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Save Your Sanity and Prepare For The Deployment


Is it the beginning of the end of your sanity?  Absolutely not!  When it comes to deployments, I think this is the first feeling that many of us have, especially if this is you and your spouses' first deployment.  So many questions loom over you and with all of the nagging thoughts swimming around in [...]

You Are A Warrior: Dealing with Deployments


Did you know that you were a warrior?  Well, you are. We all know our loved ones are soldiers, warriors, and heroes, but you too are a warrior.  The word is defined as someone who is engaged or experienced in battle, and, like it or not, you are about to engage in one of the [...]

An Alternative to the Daddy Doll

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I know so many people who have Daddy dolls for their kids. These dolls generally have the soldier's picture attached, though some are a little more generic in nature. How neat would it be to be able to have a doll for your child that they created in the image of how they picture their [...]

Ask An Army Spouse: Should I Move Home During Deployment?

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Dear Army Wife, What do other Army wives suggest during a deployment, staying or moving back home? I am weighing my options right now and I would like to know the pros and cons.I have to seriously consider it because I was offered a job where I am from. Also,my parents offered to let me [...]

Deployment Songs


If you're like me, you have songs you listen to during each deployment. There's the "drive into a pine tree" songs (and please don't actually do that!) and then there are the ones that cheer you up when you're having a down day. When I dropped my husband off for one deployment, I put a [...]