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Army deployment

You Are A Warrior: Dealing with Deployments


Did you know that you were a warrior?  Well, you are. We all know our loved ones are soldiers, warriors, and heroes, but you too are a warrior.  The word is defined as someone who is engaged or experienced in battle, and, like it or not, you are about to engage in one of the [...]

Deployment or Involuntary Separation?

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Well, I know a few spouses who will love the idea of this new program! If your soldier's up for a deployment and coming up on his ETS date, he may not have to go - but he won't be in the Army any more either. Due to the decreased requirements in the total number [...]

How to Survive a Deployment

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These stories were submitted by website visitors. ***** as submitted by Karina My fiancee is in the Army and this is his first deployment. He left at the end of January, and came back for his mid-tour leave on April 6th for two weeks, then he went back and I wont see him again until next [...]

How to Stay Connected During Deployments

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These tips were sent in by site visitors. ***** as submitted by Rachel The best way to show support, stay connected and maintain your relationship with your solider while they are being deployed is to buy as many phone cards as you can and send them to your loved one. Write them everyday and when you are [...]

Army R&R Travel from Overseas


RUMOR: Your soldier has to pay for his own travel back home during R&R when he is deployed overseas. FACT: No, he does not. The military pays for this flight to the airport of his choice. The only stipulation is that whatever airport he flies into is the same airport he must fly back out [...]