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National Guard

Tricare for National Guard and Reserves


The following link is a printable companion that thoroughly explains the benefits and allowances for National Guard and Reserve Service Members and their Families. It is an excellent source of information and I recommend printing off a copy and storing in a file where other health information is available. TRICARE for National Guard and Reserve [...]

Resources for National Guard Families


National Guard Guide To Deployment - This is a pdf document that you will need Acrobat to view and read. Army National Guard Retirement Guide (will open in Microsoft Word) http://www.myarmyonesource.com/news/2009/07/RetirementGuide

Army National Guard vs Army Reserves


Ever wonder what the difference is between the two? You’re not alone. Many wrongly assume that the two organizations are one in the same. While there are many similarities, there are a few distinct differences. The Army National Guard largely falls under the control of the state government. It can, however, be activated by the [...]

Basic Training for National Guard and Reserves


Basic training is virtually the same as it is for active duty. It is ten weeks long and is held at Ft Benning, Ft Sill, Ft Jackson, Ft Leonard Wood or Ft Knox. Certain MOSs may entail a combination of BCT and AIT together, referred to as OSUT. Basic training is divided into three phases [...]

Active Duty vs National Guard

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Active Duty National Guard Is medical insurance available? What is the cost? Yes. Tricare is provided without monthly premiums. Yes, during activation with no monthly premiums. When not activated, eligible for Tricare Reserve Select (with monthly premium). Is dental insurance provided? Free of charge for military members. Dependents can be covered for small monthly premium. [...]