and even though he professed his undying love for me and how he didn’t want anything from me but he still wanted me, the emails dried up and no messages. I just wanted everyone to know, these people are nasty people and have no scruples at all, please everyone be careful, if they sound too good to be true they usually are

  • Mersady July 23, 2013, 5:48 am

    Hey, my name is Mersady and this is my story. I met my fiancee at my sister’s wedding. He’s the kind of person that can hold a conversation with anybody, as for me I was shy and if I don’t know you I’m not gonna talk to you. Well he came up to me and just started talking to me, now if somebody starts talking to me I’ll talk back I’m just not a good conversation starter anyway we were at the reception and he’d come talk to me and he tried to get me to dance but I was too shy and I told him no. Well with everything that he was doing he tried to make me laugh and he succeeded. That night I could not stop thinking about him he stayed on my mind and that upcoming Monday when I went to school I saw him and I had no idea we went to the same school so i was shocked/excited. That morning he saw me and just came talk to me at my locker and would help me get my books in stuff out my locker and he’d walk with me to homeroom. He did that everyday, not too long after I found out that he had a gf through fb and that kinda made me upset. That was in October of 2010. On October 25th 2010 was the home coming dance and I went with a couple friends. He was there with his gf, that whole night i watched him and gf wishing that it was me instead of her. She had went to use the bathroom and he came talk to me and again tried to get me to dance little did he know that I liked him. Through the whole month of October he was always constantly on my mind now being that he had a gf I didn’t let him know I liked him. Time went on he still came talk to me at my locker every morning but this one day during lunch he came stand by me and I asked him “why are you over here? you’re usually over there.” and he said “my gf broke up with me.” and I said “oh.” Well you should probably know that this made me overly excited but I didn’t let him know. Weeks passed and we talked to each other every school day. I would always flirt with him and try to get him to think that I liked him and I would talk to my friends about it and they’d tell me that I need to tell him how I feel before I end up waiting too long for him to tell me something. On November 16th I told my friends that I was gonna ask him if he wanted to go out with me on November 17th the next day and they’d ask me “are you really gonna ask him? you’re not gonna be too scared to?” and I told them “yes I’m gonna ask him”. I’ve never been more certain about anything before, well the next day comes (: I’m in 3rd block, the class before lunch and my friends keep asking me the same questions and as they’re doing this I’m starting to get butterflies in my stomach and then my stomach really starts to hurt when the bell rings to go to lunch. I go to my locker to get my stuff for the next class and this girl comes up to me, I’ve seen her around school and I know her but we’re not friends and we’re not enemies either well she tells me that she knows I plan to ask John(now my fiancee) out and she says that it’s not right for the girl to ask the guy out so she said she would talk to him about it to him for me in the gym. We get in the gym and wait for John to come in because he was eating lunch. when he finally comes in the girl Katie goes talk to him and while she does so I get really scared and by then I can feel my face getting red. So after she finishes talking to him she walks away and he walks up to me and I’m standing there feeling like I’m about to fall. He stands there for a while and doesn’t say anything, while the girl Katie keeps passing by us saying ” I’m not doing anything” and John says “I can’t ask her if you keep doing that!” that made me laugh (: and he finally says “you wanna go out?” and I said “yes.” and we hugged each other and went to our group of friends. We’ve been dating for 2 years and 8 months now and he is my first love (: He was my first everything from first kiss to first hug to first holding hands and so on. We got together my 9th grade year and he was in 10th grade by time my 11th grade year came i did the classes to wear I would be able to graduate this year, the same year as John. This year around the end of January and the beginning of February, army soldiers started asking John if he wanted to join the army because when he was in the 10th grade he took the ASVAB test and scored really good on it. At first he didn’t want to join but when they started telling him what he could do in the army and how much money he’d make he started thinking about it and joined. After I found this out I was shocked and people started asking me what will I do without him and I’d tell them I won’t know until he’s gone. He left June 3, 2013 as the months turned into weeks and weeks turned into days, I tell you I started to get really scared and sad. I didn’t want that day to come at all 🙁 We talked about getting married because we’d be able to travel together if we’re married. We’ll the day he left when we went in his room to get his stuff for him to leave, before he grabbed his stuff he looked me in the eye and said “Will you marry me?” I started crying. I hugged him and told him yes. We hugged each other for like a minute and kissed and then he grabbed his stuff and we walked out. We went in the living room and he hugged and told everyone bye, he hugged me last before he walked out the door. I went back to his room sat on his bed and cried until I fell asleep. I even had a dream about him and ever since then I’ve had a dream about him every night. The first 3 weeks were rough because not being able to talk to him is very hard :/ but on June 19th I got his first letter, I was very excited and I wrote him back telling what I’ve been going through. I was losing sleep, I wasn’t eating, and I barely did anything but once I got his letter it made me feel a lot better. I’d reread his letter every night before I’d go to sleep and then the other letters I got from him. He doesn’t say much just that he misses me, what he’s been doing, and that I better be planning the wedding (: We’re wanting to get married on November 17th of this year, it’ll be 3 years that we’ve been together (: A couple of weeks ago I got a letter from him saying that he graduates from basic training in August and that I need to save my money in order to go up there and see him. You know that I have definitely been saving my money and I really cannot wait for August to get here. Going 2 months without being able to talk to him sucks and then when I come back from South Carolina I gotta wait another 2 months before he comes home :/ but the good thing is we’re gonna keep sending letters back and forth to each other and I’ll be busy planning the wedding (: All in all I really hate being away from him for 4 months, It doesn’t seem that long when you have something to do but when you are away from someone you’re with every second of every day you get really depressed. The experience is hell but once I get through it and marry john, things will get a lot better than what they are right now. Sometimes staying away from the person you love makes you realize how much you love them and makes your love stronger than it ever was.

  • Ros July 26, 2013, 9:05 am

    Hello everyone I met my soldier online,we been talking since Feb. I must say I really do love this man. He tells me he love me every time we talk. Some times I think how could he love me and we never meet. That’s is what blowing my mind. Can you really love someone you have never meet he is in Kuwait now,comes home in Jan. Am so scared I Just hope he is the real deal. I mean he has never asked me for nothing at all, only my heart, he has sent me gifts,we oovoo , we say that we are a couple I just wish I knew more about him what if he’s telling someone eles the same thing, what if he has made me waist a year of my time,love,and heart,I guess I have to trust Andre.

  • Fiona Nichole Eastmead August 3, 2013, 9:54 am

    Hello. My name is Fiona. My story starts out like any other girl who dreams of one day being swept off her feet by her prince and riding into the sunset, living happily ever after. But, to get there, I had a few bumps along the way. After graduating high school, I immediately jumped into the workforce and poured myself into the job so that the next year I would be able to go to college and earn a degree in a career that I love and fit into. Well, as I started working there, there were a few guys who I dated, but nothing too serious being they were immature and I couldn’t see myself getting further into the relationship and keeping true to myself. After about a year, this guy named David Daniel Williams who I knew from my mother, started to take interest in me after a completely big blow up with his ex. Get this: His uncle is my mother’s ex. And no, we’re not related at all. I was still reeling from my feelings about this one guy that I was a little hesitant when his co-workers wife came up to me and gave me a few hints and pointers about this guy wanting to know if I was in a relationship. I told Liz that I wasn’t looking for a relationship but that it was a nice gesture. Apparently he found me intriguing and for the next few days he would talk here and there. Finally he asked me out, but I told him that I would need to think about it. Because, as you all know, dating a fellow co-worker is a huge no-no. Just too many stressful outcomes could take place. I waited a few days, but still talked to him. He seemed a little agitated and told me,”Look, if you don’t want to go out with me, tell me. I can find another girl to ask out.” I replied, “I’m sorry” and told him that I had been doing a lot of thinking and my mind was still a little rattled. Why would he want to date me? I gave him my number and we have been dating ever since. That was June 2, 2013. On June 23, we both celebrated our birthday. Yes. We have the same birthday 🙂 weird, but we’ll never forget when the other ones is. Our realtionship feels like I’m on cloud 9. There’s just so much that we have in common and agree on. Our dreams and goals. I feel like God has put me here on this road for a specific purpose. We’re like two halves of a whole and I feel like nothing is impossible with hime by my side. Now 2 months into the relationship, I have truly and openly fell for this man. He’s everything that I have ever wished for. I’m getting ready to go to college this year, and at the same time, he’s getting ready to deploy. We have both decided to stay in the relationship until the deployment. With all that we have going on, it’s best for both of us to wait out the deployment and return when he returns. I know it’s right and I know I will make it through this. Please pray for him. I love you Daniel with all of my heart.

  • Anonymous August 31, 2013, 12:23 am

    Well today I’d just like to reminisce in some past thoughts of how I got here today being a military girlfriend. Definitely not a lifestyle id choose for myself but you really can’t pick who you fall helplessly in love for so that’s kind of where this begins. My story starts off with me being a junior in high school and walking into math class picking a random seat and watching this tall Blondie come sit next to me running into class late. I only knew like 2 people in that class and so I knew I had to make some new friends to keep math class somewhat entertaining. Little did I know Blondie, John actually would be my best friend years after. I had a boyfriend but he went to a different high school so I didn’t get to go out very much since he was busy with other stuff a lot of the times. Therefore lonely lunch’s until I started talking to John. I made him walk to my second hour after math with me every day and we would text each other when we needed someone to talk to. We also had lunch together because I was friends with his best friend as well (that’s how he found out I had a boyfriend 2 weeks later) then he got himself a girlfriend (which I didn’t find out for like 2 weeks after that) but things stayed the same. We were best friends and we never changed that. I remember going to football games by myself and texting him I was all alone and he come run to the football games after PT training to make sure I wasn’t lonely. He was the best, on my birthday that year him and his best friend came to hangout with my friends and I, afterwards my sister and mom told me he liked me and I laughed and said “yeah right”. He graduated and was already enlisted and had been preparing to leave for years before that to be an army ranger. And 2 weeks before that my boyfriend of 4 years broke up with me but I needed to move on anyways. I went to graduation with a date, and even went to John’s graduation/going away to Basic party with one of his friends.
    We wrote letters when he went to Basic, I told him about all the guys that asked me out and all the crazy adventures I went on being single, and he told me about random stuff at work, some days id even get a phone call when he got a chance for 10 minutes and no one else would answer. Anyways things kept a rolling on until Christmas. I was dating this guy in my choir class and John still had his girl friend but ironically we both got dumped the same week. He was devastated because she found another guy why he was gone behind his back. We started talking more, even skyping, and id still send him occasional letters. I sent him a package to and he was so excited because apparently no one sent him any. We got closer than ever during this time. He fully committed to me telling me he’d be home during the 4th of July to see me (even though he wasn’t planning on talking the block leave before me). I still dated around not really committing to anyone because it was a year before John and I even spent time together, and him being in the army…oh the horror stories of how awful the guys in the military were and how they’d cheat on you when they were gone. I was already graduated and waiting for him to come down, I was working and just busy with planning on going to be with my sister after he left to be with my sister while she had her baby and opened up a new salon and helped with her 2 year old. I remember those 2 weeks he had leave like it was yesterday.
    My friend was living with me at the time and I asked her to drive my car and take me to the airport to pick up John at 12:30 at night! Why I asked to drive, I was so nervous!!!! I thought my legs were going to fall off as I stepped out of the car, she laughed and told to go get him. I waited for like 2 minutes when I saw him walk out of the terminal, my heart was pounding in my chest and my legs were sore (more nervous than starting in my varsity soccer games, or singing solos in choir) He was taller (well he was always tall) and bigger, he definitely filled out to his manly figure (I still can’t get over how handsome he is, and quite honestly he looks like captain America he just needs the suite. ) We got into the car and he had this plan to go surprise his best friends (to bad his best friend who got everyone to go to Sherri’s spilled the beans anyways). We stopped buy and picked up whip cream and he had his scarf he wears on rotations for camouflage on for a sneak attack. He kissed my held my hand and kissed my wrist on the way to Sherri’s from the airport. I could barely think, I felt like an idiot, he told me he missed me and I was as beautiful as ever and I could barely manage telling him that I missed him to. He kissed me when we were at Sherri’s afterwards before my friend and I left while he went back with his friends. That night I couldn’t thing, and the next day he told me we were going to go to the movies, any movie I wanted (I choose World War Z because he kind of mentioned it before and I already seen it and thought it was good).
    That night I went to his house and met his mom, and little sister. His mom hugged me and still I think she is one of the sweetest women I have ever met, John told her I insisted on meeting his family before we went out and she told him she liked me already. We went to the movie and I kept telling him to watch it but he said he couldn’t help it, he would look at me and sometimes tell me something and it was impossible to watch. After wards we went to his parents’ house and sat in a Hammock out back and looked at the stars and talked, then he kissed me. Nothing ever felt so right being against him. We played Tennis like we use to in High School together and he kicked my butt (so much for all the smack I was talking before he came home). Then we went to Big 5 and he got a little 2 person raft and told me we were going to go float the river. We were there for 4 hours, before that I told him to put on sunscreen since like me we happened to be very fair colored people but he just told me he didn’t need that stuff. We ate lunch that I made and carried on to our adventure. he paddled out little raft while I couldn’t help but check out those manly military muscles and we would jump out at some spots to swim around while we wrestled and he would kiss me…my hair was a disaster he just told me he loved it was adorable and I never felt more comfortable just being me than I did with any other man. He invited me over for dinner and his mom and his sister and I all picked on him, he just complained how there was too many woman and how unfair it was being 3 against one. Then his mom invited me to the homecoming BBQ she had all planned with all his family at his grandparents’ house. That evening we were watching movies in the living room late while his family was all in bed and he asked me if I would be his girlfriend…I panicked and said no… He frowned and said he understood and the look on his face made me want to cry but he kissed my forehead and we continued to watch the movie with him still holding me close to him… I went home thinking what an idiot! My logic in my head was, if he finds another girl her his base in Louisiana where he’s stationed 3000 miles that it would hurt less (I mean, who was I kidding anyways?).
    The next day was the BBQ, I made sure I looked nice and when I saw him he looked so handsome, with an orange long sleeved shirt (later I found out covering his horrific sunburn, stubborn man ;).), nice dark jeans and his camouflage hat, it took us an extra 15 minutes to an hour to get anywhere because we couldn’t help but kiss each other (I told him I would die of embarrassment if anybody saw us making out so he promised he wouldn’t kiss me on the lips n public haha). He introduced me to all his family and they kept asking him how much he got me and how beautiful I was. He was a proud man, it was really cute. He always kept a close eye on me and occasionally he would kiss my hand or my forehead or even come up from behind and give me a quick hug. I went to the bathroom at one point and coming out he scared me (which was weird because I do that to people all the time) and leaned in and kissed me and told me he was dying the whole time to do that. He told his military stories and we all laughed at most of them, and I just couldn’t help but admire what a wonderful man he was. I picked on him when he got a food stain on his shirt and at the end of the night I was sitting on the coach and fell asleep in his arms. I woke up and he went and got food while I stayed and sat on the coach closing my eyes, he was sitting on in the dining room (it was just me and him all his family was in the second living room) and I peaked at him and he looked at me ran over really fast and kissed me. I told him he should ask me to be his girlfriend again. After being with his family and never wanting to let him go I knew I didn’t want anything more than to be with him no matter what the costs, I loved him more than I could love myself. He did and we became boyfriend and girlfriend. Later another night we were watching a movie and he pulled me on top of him and told me he loved me, and that he has loved me for a long time, I told him I loved him too.
    Every minute after that was just as wonderful, we went camping and he put a huge hole in our tent being Mr. Macho and forcing the zipper down letting bugs in our tent. He had to reconstruct it. We went swimming in the river and went sightseeing. Later that evening like way later my roommate came with her boyfriend and joined us for bonfire. We were exhausted the next day and driving back, he told me he would unload some of the car while I took a nap before I went later that night for an office meeting. He came in 2 hours later I heard him laugh and he pulled the covers off my head and kissed me. I could feel his touch for hours after we were apart from each other and he told me he could still feel me playing with his hair when we were apart. We grew closer every day, time never felt like it was caving in on us, and being with him always filled me with peace. We got to watch the 4th of July fireworks and I met all of his friends. After that we watched movies and spent as much time together as we could. His mom’s grandparents had a big spaghetti dinner and a whole bunch of his her aunts and uncles and cousins that I hadn’t met yet were all there. He went out back with all the cousin and blew up firework stuff (his expertise really haha). He asked if I wanted to go with but I just stayed with his mom, aunt and sister and we all looked at dresses, then his mom and sister told me that after John leaves we should watch “who framed roger rabbit” when he left, and I said yes of course. After dinner we relaxed on the couch and all the little kids wanted John’s attention, it was adorable (I mean how could you not fall more in love with a man that kids can’t even resist ;).) Then the grandparents busted out the poker and it was my first time, so I got the beginners luck, and we all joked and teased around. After that John and I left to go and enjoy our last evening together watching movies, he even told me he felt like it was just unreal that he got to be with the girl he gets pictures of, like being with a real life model haha… we stayed up almost all night, at one point there was a knock on the side door next to his room and it was all his best friends saying one last goodbye at 2 in the morning. He packed at 4, and his plane left at 5:30 that morning. I drove him to the airport. It was kind of silent in the car but he held my hand and we made it to the airport 15 minutes before his flight was supposed to depart. I was able to walk by the security while he held my hand and we kissed one last kiss, the people around us were sad and it was like a romantic movie. I blew a kiss and told him I loved him and he did the same back… I watched the man I love leave, I went and cried in the car for a while, and waited (don’t we all being with someone in the military)
    I worked and kept myself busy, my dad would take me out to the movies since no one else could. That helped a lot. It was lonely but not too bad because things needed to get done and John was able to say in contact, Skype was a lifesaver, nothings better than seeing your man safe on talking and laughing and that smile. I flew to be with my sister in Nevada and it just so happened we had a 4 day gap where we would be able to see each other. John got me a flight to go where he was stationed and I was so excited to see him again. Those 4 days were amazing, and I loved being able to kiss him good night and wake up in his arms. It was incredibly romantic, he even made me dinner. We went swimming and out to dinner and watched movies and just enjoyed each other’s company. When we pulled into the first hotel it was so sketchy we had to go find a new one (We were 2 hours away from where his base was so he wasn’t all the familiar with the area). Our second hotel was beautiful (we wished we didn’t wait until the last day until we went to the popular outlet walk area where there was nice hotels and close spots to walk around and tour but we didn’t know better.) Still we could have been anywhere and done anything I wouldn’t have cared, I just love being close to him and being able to know he was there. The first night I told him it was in the bible that men had to make the coffee, he chuckled and replied “oh yeah?” I replied “He-brews” bad um tiss*. The next morning I wake up and he kissed me on the forehead and said guess what, I made coffee for you this morning, and he did every morning after before I’d wake up. It was like a dream and I never wanted to wake up. The last day we headed to the airport and he went to go get something to eat. As he walked back to the table he had coffee and I couldn’t help but laugh. Saying good bye at the airport was horrible. I wished I had stayed but I want to be a woman he can be proud of and getting some college education is a big step in that direction. I miss him all the time that will never go away. Some days I just want to cry but I know that’s not he wants to do to me. I know no matter what I can wait for him, and he will wait for me. I love him so much and some days are so hard but we always manage.
    any advice helps on how to surprise him or just make his day would be awesome 🙂

  • danny September 22, 2013, 1:55 pm

    Hey, my name is Danny and I’m in 11th grade. My boyfriend is in 12th and he has already has joined the army. He joined early last year. We have been dating for about a year now and he leaves in July. I’m so scared for him to leave and I don’t know if I’m ready to not be with him for so long. I love him and I will support him, but I would just like some support from the other “soldiers partners”

    • gisselle garcia June 5, 2015, 2:26 am

      Support him n stay strong ,always communicate , have faith in God he’ll come back safe

  • Misty September 28, 2013, 7:28 am

    My name is Misty 26 and an Army girlfriend. I met my soldier who is currently deployed in Afghanistan, online. He has been deployed for 3 months and has 12 more to go. I cannot wait for his 2 week leave. We met online at the beginning of his deployment and have already discussed marriage. I know we are both head over heels in love with each other. We Skype and Tango throughout the day via SMS and video chat before and after work. I never thought I would potentially be an Army wife but God has blessed me with an amazing man! Love has no time on when it happens and knows no distance. Gods timing is not ours or when we choose. I love my Soldier and I pray for my fellow Army GF’s and Wives that God will grant you understanding peace and patience while our Soldiers are fighting for their country and taking care of us!

  • Scarlett January 10, 2014, 1:46 am

    I use to date a solider.Whom I met during my sophomore year of high school..
    We’re were good friends for about 5 years and decided to date.
    He was already enlisted in the military within three years of our friendship.
    Then we finally started dating.
    We had all these plan.We would talk about marriage and settling down.
    He was so caring,funny and wonderful
    But when he came back from deployment.and is now so different
    Not only has he come back with a different personality..but…a different girlfriend.
    Because he can’t relate to anyone else but her..
    He’s only been gone for four months..
    I didn’t think he..would change like this.
    My father was in the military and deployed 5 times.
    He was gone for about a year each.
    He did change.I can expect that
    I didn’t think my ex being gone for a short amount of time would change him this much.I have no idea what to do.
    Or how to deal with it.

    • vicki August 9, 2014, 6:29 pm

      I completely feel your pain. My boyfriend went over seas for 11 months, back Feb 2014. The first few months back were great until say June 2014 when the all the leave time ended and things started getting back to normal. He has no time for me, for himself, he seems depressed, overwhelmed…. and there is no way he would ever talk to anyone about it because then they would look at him as weak. We talked about our future together too and now he can’t even think about engagements or marriage. It makes me hate the Army because they demand so much from him and there is only so much of him to go around. Everyday I question whether I should stick around or just run. He didn’t bring back another girlfriend but he is different….
      Good luck

  • Vicky April 8, 2014, 8:03 pm

    Hey 🙂

    After graduating from High School in 2013 I was so done with guys and them breaking my heart. I felt like all the guys around me were douche bags and so immature. I didn’t really want to date someone but my best friend made me sign up on a dating website. I still had no interest in dating anybody and the website looked like a joke to me. But then I got a chat request of a very good looking soldier. He was actually the first one on this website to talk to me. He was really nice and I gave him my phone number. We texted the whole day and he then asked me if I wanted to skype him and I said yes. I was kind of worried though because he is five years older than me, but I have to admit that I fell for him within a week. We skyped everyday and texted as much as we could. My family didn’t know anything about him. on Feb.2nd, that day was the SuperBowl, he was at a friend’s house to watch the big game. I was stuck at home 4000 miles away from him. So, we both watched the game and during half time he asked me to be his girlfriend.

    We soon wanted to see each other. But my family didn’t like the idea of me dating an american soldier. So we just booked the flights for me to visit him, without telling my family. I know, an 19 year old girl flying over 4000 miles to meet her 24 year old american soldier boyfriend for the first time sounds a bit risky. And it was risky. I mean, it was the first time for me to be in the United States and the first time for me to fly alone. About a week before I left to see my boyfriend in Texas I told my family. They were pretty pupset but I told them that I would do it anyway. No matter what they’d say.

    And I did it.

    I was pretty excited when I landed in San Antonio. And I have to admit I was a bit nervous too. And when I finally saw him there – I was so happy. I ran up to him and hugged him and our first kiss was magical. That week was awesome and I wouldn’t want to miss a second of it.

    For now, I have to wait for him to finish BOLC in a few months to see him again. We plan to move in together by the end of this year 🙂 I would have never thought that I would meet the most special man I could ever think of on line.

  • Vicki August 9, 2014, 6:23 pm


    Here is my story and I am not sure where it is going… I met my solider on Match.com Jan 2013. We have so much in common that it was scary. Feb 3rd we made it official that we were dating. By April 1st, he was deployed to Kuwait. What was suppose to be 9 months turned into 11 months. He didn’t feel it was fare to ask me to wait but I did because I fell in love with him. You do what you have to do. We skyped, emailed, used google IM when possible. I sent packages…just to keep his spirits high. He returned Feb 2014 and we had a few months of fun and trips and getting to know each other again. But then everything changed. His command changed, he is the only NCO in his command right now and it seems all the men ranked above him are dumping all their crap on him. He works from 6 am to 9 pm. I guess because he lives in the barracks, he has no life….that is what they must think. He has no time for himself, for me, for life……It is extremely stressful for me and for him. I love him unconditionally and I am willing to wait again because this can’t last for ever, can it?? Once again, he doesn’t feel it is fair to me to wait but he won’t let me breakup with him. I don’t really want to break up but this is a huge emotional roller coaster and I do not know if my friends completely understand. Some say break up with him, maybe he will realize what he doesn’t have anymore, some say hang in there, this is just another test from God. This time too shall pass. Does any military wife or girlfriend have any experience or advice for me? I love my solider very much. He planned a wonderful future together but he now says he can’t think about getting engaged or married anymore. It breaks my heart and I have had a few anxiety attacks because of it. I know the saying, if the Army wanted you to have a GF or wife, they would have issued you one. But seriously?? Do these Commanding offices not have a life?? Thank you for listening.

    • definitelyliz August 20, 2014, 11:23 pm

      Wow. Just read what you wrote & it’s so similar to my current situation. My husband just became an NCO & he’s been so unhappy lately & it’s starting to affect me. I feel more down. I feel more not knowing how long this will last. We’re married & have a daughter so I guess my answer may be different. But I plan to stick through it. We all will have bad moments & times in our lives. My husband is having his. If you were going through a rough patch in life would you want the person you love the most to turn & leave you? Or stay by your side? I plan to stay. & I hope if I’m ever having a bad year or month that he does the same. Real love is real life. It’s not always rainbows and butterflies. But every relationship is different. What works for me may not work for you. Trust yourself & what feels right to you. Good luck to you & yours <3

  • definitelyliz August 20, 2014, 11:15 pm

    Oh, where do I begin?
    I met my husband through my best friend in 11th grade. He dropped me off at home one day & I never thought he’d end up being my other half. He tried so hard to date me but I just wasn’t looking. Instead we became the best of friends who eventually couldn’t help but fall in love (: 28MAR09 is the day we started it all.

    In March of 2010, I was shipped off to basic training & a couple weeks later he was too. Yes, we both decided to join the Army, around the same time. I joined as a 25U (Support Signal Specialist). & he, joined as an 11B (Infantry). We didn’t do so good with the distance & both being in stressful environments. I was sure we wouldn’t make it. So, I tried to end it as soon as I could but he, never gave up. Honestly, I didn’t know how much he truly loved me until we were apart. I finished my AIT on September 8th & my husband finished his Infantry training the next day. So, as soon as I finished my training I drove straight from Fort Gordan, GA to Fort Benning, GA. We got married the next day, September 9, 2010 🙂

    We’ve been married since & honestly, I don’t know if the distance ever gets easier. I hate how much time we spend apart & I don’t know if this lifestyle will last but for the time we’ve done it, I’m proud of us. I’m proud we’ve overcame everything I thought we’d never get through <3

  • Raven September 15, 2014, 1:52 am

    Hi my name is Raven. I have been dating my future solider for about a year and a half now. I am 17 and he is 19. Ive always known he would join. I am super scared and worried about what is going to happen to us when he goes to training. He wants to be an Army Ranger eventually and I completelly support him with his decision. I know im going to have to be patient and be ok with being alone alot of the time but I am still worried and scared. I try hard not to show it in front of him. I love him with every being of me and I dont want to lose him. Im just afraid that he will change. That he wont be the same person I fell in love with after. Im trying to be strong for us. And I hope that we can make it through this.

    • definitelyliz October 3, 2014, 1:01 am

      I know exactly how you feel! It’s okay to be scared or nervous. You don’t know what to expect just like any new experience. My husband didn’t change much while he was in basic BUT after his first deployment he did. I don’t know if it happens to all soldiers. My husband is Infantry which he saw a lot of things some people can’t handle. With every distance you’ll both change & grow. But I don’t think the love you share with someone changes. You should let your other half know how you feel. Who knows, maybe he feel the same way or can you bring you some comfort. My sister is married to a ranger & honestly, it’s a hard life. I don’t know how she does it sometimes. Rangers and divorces go hand in hand BUT being happily married to a ranger isn’t impossible. Just like any marriage it takes work & lots of love. You’ll eventually come to a hard place but it’s how you get through it that matters. Marriage is through good & bad. People forget that. We’re all human.

      Good luck to you!

  • Sharon Sakuramachi September 15, 2014, 9:33 pm

    Hey girls, my story is fairly new…
    I meet my soldier on tango, he came across my picture and wink at me, I thought he look interesting so I winked back, within minutes after we were chatting, he asked me the basic questions, where am I from?,what do I do?, am I married?, and that was pretty much it, I told him that im a single mommy of a beautiful 3 yrs old boy, I work, and live in the US.
    I asked him the same questions, andhe told me that his in the Army, in camp victory, Baghdad, he ones had a wife and a child, but they were killed in the world trade center on the terrorists attack.
    I was in shock and broken hearted for him whe he told me that.
    After that we have been chatting though tango everyday, this man is my dream come true, he seems to be kind, caring, romantic, the little I know of him, to me his perfect.
    Last week he told me he was falling for me, that he thinks he love me, that was a bit surprising to me being that we just recently started chatting, but I admit that I liked it so much when he said that.
    After that everything changed, in every msg he sends me it always says, how much he miss me, love me, wants to be with me, can’t wait to be together, wants to start a new family with me and spend the rest of our lives together.
    What really got me is how he always asks for my little boy, calls my son his son, his big boy, and that he loves him very much, how he can’t wait for this contract in the army which is a year and six months to be over so he can come to us and start a new life.
    Hearing all this and how much he includes my son “our son” as he always says, well, I’m hooked, I’m head over heels in love with this man.
    May issue is, whenever I ask questions about him, his life, just trying to get to know who is my prince charming, well, he never answers any of my questions, I mean NEVER.
    He does not ask me any questions about me, my life, nothing at all, is like his not interested in who I am, is as if for him is enough to say he loves me and to hear that I miss him.
    I told him that it’s very important for me to get to know this wonderful man that im falling in love with, and still he never answers any of my questions.
    Yesterday night I couldn’t sleep so I googled the names of the victims that lost their lives in that tragedy,
    I found only two people with his last name and they were both male, common sense is that if like he said, his wife and child lost their lives there, they would both have his last name, I look in different ways and found absolutely nothing that can relate to his story and his last name.
    Am I been too paranoid about this whole amazing fairy tale this man is offering me and my son, or am I been played with by a sociopath that has created a sad story of a fake like to get attention?… Oh, and by the way, I don’t even know his position in the army, if is true that he is there.
    Can someone please give me an advice to this?, Is there anyone out there that can relate to my story and can give me an advice.
    Good luck to all you beautiful ladies and thanks in advance.

    • definitelyliz October 3, 2014, 12:52 am

      There’s a reason a part of you is feeling paranoid or suspicious. I felt the same way reading your story. He doesn’t sound very truthful. Lots of people (especially online) can be whoever they want or imagine to. I hope you find out the truth. Good luck to you!

  • Zahyra November 12, 2014, 1:15 pm

    I’m not married …yet , but I am in a relationship with my boyfriend who is currently in training for the army/military in Georgia . I’m already so nervous about the life we’ll have. I’ve always watched movies about military couples and spouses ,but I’ve never thought I’d be in one. It’s surreal to be honest. I’m 21 and I’m already worried about everything to come and the sacrifices we’ll have to make. In a way I’m so happy for him that he’s doing something he loves and for our future, but I can’t help but feel fidgety. What should I expect ? How will I cope with something this New ? He wants me to move in with him when he arrives in Texas ,I’d be leaving Everything behind for him . Now I’m no Ariel ,but that’s scary for me. I came here so I could read some stories ,obviously I can’t just think my relationship will end bad like some peoples have ,but it’s good to know what to expect ya’know ?

  • Man from Oz December 9, 2014, 9:25 pm

    It was Christmas Eve and there was a fresh foot of snow on the ground in Germany. We were in the motor pool waiting on the buses to take us to the planes that would take us to the desert. All the radios said there was a line in the sand 500,000 bad guys against 500,000 good guys and soon the war would begin and many of us will not be coming home. We waited and listened to Christmas songs all day we wore combat boots camoflauge uniforms and flak vest gas masks and rifles and helmets.
    It was hard to be very merry on this Christmas eve. We waited until dark drinking soup and coffee eating sandwiches someone brought. Others on the post were not going off to war at least not yet and they wore their Christmas best to the Church service that night. We were asked by the man in charge who wanted to go to church services . The buses were delayed and we could go to church if we stacked our weapons. Cant be carrying rifles into church now can we.
    About 8 of us raised our hands and I wore the most stripes so I marched the group 3 blocks to the church that night in the snow. We snuck in and sat at the very back of church. Seemed like they might be expecting us because there was a spot for us to sit. After mass the preacher asked the guys in back to come forward and everyone knew he was talking about us. We hesitated but I told the group to file forward and we stood in front of the congregation. We faced the congregation in their Sunday best and Father asked for a moment of Silence. I cannot remember what was said but I know they were praying for us. Everyone had their heads bowed in prayer but I was looking out at them and wanted somebody to look back at me. I felt like they knew what I felt. That many of us are not coming home. I was a little mad. Im Sorry but I wanted reassurance. I wanted someone to look at me and smile or something. Instead I thought they did not want to look at a bunch of almost dead guys.
    Anyway the prayer ended and Father asked us to leave before everyone else so we did. We marched back to the motor pool and rejoined our comrades. The buses arrived a short while later we traveled all night all Christmas day on planes and buses. We

  • american girl in Spain December 23, 2014, 7:18 pm

    I came over to Spain from the USA to study abroad. After the first week of classes my roommates and I went out on the town. When I left the USA I was not looking for anyone just wanted to experience a new country and learn about myself. Well that night out we ended up in a nightclub by chance. I noticed across the bar was a group of Spanish guys and one was looking over our way. Thirty minutes later he started walking in our direction, but I figured there is probably some good looking Spanish girl he was looking at behind us. Well nope it was me. He tapped me on my shoulder and we began to talk, dance and enjoy each other’s company. Well it was 6am and in Madrid the metro starts back up so we said goodbye. He had asked if he could call on me and get to know me. I gave him my email….well as soon as I returned to my apartment he had sent an email saying how he was glad we met and hoped I would respond back. Well that whole study abroad semester we talked everyday.
    I left out most important detailed as he was paying for a drink for us I happened to see his badge in his wallet. I figured he was a police officer. Later I found out he wasn’t just any police officer he was a Spanish National Police Officer. He had just finished his 3 years. Spanish National Police I guess are like the army where they deal with immigration, terrorism, drugs in the large cities of Spain. Madrid is there headquarters….In Barcelona somewhere they do their training. So again I started dating this National Police Officer. He lived about an hour away from where I was staying plus I was a student. He had said he can tell me for he trusted me that he was a National Police officer and he dealt mainly with drugs, but he did some illegal immigration things too. So we emailed/texted everyday and would at least see each other once a week. About a month before I was to head back to the states he was sent for training somewhere near Barcelona. I never saw him before I left. I headed back to the USA we continued to text but not everyday it seemed to be a couple times a week. He seemed to be doing more traveling and working long hours.
    I ended up graduating early and headed back to Spain. We saw each other very little and still only text about 2x a week. One day he had text that he would like to see me but he had not so good news. He was being sent to Northern Spain to work, and he had no idea how long. I had wrote him a letter expressing my feelings and when he visited I gave it to him to read. He read it and focused on the part I had cried. Which he didn’t read all of it to see I cried bc my grandmother had just died, friends I had met in Spain were leaving, and now he was leaving. Just a lot of sad news all at once. So I wrote that……Well immediately he said he didn’t like hearing I cried, and maybe we should take a break to think about the relationship. Maybe we should stop talking….I said no way! He told me I should only be there bc of me not bc of him and to think. Being alone and when I was in the states I did a lot of thinking. For I am a psychology student and all I do is think and analyze it seems.
    I knew he was right for me. I did not want to stop talking to him.
    Well he has been in Northern Spain now for 6 months and I have only seen him once for a very short time. He made a trip to Madrid for less than a day.
    Here this culture family is very important so when he came home first stop was to see his family. Plus I have not met his friends or family which someone said that is a huge step in this culture to meet family and friends.
    I never had the opportunity to spend a lot of time at all with him. I have asked him to skype which he says he has never done but he will if I like. Well he found me on skype but he has never used it. He only calls me if I ask him too. Which I rarely do for I never know if he is busy or tired.
    I have asked if I can write to him he told me he thinks where he is is not permanent. So I never got an address. If I text him he usually text right back usually short if he is working or is tired. If I hit a hot topic he will text for some time. Now I guess he is doing a lot of traveling not fun traveling he says. If he is somewhere he may tell me where he is or not. If he does tell me where he is he only talks about the food won’t tell me anything of what he sees so I figured he is working. I guess what I am trying to say is before he got busy into his work and after that Barcelona training I never had an established get to really know him in a way. I am sure there is more to know about him. That we met right when he is in the middle of this life and I never had time before to get a feel of a good relationship. When he texts sweet msgs I get mad at myself for doubting him. I sometimes struggle for I have no one that understands me……All my friends think I should move on for he gives me nothing. My father wants me to find someone that makes me happy and will be there.
    I am so confused for this is not at all like any relationship that my friends or family understand or have. So I have a hard time when ppl ask me have you talked to him? when did you see? Is he going to see you at Christmas? Which he text tonight he is heading to visit family at his father’s town, but he was happy I will be with my mother for the holidays and with friends. I am sure at Christmas Day everyone will ask why he didn’t come see you? Well guess what I guess his family is more important since he doesn’t get to see them either.
    What am I doing? Am I being naive that he just wants to be with me when it is convenient for him? Does he really care? Is it normal that I may not be a priority right now?
    When we do get together usually he is all priority to us. He treats me with the most tender heart and constantly wants to hear about me. He says he loves me, to trust him, he will never hurt me and i can ask and tell him anything. Why do I question am I happy? Do they lose interest if they don’t see you? How do I try not to let others ask me questions to make it sound like I need to get out? Is he hanging on to me for he doesn’t want to break up with me? How can he go from everyday texting to once in a blue moon? Why do I feel all this negativity? I am happy tremendously when we are together which is so very very very rare. I wish I had more time to be with him before he had to leave. Am I sane? I love him….doesn’t he deserve to have someone to love him too? Enough rambling my head hurts. Oh how I miss him. Thanks to those who read and any advice or words of wisdom please!

  • Ciara January 5, 2015, 9:16 pm

    The first story submitted by Alisha I can relate to so much right now… I first started dating my boyfriend when I was 15 and he was 17 as well… I’m now 16 and he’s 18 and he just joined the army. He started his basic training in November and got to come back for Christmas for 2 weeks which is very lucky for me. however I feel like it made it even more difficult to say goodbye than it even did the first time. he just left yesterday morning and I feel horrible. I miss him so much and the pain is unbearable. its difficult for me at such a young age to have this kind of thing happening to me and to be away from him for so long. He pretty much lived with me for months and I got so used to being with him everyday that it literally feels like a part of me is missing. I cant go to school, I don’t want to hang out with my friends. I cant concentrate on anything and its making me so depressed and miserable I don’t even know what to do. im just hoping for these next 6 weeks of basic he has left that they will go by fast and that after basic ends it will get better but im scared it’ll just get worse. I know I need to stay with him and support him I just don’t know how people can deal with all this lonliness and pain. I cant even image what it will be like if he has to get deployed. I would really appreciate if somebody replies to this that can help because what im feeling now is so horrible I cant even explain it.

    • Jessica January 18, 2016, 2:06 pm

      Hi my bf just graduated basic training and I went to visit him graduation weekend. It was extrememly emotional leaving him but while your bf is away doing this for himself you don’t need to bring your life to a hault. He would want you to better yourself as well, I still am extrememly sad about leaving my airman but I know I need to stay strong for him and support him. If your bf writes you or calls you need to be there to support him because this is just as hard if not harder for him than it is for you. I know you want to be with him everyday but just look forward to the day you get to see him again dont depress yourself. He needs you.

  • gisselle garcia June 5, 2015, 2:47 am

    I met this guy in the army I am 17 gonna be 18 in Dec. He is 21 and he wants me to marry him n spend my life with him
    Everyday I am sad, depressed, and I pray to God and ask him what shall I do ? I’ve been with him 2 years and 1 month n we have a good relationship but when we argue he tends to drink n talk to me bad like if I was a man n I’m not a mean person , I love him so much , but sometime I feel like giving up n move on with my life
    I have a guy friend who tells me I shouldn’t get married n I need to see the real world n to enjoy my teen years
    I don’t know how to feel n think I just cry every night to God .

    • Shirley Zhang July 9, 2015, 2:01 am

      Hi Gisselle,

      Personally i think your guy friend is correct. The good relationship is makes women feel happy and confortable. The correct person should make you better just like 1+1 >= 2. You are only 17 years old. it’s long way to go for your life. You need to consider what’s you want and what’s your heart say.

      Best Regards

  • Hadassah July 9, 2015, 2:03 am

    I’m actually needing help, advice, direction, and encouragement, especially from women that know how to or have loved an infantryman… And also know when it’s time to let go…

    I had always wanted to be a military wife, but ended up joining the military myself. I finally opened myself to love again, and thought I found the one. The beginning of our dating, he was kind, strong, protective, and tender hearted. I fell in love. Eventually though, and almost with no warning, he turned completely cruel and cold hearted and cut me off and out of his life. And I have never hurt him.

    He is 28 and has served as a sniper and competitive shooter since high school, and I do know the military is overworking him right now with no break, so I know that is a factor. Also, his ex wife left him a year and a half ago, and I feel like he is taking his anger at all his situations and dumping it on me. As much as he knew my story and what I’d been through, and knew I was working hard on bettering myself (I’ve been through a lot of traumas myself) and he used to be patient with me, he then said he no longer sees a future with me and that I am “too needy and insecure”. His ex had alwsays felt insecure and I feel he’s going out of his way to judge me unfairly if I show any sign, or what appears to be a sign of insecurity, when in reality, I have had to be very strong in the military and for others, and have supported others while they were deployed. But the more I tried to fight for the relationship, the more he wanted to push me away.

    At the same time, before he made these emotional judgments about me, I know he was falling in love, and felt I’d make a good wife, and all that good stuff that he’s throwing away now. He also, in these last days, has either completely cut off communication with me, or will rage at me. And has said some things even in his rage that made me not want to give up on him…

  • Hadassah July 9, 2015, 2:24 am

    …(continuing…) He said things in our last fight like, “well whoever can get through to this hardened heart can have it!” and “Well, I can’t promise you anything…” As if he may give me a chance to still love him… And after all his rage I just held him… He then made love to me that night, and it was so passionate, I would have thought he felt something for me, but all he could say to me was that “I do have A love for you..” What is that supposed to mean??

    But by morning, he was cold as ice again and wanted me out of his house and out of his life. He was raging about it too, and was resentful. I left because I was late for work, but he has ignored all contact since. It’s been over 5.5 weeks. I know most would write him off as a jerk, but I really, truly fell in love and love him so much, especially since I got to know him when his heart was open.

    Ladies (and maybe any other infantrymen/combat vets out there?), what should I do? Do I give up? Give him space? How much time? Will the good hearted man ever come back? Do your men rage or turn cold hearted like this and how do you handle it? I should mention, he is extremely talented, so is very prideful, but he also has some TBI, a strong A type personality, and needs to feel like he’s in control of things. Please tell me how to love him, or how to let him go… and what to say…? Do I wait until the miltary gives him a break? It may not be for another month.

    Is he raging at me because he cares more than he says? Is he ignoring me so he can stay focused? Can he just not handle emotion, mine or his? Please help me understand..?

    Thank you so much for reading this.

  • Ziza August 18, 2015, 10:44 pm

    My boyfriend and I have been together for only 3 months. We were only together for a month before he went off to basic. We were both recent graduates of high school and he’s from the moment we met I knew he had big goals. I had no idea of what I was getting into and truth be told I don’t believe he knew what he was getting into either. He was under the impression that he would get his phone every Sunday. I soon found out that was not the case. I thank God that I had a relationship with his family that I was able to get his address to be able to write him. However I was unaware that the military likes to embarrass them and read their letters out loud. My first letter was really sentimental and it’s where I first professed my love for him. Since the day I sent my letter I have been posted at the mail box day in and day out at 2:15 when the mail man comes, every day the letter didn’t come filled me with disappointment. Finally, I received his letter back exactly 17 days later. It was short but it was everything to me. Initially I was hurt by the brevity of the letter but I found out later that they have very little free time and that letter was as long as he could’ve possibly made it. Recently during family weekend he got his phone back for 2 days. After 2 months of not hearing his voice I almost cried. He sounded different but better! I had been texting his phone while he was away with hopes he would text back. When he finally did, seeing his contact name appear in my phone was the best feeling ever. He still was busy even on his free day so conversation was still short and phone calls were shorter but those conversations felt like forever. He still was goofy and funny and it made me remember why I fell in love with him. He said he had something for me at graduation and I can’t wait to see what it is. He has a month left of basic and I cannot wait until I can hug my baby again. I can’t wait to see his smile and see how the military has sculpted his body. He is truly the love of my life and I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world.

  • Charlie October 12, 2015, 7:55 pm

    I’m dating a soldier in basic training, but our situation is a little different than other people’s. I’m a senior in high school, currently in the Marine Corps DEP. My girlfriend is two weeks into basic training and she’ll be going to be an intelligence analyst with airborne. We’ve known each other for years and have been officially dating for four months. I’m not very experienced in this stuff but it’s been pretty tough. Letters make it better but we used to talk for the entire day every day. I’m incredibly proud of her and I know that doing this will make her happy. I’m not looking forward to having only a few weeks at most in a year to see her. She’ll be home for two weeks for Christmas Exodus and for a couple more weeks after she graduates airborne. I’m nervous and a little scared about the next few years, when we’ll be in different branches. I’ve met people that are surprised when they find out that relationships can exist with civilian men and military women, but hopefully it works.

  • Makayla October 26, 2015, 10:37 pm

    Hi, my name is Makayla and I’m 19.. My soldier is also 19 soon to be 20! He recently left for BCT in South Carolina, I live in Georgia. We’ve been dating for about a year and a half now and i couldn’t be happier. But, the day he told me he was going into the army and the day that i watched him sign over the next four years of him life, absolutely killed me.

    I never thought this would happen, the whole army long distance relationship thing. I never knew i was strong enough to even handle it. But he’s been gone for over a month just in BCT and he has another month to go. He graduates December 3rd. That day is a day that i look forward too every morning i wake up. I have put everything on hold, to make sure i am there to see him graduate and be able to hug him. That’s really what i miss the most, is being in his arms. Feeling safe and having that confidence to continue my day. This is probably the hardest time we will ever go through. Me and him haven’t had the usual teen relationship.

    We started dating the very end of his senior year and my junior year, he tried the whole college thing and it didn’t really work out so hints why he joined the Army. But, that didn’t happen until after i graduated high school. So the whole time until the day he left, we spent every living second we could together. Just because we loved being in each others presence. But, things weren’t always so perfect. I got pregnant at 18….. Imagine that. I was still in high school, it was right before graduation. But still it was so frowned upon. My dad almost disowned me and to this day still hasn’t forgiven me nor my soldier. But with that being said, you can only imagine the stress that i was going through.. This caused me to miscarry around 10 weeks. This caused even more strain on our relationship. My dad didn’t like my boyfriend, i just lost a part of me and to add neither of us knew what they future was going to hold.

    This is when he decided he was going to prove to my father that he was good enough to be with me. He wanted to make my family proud of him again… So he joined the army. And for many many many months now, he knew he wanted to marry me, and well i knew i wanted to marry him. We had to figure out how to make this work. Make my family okay with that idea. To this day, my dad still doesn’t support it, but he understands why. If that makes any sense. And no my boyfriend hasn’t proposed but i know its coming in the very near future 😉 I not only want to marry this guy i want to be able to live with him and be able to have a family and start my own life. Yeah maybe not finishing college right now so i can be with his isn’t smart, but if he gets deployed and doesn’t return, i don’t think i could live with myself knowing i didn’t spend as much time with him that i could.

    Yes, I’m only 19 and he’s only 19. We are very young. Dumb. But in love, and NOONE can tell us otherwise. I know I’m making the right choice, i have never been so confidante in my life about something. This is the man of my dreams. And this is only the beginning to our love story. And, yes we both know this is going to be the HARDEST four years of our lives but its going to be worth it. And we are only in the beginning stages. But, with the relationship we have and the past that we have… well i believe we can make it through just about anything. Just remember, stay positive, be supportive and most of all never give up.

  • Jessica January 18, 2016, 1:51 pm

    How do I even start this story.. Okay so one Friday night Im bored and decided to text my friend to ask if anything was going on. I ride with her to a party and it’s a huge redneck bash (Im country but not THAT country) so I saw this boy and sat by him on a swing, we talked for hours that night. We connected and I grew feelings for him as time passed. We started hanging out for about two months until he actually grew the nerve to kiss me and ask me if I wanted to be his girlfriend. We then became inseperable, we hung out everyday, never fought, I even lost my virginity to him. I remember being in his room one night and him mentioning that he was planning on joining the air national guard and explained that his father and grandfather had joined making it expected of him to also enlist. He said he did not want to because he knew he would have to be away from me for a long period of time, I explained to him that this was going to be a year from now and if we had been together that long I would support him through it. 11 months into our relationship he starts acting like a different person, he was starting arguments with me and soon after that we broke up. It was on and off the month before he left, I cried almost every night and he threatened to kill himself. The day he was leaving for basic training I wanted to see him but he said that he wanted nothing to do with me. He called me before he left on the bus to say goodbye and that he loved me. At the end of that month his mother sent me his address and information so I could write him, I started checking the mail everyday but got nothing. His parents had not either. A few weeks passed and I got my first letter I was jumping up and down and smiling the rest of the night. He told me he wanted me to come to graduation so I made a quick decision and talked to his mother and purchased plane tickets. His mom said he sounded excited I was coming. I was excited and nervous to see him, what if he changed or forgot about me or moved on, so many things running through my head. The time finally came around and his dad picked me up from the airport and brought me to see him on base. I recognized him before he even saw us, I was used to his curly hair but I couldnt forget that face. We had fun the entire weekend, his parents left Saturday, but because he had graduated with honors he got another town pass. We went to my hotel and made love. My flight was leaving at 6:45 so he wanted me to take him back to base at 5:00 so I would make it back on time. He had been sick the last three weeks in basic so his eyes kept watering but I never thought amything of it, I kept tearing up but would look away. Then he just burst into tears holding me saying he didnt want to go back and that he loved me I kept telling him it would be okay but I was sobbing too. I got on the plane last night feeling so depressed, being with him felt like it had before. He will be in tech school until July 7th. I have never loved someone the way I love him, I would do anything for him and it kills me to see him upset but I am so proud of him for doing this for himself.

  • Claudia March 31, 2016, 7:52 am

    I met a soldier on line.
    Does anyone know about a payment needed to be made so the solier could come home to meet me?

  • Chloe June 20, 2016, 6:57 am

    My boyfriend and I broke up three years ago due to the army and him not wanting me to wait for him as he found the time and distance apart unfair. 

    Three years later he has returned and wanted to see me so I saw him. The feelings that were there so long ago are still present and I still feel connected to him. 

    He has left again for two months then comes back for a short time to be transferred elsewhere. He says he regrets ending things and thinks about it but tells me he wants me to meet a good guy. 

    What do you think this means?? I still love him and I still don’t want to be with anyone else especially knowing these feelings are mutual.

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