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In the early years of the website, I spent many hours a day responding to emails. And I loved being able to connect personally with everyone who emailed me.

But you know how it goes – soon it was so overwhelming that all I did was answer emails and that left less and less time to provide information to everyone else.

With a public email address, I was also inundated with spam from publishing my email address out to the world.

This has made it difficult to weed through the hundreds of emails to find the real ones from all of you.

I am MORE than happy to help anyone who needs assistance – all you have to do is ask.

I will do my absolute best to try to find the information or just share my own advice.

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  1. hi! I love this web site it has been very helpful to me as I try to get ready for my husband to go to boot camp so thank you for putting it together. Any way I was wondering if you might know of some good appartments close to Fort Benning Ga? I will be moving there shortly after my husband starts BC and i would love to have a few options before i arrive. Thank you for your time

    1. I would recommend not living close to post (unless you live on post). It’s been a while since I’ve been there but I think once you get north of exit 6 off of 185, it’s pretty decent at that point. You can call the housing office on post and they should be able to give you some listings as well. Are you moving there specifically for him being in basic? If so, email me back because my advice will change. 😉

  2. Question????? My husband has been working with a Recuiter and was told he Quailfied Loss 25 pounds in a months and hit below the body fat% was heading to his Physical on Monday. They call and told him that he no longer quailfied becuz we have five children. He told him that the first day he called him and he said he needed to sign a waiver. Im wondering is there any way to fight this or to keep signing the waiver in hope that they will grant it! Im very fustrated! My Husband wants to join the Army to Fight for his Country for our Freedom! He is a Pround American I dont think its fair that becuz we choose to have a large family that he should loss the opportunites to fight for his country. I grew up Airforce and both sides of my Family well almost all have joined and serve this country! Were not tryin to use the Military like Some people to pay for school or for the benfits. We are PROUND AMERICAN who want to serve our COUNTRY! Please is there any advice you could give us or know of someone we could talk to!

  3. Hello,
    I am from Germany and i met a us soldier over Facebook.He is not a normal soldier.We know us over chat.Now he ask me for a phone line. Is it the truth that the soldiers and officers and higher, have no money there when they are not home? Because he ask me to pay for this line
    I need an answer please. Perhaps it is a fake.
    Thanks Gilda

  4. My boyfriend left 3 days ago for basic. The last i heard from him is when he was on the bus on the way to fort leonard wood. When should i get a phone call or get a letter? Im really stressing out.

    1. They typically allow a quick call to let family know they arrived safely. Since he’s your boyfriend, it’s possible the call went to his parents. I received the first letter about a week and a half after he left but it varies from person to person.

  5. I was wondering, when I write letters to my Soldier while he is in BCT and AIT, are those letters kept private or does someone read them before the Soldier receives them?

  6. I just found out that my boyfriend will be stationed at Fort Myer as a member of the Old Guard after he finishes Airborne. I am having a hard time figuring out what his lifestyle will be like and how often I am going to be able to see him (I live nearby). Obviously there is a lot more information about soldiers who are on posts that deploy often, whereas his station is a bit different. Do you know of anyone/anywhere that has some more information on this? Thanks so much… your blog has been INCREDIBLY helpful while he has been at Ft. Benning for OSUT and Airborne.

  7. I just started seeing this wonderful guy but he is leaving for Basic Training in just 3 months. I don’t want to let a good man pass me by but I am scared to fall for him just to have him leave. I am scared basic training would just rip us apart since our relationship is new. Any advice?

    1. Don’t let it scare you. It’s definitely not easy, but for the right guy it’s worth it. My boyfriend and I started dating 4 months before he left for basic. I wrote him a letter every single day while he was gone and he wrote nearly every day. It really gave us a chance to get to know each other on a level that most couples nowadays dot understand… He had 1 opportunity to call be over 14 weeks of basic and that was on thanksgiving. A lot of people have never been in a relationship where they can’t reach their SO by phone at all hours. Now he’s done and at his first duty station, and our relationship is rock solid. Just make sure that you know you can handle the separation before he leaves, because sending a Dear John letter is the worst thing you could do, especially during training

  8. I am ETSingout of the military soon an dmoving to Hawaii-are there any jobs on post for prior military people, no longer ID card holders? References, contacts, and resources would be much appreciated.

  9. Hi! Okay my fiance has his orders to go to Fort Bragg. He’s just finishing up AIT and right after will be heading to Fort Benning for Airborne school. And after that he will be heading back homw for two weeks for hometown recruiting, that’s when we plan on getting married. So my question would be what do we do once we get our marriage certificate? Can we get all the necessary paperwork done at a base closest to us while he’s home or does he have to do all of that once he goes to his gaining station? I’ve tried so hard to find all the answers I need by looking through the other articles but can’t seem to find an exact answer to our situation. How will the whole process work? My main concern is what I had just mentioned and also how will I go about moving to his first duty station with him? We are planning to live off post and I’ve been doing a lot of research on places to live and I think I’ve found to perect apartment. Any advise or information about this would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!

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