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Ft Benning Basic Training Review (4)

1. Your Name (as you would like it to appear): Jamie H

2. Where did your soldier attend basic training? Fort Benning, GA.

Image credit: U.S. Army

3. When did your soldier attend basic training (please include the year)? May – July 2010
4. How often did you hear from him (phone and letters)? I received 3 phone calls, two being about a minute long, the third being fifteen minutes. I received letters daily.
5. How long was it before you heard from him the first time? I heard from him a lot during the week of reception, they didnt limit use of cellphones at night. He got a phone call a week into basic to give his address and I didnt hear from him via phone for around 4 weeks afterwords. I received letters about 3 days into his reception.
6. How long did it take to receive a mailing address from him? About a week after leaving reception and going to Sand Hill.
7. Were there any restrictions on what you could send him? Yes, pretty much everything other then letters, cards and pictures unless specified from DB that he could have something.
8. When did you receive information about family day and graduation? His graduation letter never came in the mail. However, they had a web page for his company, as well as a facebook page, so I was able to use those as reference.
9. Did he have a family day? If so, please describe. His family day was prior to graduation. We were to be at Sand Hill at his barracks for 9am and they marched out and did a short ceremony (recognizing drill instructors, soldiers, soldiers that were becoming citizens, etc). It lasted 30 minutes and we were able to go on our way and leave post as long as he was returned by 845pm the same night to the same location.
10. Please describe the graduation ceremony. Graduation was beautiful. It was held at the National Infantry Museum that is located before the main post entrance to Fort Benning. It also took place at 9am and lasted about an hour. Prior to them walking onto the field and introducing them as graduates, there was a band, demonstration (including smoke and gunfire) and showing of previous Army uniforms. They were again allowed to leave until 845pm and had to return to their barracks for out processing the next day.
11. Is there a website for his unit? Did you find a place online that has pictures from his basic training? There was a website (with weekly updates on the progress), flickr page, as well as a dedicated discussion group on the official Fort Benning page for his company.
12. Any other tips or information? Georgia is HOT, be prepared. Many people flew into Atlanta and rented cars and drove the hour and a half to Columbus. Avoid the area outside the main gate, it can be very sketchy. We stayed at Uchee Creek Campground and Marina. Extremely cheap. Get your visitors pass (for your car) the day before if you are able to, then figure your way to Sand Hill so you’ll have less of a hassle the day of the event. Sunday dress for Graduation and more casual, yet appropriate dress for family day.

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  • Carol Keller February 28, 2012, 6:01 pm

    My son leaves for Basic Training at Ft. Benning on May 22 of this year. We are trying to narrow down an approximate graduation date, so my husband can be sure he gets off of work and that we have a place to stay, since July is such a busy travel time.

    • Tracy Strong June 6, 2012, 10:17 am

      Carol, have you received your son’s graduation date? My son left for Basic Training at Fort Benning, June 4th. I found 2 different graduation dates, a week apart. I’m told that we will receive a letter or our Soldiers will inform us. My husband, as well, needs notice to take the time off.

  • Carol Keller June 7, 2012, 10:23 am

    Hi Tracy,

    My son left on May 22nd and was in Reception until May 31. We received our first letters from him yesterday, one contained a two page letter from his CO. The graduation date is very different than we anticipated. Family Day is the first part of August, at which point he will receive a 48 hr. pass, so we can take him off base and spend time with him. Then, the official graduation is in September. There’s a dinner the night before and graduation the next day. Graduation is at the end of the entire 16 week process. The letter also contained a link to their Facebook page so you can see photos of your son! I hope this helps.

  • Tracy Strong June 15, 2012, 11:18 pm

    Thank you Carol. I did find a fb page with updates:) I should be receiving a call from him within 72 hours. Good luck to you and your son.

  • Tera Elsworth August 24, 2017, 5:13 pm

    My Son Has been in Basic training for almost 7 wks I havnt heard from him Please let him know i love him and to call Momma at the number i have had since he was little. I miss him terribly his Name Is Chris (Christopher) Same last name as mine. Its Imparetive that he calls me asap. Thank you Tera Elsworth

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