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Army School

Special Forces 18X Program


by: Kimberly Davis The decision to become a Green Beret is a large one and should be well thought out.  Green Beret’s are an elite and highly trained group of individuals who have worked hard to be where they are.  Many different qualities are required of a person in order to make it through the [...]

WOCS Warrant Officer Candidate School


As submitted by Dave When did you attend? July 19th-Sept 7th. Where were you stationed? Ft. Rucker How long was this school? 6 weeks if you have not attended PLDC, 4 if you have. What was training like? Normal schedule? Did you train on weekends? Late at night? Classroom or field based? Training is 6 [...]

Ranger School, An Army Leadership School


Ranger School is a nine week course with three phases. Soldiers holding rank of E-4 and above are eligible to volunteer. Those from one of the three Ranger BNs can attend as an E-3. Those soldiers who require medication or surveillance or who have been deemed nondeployable are not eligible to attend. Students are not [...]

WLC Warrior Leader Course (formerly known as PLDC)


by Heather Harwood My husband went to PLDC which is now called WLC at Fort Sill OK in 2006. For the most part he said it reminded him of basic but not so intense. You have the normal get up lights out routine and your wall locker always has to be in order so it's [...]


This article is the place to find out about the process of becoming a commissioned officer if your soldier is joining the military for the first time.  Let me say up front that this information has been gathered from our experience through this process and a combination of online resources.  Your soldier's experience may differ, [...]