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More Soldier Scams

I have a soldier telling me he has funds to be paid to have active duty ….I have looked on military sites and it does say this is the only chargeable leave I’m so skeptical can you help? He is stationed in Iraq. I know his mos number and his rank ….


I’m not entirely sure based on the wording that you are using but soldiers should not be asking for money for anything while they are in Iraq. They make MORE when they are deployed. It does not cost them anything to travel home for leave time. The Army pays for that travel regardless of where they want to go.

About the author: Stacey is an Army wife of a soldier who joined in 2003. He has since been medically retired but she continues to provide information to Army wives and families to make their adjustment to the Army lifestyle easier. Connect with Stacey: Facebook Twitter Pinterest

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  • Katie June 11, 2012, 11:24 pm

    I have comment. I’m new here but I’m trying to find out. I met my soldier on Facebook or I should say he found me. He says he’s a colonel, 53 yrs old, divorced. He says he’s in afghanastan. But before I go further let me say that I am recently divorced and I’m getting ready to turn 50, been out of the dating scene for a lot of years. But at first he started talking about marriage and I told him that I wasn’t interested. Then he let it ride for a few days then just about a week ago he asked me to lend him $300. I told him “NO” because I’m on a fixed income. Ok, then wanted to know if I had a cc no didn’t have that either, so now he’s come up with another one. He asked me to either open a bank account so that he could have his account officer transfer money to the account then I’m supposed to send it WU. He says he wants to come to Ft. Campbell for a couple of weeks to see me and he needs the money to pay off the duty charges. Says he’s not allowed to use his rank to fly on non military business. Sorry this so long. My gut is telling me to block him from Facebook and keep looking but I have this feeling he might be telling the truth. I spoke to some in the military and they pulled up the name that he gave and that guy is in Washington. Another thing that has me wondering I’ve seen one fb picture of him, he’s got all the badges but his name on his blouse is not spelled the way that he is spelling it on fb. Can someone help me know for sure so I don’t make an awful mistake.

  • tammy July 14, 2012, 9:47 pm

    Please do not set up any bank account for him it is a scam an you will be held accountable to the bank
    this is how the scam works you send the money an by the time it clears at the bank your money is long gone an you will have to pay the bank
    No man in the army will ever ask you for money. Belive me I know.
    Do not put yourself in debt for this scum bag.

  • Tammie Perkins February 16, 2013, 7:41 pm

    I also have an army friend… From Facebook
    Says his mission is top secret but needs
    Money for his daughters nanny in Ohio
    Could this be true? He needs 900 he says
    The western union is bombed out and it’s 5 hours
    To get to another one… Kabul Afghanistan
    He needs Medicane for his daughter but
    Wouldn’t she have a doctor here in the states?
    It just doesn’t make sence to me. Thanks tammie
    He says his name is miles neville Reynolds
    Can u help?

    • Stacey February 17, 2013, 7:09 pm

      His daughter would be covered by Tricare if he was actually military. And there are other ways he could get money to her if he was actually military. It’s a scam.

      • carol August 6, 2014, 9:44 am

        fake 4 sure

  • Gina April 7, 2013, 1:13 pm

    I have been communicating with a “soldier” stationed in Afghanistan. He claims he is widowed and that his son is with a nanny in UK. He is using the name Wheeler, Thompson Lewis. I would believe this is a scam, but he did call me this week. Is this in response to the scammer beware website? He has not asked me for money. Any tips or anything I should be aware of? I am saddened to hear that many legit servicemen have had personal information stolen.

  • tamra April 29, 2013, 4:25 pm

    My husband was contacted by a supposed solier who needed under wear soap a towel and candy for the kids. He was instructed to send it to a diplomat in ghana
    It cost 93 dollars is this scam tamra

    • Stacey April 30, 2013, 2:20 pm

      Yes, the diplomat in Ghana is the giveaway with that one. If it was really a soldier needing those things, he would just give you his APO address – no reason to send to a third party.

  • Gloriajean Robinson May 12, 2013, 1:10 pm

    This guy i met on a dating network….He said he is in the military ( army)… whitin 2 days he told me he loves me… He wants me to open up a bank account so he can send me money… My car is broken down and I told him i dont have any money to fix it.. I was reading about scammers and about bank accounts and now i dont know if this is real or a scam… Please get back to me.. I dont want to accuse him of being a scammer if he really isnt..Thank u GJ

  • yully May 14, 2013, 12:59 pm

    am from Indonesian . .. and am have fience and am pay him request leave …he is name sgt.william bailey ..him deployment in afganistan and pay $4500 is scam or real …am sent a money by Alex Matthew in adress army barrack road in ondo nigerian …he said can have leave from there…

  • Jeri July 17, 2013, 9:50 pm

    I guess I am joining the group. I met a”soldier” on a dating web site. Meetme. Says he is in Afghanistan . Telling me he loved me within days. Then the request for money to get a better laptop so we can communicate. Then money for leave. He avoids my questions about the unit and company he is in. Also I said I’d send care package what was is address overseas. Says it takes to long. To send money. Wow. He has sent pictures but how do you know they are really him. I have to Skype with him or talk on the phone. He says he can’t. I don’t believe this is happening. He even said his parents died 3 years ago. I am glad I didn’t send any money but it is sad that this has happened. I really want to find love and to be taken like that. Plus I am sure there are some soldiers who don’t want to have that said about them. I am sure there are good, honest ones out there. I just thing I found one of the bad apples.

    • june cambridge May 24, 2015, 8:05 pm

      did they call him adie gatden ive just had him talking to me asking for 515 for a laptop said to send it to his colnels wife told him ive found him out he said he was falling in love with me after two days he said his wife n kids were killed in car crash i done my reasearch luckily played along with him then hit him with a scamming forum he soon changed from loving me to hating me please be careful out there as thrres so many evil people using our soldiers pics to get money

      • jacqui October 10, 2015, 1:51 pm

        Can you tell my how I can check on my military friend. As usual he has a nanny for his poor daughter who lost her mother in an accident.

      • jacqui October 10, 2015, 2:03 pm

        Can you tell my how I can check on my military friend. As usual he has a nanny for his poor daughter who lost her mother in an accident. Lost both parents asking for a$200 calling card. give me an e mail address militaryAKO@mail.com that’s not right. Wants to marry me odd only been talking to him for a few weeks

        • Carla White May 23, 2016, 9:27 am

          I have the same situation except he has a little boy , a nanny, both of his parents were killed in car wreck. I’m not suppose to contact his commander rep, bc he is on a secret mission in Kubal, Afganistan.. he wants me to mail him my debit card it is a scam of I ever seen one

  • Sandra T July 29, 2013, 7:21 pm

    I have been on the Confriro Dating site for almost 2 years now and been scammed by 2 so called Soldiers so far…but lesson learned now thanks to sites like this where we can read all about scammers I delete them so quickly now…Sgt Anthony Mateo in Iraq scammed me out of $6,000 over a 7 month period for leaves, sick kid, sick mom, blah, blah, blah…etc……and no I never met him…at the end of it all he stated he got in an accident and didn’t think he could be with me in his present state…fine, then I met Capt Robin Kruse Garcia and boy oh boy he was good…He had me hook line and sinker for over a year an about $5,000 later..he actually called me every night and sounded American..sent me flowers/teddybears, jewelry at least 5x…finally the day came he was supposed to come to me from Sudan Africa where he was deployed and he admitted to me he was a 26 year old Nigerian and had to tell me the truth because he fell in love with me…OMG! U can imagine my surprise…
    Now I’m talking to a Sgt Lukas Knabe in Afghanistan and I finally met my first Military man that gave me his APO box…if they cant give me that then I delete them…but I’m still skeptical cos he says he just got a promotion to a Senior Sgt and now can not have leave for 2 years…I asked him why and he said that was how he signed up and how it is…I thought they got leave every year no matter what rank they were…said he just had leave November 2012..He called me once and he had an accent but didn’t sound Nigerian..he has been in svs 18 yrs and was born in Spain but living in NY with his 2 kids…His mom and dad take care of them …He also has a sister..All the real scammers family is always deceased…but I just don’t know…he told me he could get an extra leave if he paid for it..said for the leave papers would cost $350.00…I think he was hinting to me…Said it would be refundable once he gets stateside Yeah, have I heard that one before…..One of these days I’ll meet a real Soldier…

  • Jck March 23, 2014, 7:26 pm

    That happen to me I was a victim he taking $4000. And it’s not enough money he keep want more from me and get mad if you don’t.. Someone need to put a stop on scammer.. I gave he my last and can’t pay my bills.. He don’t understand when you tell them no money and he promise me he will pay me Back.. Very stress when you give your last out and you think he is trustworthly .. I told him thAt I give up
    I can’t give him and bills not .. He don’t get it..

  • Carin August 28, 2014, 5:23 am

    I asked my “soldier” for his APO address and AKO email address. I received the following info: Sergeant Gavin Miles
    PSC1224, Box 12245
    APO AE 09214-1234
    He invited me on facebook.
    Is he real or a fake????? He want 800 us dollar for his retire package to be delivered to me. But first i must deposit the money so he can retire on the 31st August’2014 – he has no access to bank due to the problems/war in Afghanistan – he is in Kabul for the US Army. Please I am desperate for the truth.

    • Stacey Abler September 1, 2014, 9:19 pm

      Anyone who asks for money is a scam. Did you actually email him at that address?

  • Hollie December 7, 2014, 7:12 am

    Hi, I have been talking to this guy who is in the US Army. He is supposed to be deployed in Djibouti at the moment. It has only been two weeks since I have been talking to him. I met him on Military Pen Pals. He is supposed to be a Sgt E6. He has asked me to help pay for the forms to request chargeable leave as my future partner, but he said that we can work it out together to pay for the transportation. I thought these guys would be making a mint while they were deployed. How hard is it for military personnel to access their own funds whilst deployed overseas. Is this a scam…i very wary about this as i tried to track his IP address and it was coming up as being in California. How do scammers get photos of military personnel? And from the conversations we have had, it doesn’t feel like a scam. How do I ask for confirmation of identity without offending him and pushing him away if i am wrong?

    • lisa December 14, 2014, 9:54 am

      A real soldier will not get offended, they are aware of this problem of scammers. Ask as many question as you like test him on everything he shows you and tells you but bottom line is if he asks for money or help with bank accounts in any way then he’s FAKE. Ask him to send an email right then because your email is acting funny then check the time stamp on the I.P. address when he sends it. See if it matches where he says he is. And all they have to do is find a pic of a soldier alive or deceased and copy and paste the pic from the internet. Educate yourself on all the rank insignia and different military uniforms. If he’s fake he will get very nervous that you know alot about the military and will get angry when you ask questions. He will say that you don’t love or trust him. Then if you persist he will disappear. You will know he is a fake. A real soldier won’t get upset.

  • Rachel moore February 15, 2015, 4:25 am

    I have been chatting with an army Sgt he said he’s on a contracted peace keeping mission in abija Nigeria he did not ask me for money but when I said I wanted to send a care pkg he said he needed a hundred dollars for medication because of a broken leg I said the army should provide for that he said they didn’t we mutually call and face message each other I asked for a address if I wanted to send money he just gave me his captains name a nd Saud jus to put Nigeria on it

  • angela chislett March 10, 2015, 10:42 am

    Ahhhhhh I have been talking to a Sargent Jake Ashley for nearly 10 months, he claims to be in the U S army in Nigeria? I am starting to think I am talking to a scammer who has stolen this soldiers identity? What bothers me he really seemed genuine he told me some real personal stuff about his supposedly 10 year old daughter and mother! Very personal stuff! I also spoke to another soldier which is on the same base, I don’t think he was keen on “Jake” as he didn’t like it when I mentioned him! Which made me really think he was real!! Ahhh am just confused he used to talk to me everyday! Ever morning before work, when he finished, in the evenings!! Now he hasn’t spoke to me since last Wednesday?? My friend tried telling me he wasn’t real! I wouldn’t listen!

  • stacy hammond April 30, 2015, 7:27 pm

    Sargent e6 Michael Williams,met on match I am 54 claims to be in Kabul Afghanistan IP shows unknown. hasn’t asked for money sent lots of.pictures, claims to been there for 9 months uses a.gmail Addy chatting for 2 weeks now. I sure hope he’s for real, says divorced with son, once I catch him he will get nailed. his English is very.good wouldn’t give me apk email,,.

  • m.munoz May 12, 2015, 11:17 pm

    I have been talking to a guy who says he in the army on a special mission in Nigeria. We have been talking for 2yrs he’s asked me money. He seems real but at the same time I don’t know. He goes by sgt king paul jones. He tell me he loves me. How can I find out if he is really who he says he is. Can someone help me find out.

  • anne June 18, 2015, 10:16 pm

    My sister is “dating” an alleged E6 Sargeant on a peacekeeping mission in Syria. He allegedly takes care of orphans. Asked her for a computer for the kids, because he’s leaving and wants to leave them something. No address. Gave her a phone number traced to Virginia.
    What do you think?

  • Alana July 26, 2015, 5:38 pm

    I was contacted by a man on a dating site said he worked as medic for UN in Afghanistan . We started e mailing and just started to IM
    On Skype . Now he’s told me he needed my details ( name address phone number) to get a secure line so we can chat . He’s. Told me odah

  • Alana July 26, 2015, 5:46 pm

    I was contacted by a man on a dating site said he worked as medic for UN in Afghanistan . We started e mailing and just started to IM
    On Skype . Now he’s told me he needed my details ( name address phone number) to get a secure line so we can chat . He’s. Told me today he needs me to pay the £200 for access to the secure line . Bit concerned but gave him info as figured he’d need it to register for the call . Now I’ve found this site and I’m concerned it’s a scam the whole money issue was a concern which is why I googled it but he now has my address and have noticed he’s no longer on the dating site bit convenient he stopped once we started e mailing . Going to ask for his army email or where to send him a package I think . Thanks fo the info you put up

  • Christine August 19, 2015, 11:07 am

    I have been reading what ithers wrote and I think I’m being scammed! Capt. Donald Johnson MOS12B. Says working for us army presently in Somalia for peace mission. Been there for 3 months. He is 48 to be 49 sept. 10th. After 1st day said he was in love with me! Friend requested me on Facebook then pm me asking me to fill out dvm pay $200 for the request so he can come to states and we can get married. His parents passed away and so did his wife. His daughter lives in new York where he is from! Brought up being a scam and he said he would never do that to someone especially one he loves. What do I do to stop him if it is a scam

  • ans van severen October 8, 2015, 7:06 pm

    I met us army soldier Lyndon Garcia Cera
    I want to know he is real

  • David November 30, 2015, 8:13 pm

    O have been scamed I this there is a female eho contacted me and said I had the same name as her ex boyfriend that was killed in car accident and ack if I would request a leave for her and prossesing fee would be 156 dollars to money gram or western union the money to a woman that has my same last name when I questioned she said I wasnt the only one with that name went to do it today and they told me there should not be a fee and I needed to talk to person that I was sending money too to see if I could confirm and when I told her that she got upset and started calling me by my first name and incistead that I had all info and was try ing to hu rt her so I am glad I did not srnd

  • Jennifer December 6, 2015, 12:26 am

    Been chatting with this man claiming to be in the army asking me to fill out a “finance form” which sounds ridiculous in itself. So I get an email from a so called commander from a yahoo email address saying the form fee is $200. While laughing I blocked him.

  • Janet December 6, 2015, 12:37 am

    I start to chat with a guy in match. Com he said is a general Hawkins and all the bla bla said to another woman’s send me a pictures and ask x my cell so we can chat the last Sunday but like another’s woman said we said I founded my another half and talk about married????? And then he is going to send me a gift and ask x my address but in the receipt figurated the name stephen Hawkins and the address is a house here in greenville sc when I’m go there because always he said he is in atlanta is a house and car parking I nock the door and no answer I take picture to the license plate and when he text me about if I receive the gift and I tell him about the address don’t have any substantial answer so I continued his game and I founded him is a military scamer used identity to jefrey Hawkins . But he appear now like stephen Hawkins in match and used the email sh787316@gmail.com and the phone he used is 770-2123555 I think something is wrong because he said he have to go to Afghanistan and undercover trip and then to Syria ????? Who is going to share this can of information with you don’t know???? For this I’m start to investigated and I found he is a scam he don’t ask x money but x my phone and address x send the gift and this is his 1st mistake because the name is stephen Hawkins but with address in greenville??? So I put this advice is some one can catch this people I really don’t be hurt but with the feel and trust of people is not good to play and scam and poor the real general James Hawkins x the agravations I hope this information is going to be helpfully

  • jodie January 12, 2016, 9:29 am

    Does any soldier requesting a mobile phone have to have it sent via a diplomat? ..a supposed US Special Ops soldier serving in Kabul Afghanistan requested me to send him a mobile phone but it has to be sent to an address in Georgia USA before being sent onto him lol..For security reasons he said haha…i did some good detective work & found the name & address to be legit ( the diplomat he called her)..is that the normal procedure? ..i didn’t send the phone nor will do..in fact i told him to do one! & blocked him! Bloody scammers!..im amazed people actually send cash!

  • Nicola April 2, 2016, 8:05 am

    I think I may be talking to one too!!! I have actually spoken to him on the phone and he has an american/type voice but sounds odd in comparrison to his picture!!! Is there a place I can send his photo for an identification?? I have not yet been asked for money, and have asked him outright if he was a Nigerian scammer to which he replied, have you dealt with that before?? His Father died when he was two so his Italian mother took him back to Italy where he grew up. His Mother died two years ago, his wife 8 years ago to cancer and his only son John is in Military school. His viber name is DavidLeo and he says he comes from Texas. The number he contacted me on was +19563175540.

  • Luisa Espinosa April 17, 2016, 8:25 am


  • Alma August 6, 2017, 11:01 pm

    I think I’ve been scammed something didn’t seem right and I googled it and all this came out about scamming. I gave my full name and address to this person. Should I worry?

    • Stacey Abler August 11, 2017, 12:00 pm

      No, these people are generally overseas. Once they figure out they aren’t going to get any money, they’ll stop.

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