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TS2 Soldier Scam

I have met a soldier online,  seems nice. We have beem talking for quite sometime now and he says he’s deployed to Afghanistan and will be going to iraq for 3months so he will not be able to chat online. He told me to write to ts2militarycall. They wrote back saying I should subscribe with a fee of 524. What I want to know is are there no internet connections in Iraq and is there a cheaper way to call? He says he’s a sergeant. Is this another scam?


Yes, this is a scam. In almost all cases, he has access to the internet as well as phones through the MWR in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Depending on where he is, he may not be able to call very often but it would be very unlikely for it to be completely impossible. There’s also no reason why YOU should be paying for it. He makes more money as a deployed soldier than he makes when he is stateside. If he wants additional communication capabilities, he can easily afford the cost to do it.

I’m sorry.

About the author: Stacey is an Army wife of a soldier who joined in 2003. He has since been medically retired but she continues to provide information to Army wives and families to make their adjustment to the Army lifestyle easier. Connect with Stacey: Facebook Twitter Pinterest

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  • KRSV July 13, 2015, 8:20 am

    This is something very common nowadays. In less than 2 years, I’ve received communication from different “soldiers” stationed in Afghanistan and other different locations. All have the same “modus operandi”. They are always out of the US, they are widowed, they all fall in love in less than a week, they ask for you to request TS2 and money. They never have access to video chat, in order for you to verify if that person is real. All the pictures they provide are totally random, but making sure you can see their names in their uniforms. What have I learned from all this experience? Most people nowadays, don’t use Yahoo Messenger, that’s the first red flag. Apparently because of that, these people creates false identities and emails through Yahoo. They will tell you that their back ground is not 100% American. They will say they are German, Polish or from other country descendants to justify their accent when you have a phone conversation with them. You are going to notice a lot of mistakes while writing in English, so most of the time, you won’t understand what are they talking about. You will notice that you can’t get ahold of them on a Sunday. They are really Muslims, so they will be in church all day. They will ask you about your activities during the day, and you will tell them about doing the laundry, cooking and cleaning, and they will saying how proud of finding a woman with those qualities. Ladies, these aren’t American Soldiers. These are Muslims. Woman for them are just maids and laborers. In a week or week and a half, they will start telling you that they can’t leave without you. That you’re the most wonderful woman in the face of the earth and even that they want to marry you. Really???? Who the heck fall in love in less than a month without having met in person yet or at least through Skype????

    I am not an Army wife, but I’ve been a Federal Employee for almost 20 years. Be aware of all the red flags I wrote here, but most important, if your gut is telling you something is not right, it’s because it isn’t. Be careful, and mostly if your have children. Never, ever share any information about them.

    I hope I have bring some helpful information. Again, be aware and don’t believe everything someone you have never met tells you, mostly when asking about money. We are living through very hard times, so we need to be cautious.

    • emily September 12, 2015, 3:41 pm

      Somebody said was john hawkins and he said was a militar in syria with last mission and he said a lot of thing like very affective person. Then he sent some pics and said something different since first time and said was falling in love for me and his “son ” contacted me on yahoo and after few emails asked for money for his education in England I told I called the police about it and he stop emailing me and using yahoo messenger. He was using mr Jeffrey’s Hawkins pics abd some pics from some kids…. Be careful ladies.

  • corinne July 17, 2015, 5:48 pm

    I was talking to a guy via OKCupid who said his name was Lt Col Jetter Hawkins, out in Afganistan…found out that he was using the photographs of a guy called Lt Col Jeffrey Hawkins…who is a chaplain. This guy said he was a mechanical engineer which blew his cover. Luckily he didn’t ask for money and luckily I check everyone out. Beware! his email address is dellzinc@yahoo.com

  • Lori August 7, 2015, 10:50 am

    I met this guy on Tinder and he said his name was James Walker Truog. He said he was deployed to Syria. He said he was a widower with a 15 year-old daughter who he leaves with a nanny when he is not in the states. There were just a lot of red flags. He said the military was withholding pay, and that he couldn’t talk to his daughter because it was to expensive to use the TS2. He said he sometimes starved himself because he didn’t have money to eat. I don’t know a great deal about military deployment but I know they have food. It may not be great but they have food. He also said his mother was from Mexico and he had grown up there. I asked if Spanish was his first language he said no Mexican. There is no language known as Mexican. Anyway….just thought I would share. If it is to good to be true it probably is!

  • Jane August 30, 2015, 12:20 pm

    A guy named Dustin Santos (who later said his name was Brian Santos) and posing with fake pictures on OKCUPID and profile username as FightingRangers contacted me and after 2 days of trying to get closer to me, started to say how he wants to marry me and anything else that worked. By the second day of communication he said he couldn’t contact me but I could email their communications department and go through that way, I sent an email and got the following information back which clearly was a scam. Am Sharing this in hopes that others don’t accidentally get swindled by this person. Email they used was ts2communication.mil.us@lycos.com

    Your request submitted as File #3201 Requesting for a phone for call with your Husband Sgt.BRIAN SANTOS (MOS 19D), Where he Provided us with your contact details being his FIANCEE who will be responsible for the cost and charges to purchase one so that you both can converse via Satellite phone with each other ,Soon as you are able to purchase the Satellite phone for your Husband , all configurations will be done by the US Army Communications & Logistics department then you and your Faincee Sgt.BRIAN SANTOS (MOS 19D)can go ahead to converse.

    We have been updated from our Communications & Logistics department in Base, there are three satellite phone available here at the moment, one is a Motorola satellite phone with limited access and low frequency(30min) which costs $100 ,another is a Thuraya/Iridium Satellite phone with limited call access and high frequency (150min) which costs $250, while the third is the US Army made satellite phone which cost $350 with unlimited call time and higher frequency(400min)
    In light of this , You are required to get back to us with your most preferred Satellite communication options :
    (1) Motorola satellite phone with limited access and low frequency which costs $100(30 minute free calling)
    (2) Thuraya/Iridium Satellite phone with limited call access and high frequency which costs $250 with free internet for 5 hours per day (150 minute free calling)
    (3) US Army made satellite phone which cost $350 with unlimited call time and higher frequency with free internet for 24 hours per day(400m minute free calling/)
    Kindly get back to us with the choice you’ve made to be able to converse with your Fiancee.

  • Marilyn Delahanty September 6, 2015, 8:23 am

    A man claiming to be with the TS2 military told me that they were going to catch those bad men I hsd complained about referring to an international scam. Foreign men clsiming to be single and claimed to hzve big building contracts in Africa,and preying on oldet naive women. Telling me how much they love me eithin like a week. All wanted me to answer lots of mundane questions beforr they could go out for even coffer. Thank God for my caller ID. I csught evetyonecof those guys lying. I alsi didcbsckground checks anf got very valuable information. Most had fske namescbut i could track their phones which led gave nr their addtrssescsnd also who else was living at that sddress. One man had seven housed in just the Oaklsnd, CA area . In one of the houses their lived six women and one man. All middle aged. It was jae dropping.i hope the FBI gets these guys who prey on older single women.

    • Mike September 18, 2015, 4:30 pm

      I had the same experience although it took me less than a day to catch their fishiness. It started to be the same game as most of you above. Earlier today he mentioned he can’t wait to talk to me on the phone, mentioning the ts2 thing, we could be together forever and we really started talking yesterday. The name this user used was Sgt. Mark Gabriel Donald (only Mark, 44 on Tinder). His military outfit (a picture that he emailed me, thank God I created a phony email account) had Gabriel on the front but he told me his name was Mark Gabriel Donald. The first thing that did it for me though was a link in one of his random messages. Two words were underlined but normal words and I clicked on it and it was a link to the Quran and I mentioned it & he said he didn’t know what that was as he couldn’t see it on his end. That’s an insult that he could be a terrorist, yada yada. Oh well, I hope they get caught. Like most of you though, I feel sorrow for the really nice looking solder their using his picture! Thanks for sharing!

  • Emily November 7, 2015, 3:55 pm

    Is this a real military email-military.communications.unit@usa.com also alexmoyano@us.army.mil . I’ve been talking to this “solider” in Afghanistan. He told me he can’t skype due to security reasons & his deployment has been extended into 3/2016. I have multiple pics of this guy & don’t know if I should believe him. I have also sent $650 to his “granny” in Pennsylvania using money gram to a Jessica Foster. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Sue November 8, 2015, 9:22 pm

    Been talking to a guy names LT James, that I met on a dating site says he is stationed in Afghanistan. When he texts me it say TS2 MILITARY COMMUNICATION on the phone. Every time we chat he says he’s 9 hour a head of me. Well Afghanistan is 12 hrs and 30 min time change from where I am at. Guess these guys need to get there time zones correct.

  • Grete December 21, 2015, 3:06 am

    Hello my boyfriend is in kabul. He is a captain in the army. We have been in contact before he leaves too kabul. And now we have been together for 3 years. But I has been thinking of all this money I have transfer to the army. It has been for taxes, flight tickets. I have get guarantee from the army,passport, papers. He told me that he should go in pension. He will move to me in Norway. He has not come to me yet. He has been online with me everyday in this 3 years. We have send money straight to the army and too a friend of him in Nigeria, he was in the army too. What shall I do with this my brother has transfered 1.500.000 Norwegian money to the army. We have get problems with the police here in Norway because of all this money. His name is Stephen Gerard Wilson from California

    Greetings from

    Grete Andersen Norway

  • debbie April 17, 2016, 12:58 am

    I met this guy said he was station in afghanstain. Name was sgt william mcnielly rodriguez.at first we talked for two weeks then I love you started falling in place then he needed a phone. The care packages I loxt 800 dollars on him then someone xent me a scamm aldert with his picture he disapeared . Now he’s loose again different picture same name

  • Joanne June 20, 2016, 11:12 pm

    I do not understand why anyone would give their money to a complete stranger. I had a couple of messages from a man claiming to be Sgt Mark Bertram. Widowed. In Sudan. Wish I was there with him…..I found his sentence structure off and immediately searched his name etc. Nothing matched up so I just let him continue his game and then let him know that I know it’s a scam. He stopped.

  • bryan April 28, 2017, 4:52 am

    i met this Ssg Sophia Douglas last week and we are inlove and he promised to be with me here in my country. she said she is in afghanistan working as a secret agent undercover. i always want her to send me a pic but she doesnt want to pic herself specially her face in selfies. she said to mail to this email add to transact the call because its the only way to call her.. the mail replied with attachments to fill from US MILITARY Penatgon DEPARTMENT OF DEFENCE. is this true?? a i am hoping for a reply as soon as possible.

    then the final reply is this…..she said she cant acces her account because of some reasons. so she told her dad to pay for the payment and until now im still waiting… is this real?..im hoping for a reply coz im inlove with her..

    from Ts2militarycommunication@mail.com

    hello bryan
    In respest to your request to speak to your fiance Ssg Sophia with the Reg number G153869 of the U.S Army currently on peace keeping, training and an undercover course in Afghanistan. We wish to tell you that you have passed our four way test and your roaming number is on the process in which you will use to communicate with your fiance.

    Below are our call card military packages and payment details


    Make a choice of any package and pay to any of the accounts below either through western union or our accounts


    NUMBER, 237034471740

    After payments are done, upload your receipt and also indicate your choice of package

    We wish you a happy love life

    Ssg Charles DAWIN
    Assistant Call Department

  • Pamelabrant May 1, 2017, 2:57 am

    There is this guy named James Roberts on face book.he says he is over in West africa.ibe been talking to him for about 3 weeks on messenger.noe he needs money so he can come be with me.and 500.or open up a bank account.i would like to find out who he really is.its not right he’s impersonating a real soldier.i wonder if the real guy knows whats going on.

  • Girlie June 8, 2017, 5:01 pm

    Hi i am also a victim first the guy was from uk he is a businessman then he told me he will come to phil. Becuase i am longing to have a boyfriend i belive him one day he told me he will travel from philippines and then i was avout to travel also in manila airport to fetch him when i was in manila he called me up and sais that the airport in malaysia stop him from coming to philippines bec of his bag with a lots of money and i need to send money for him to be free i was curious that time i googled it and found out that the guy was nigerian scammers. Luckly i didnt send any amount. And again aftr a long years i tried another apps this was tagged i recieve a message and he saud he was anderson cooper a us navy deployed in kenya. And i asked him we do video call so many excuses and he was in patrol just find out it was a scam again. He use pictures of military american for scamming so girls be aware. Use your brain dong believe unless you do video chat. Thats all

  • susan August 10, 2017, 7:55 pm

    Are these real emails as I have received emails requesting me to purchase $1050 in Itunes gift cards and take a picture of them to activate and set everything up for a major to communicate via phone? Sounds very scam like to me. I wish there was a way these scam artists would be caught.

    Date: Thu, Aug 10, 2017 at

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