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Ask An Army Spouse: Army Husband Feeling Left Out

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Hi I’m an Army husband and me and my wife were recently stationed out in Ft Bliss TX. I’ve been looking up a lot of information trying to find other Army husbands that are in my same situation. Now I know it is not that common that men play the spouse role in the Army [...]

Army Husband Experiences


as submitted by Bill I am not an Army wife. The heading of this section, “Experiences of Army Wives” is why I’m writing. I am an Army husband. Consider the stresses of the Army wife, loneliness, sense of abandonment, and jealousy of their husbands’ freedom in their huge Army family.  Add the worry and the [...]

A Note to Army Husbands


Since I started this website in 2004, I have received a handful of emails from Army husbands. Most (not all) have berated me for having a website geared towards Army wives and for forgetting about Army husbands. That's not actually my intention at all. Most of the articles on here are written from my perspective [...]