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Learn About The New Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT)

All Army soldiers should remain physically fit at all times. The old APFT (Army Physical Fitness Test) is now the ACFT. The events and standards are different.

What is the Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT)?

In 2022, the Army implemented a revised ACFT. The Army made multiple changes based on reviews, feedback, and data studies.

Soldiers take the ACFT twice a year. Those on permanent profiles will have tests reflective of their medical status and clearance. The ACFT is taken after medical clearance if the soldier is on a temporary profile.

If a soldier fails the ACFT, they will need to retest between 120 & 180 days later. The command may initiate separation if two consecutive tests are failed. That decision is at their discretion.

One of the big revisions to the ACFT is returning to age and gender-based evaluations. You can see the points by age and gender here (pdf).

A minimum of 60 points per event must be achieved to pass.

Note: It was announced in December of 2023 that combat soldiers will be expected to meet higher standards. As of this writing, those new standards have not yet been announced.

What is included in the ACFT?

Note: I included the points for males and females at age 21.

Three Repetition Maximum Deadlift (MDL)

The bar must be placed on the ground (not dropped). Three repetitions at the same weight must be completed. The soldier can retest at a lower weight. Only two attempts for a set of three are allowed.

Male, age 21:

  • 60 points: 140 lbs
  • 80 points: 230 lbs
  • 100 points: 340 lbs

Female, age 21:

  • 60 points: 120 lbs
  • 80 points: 150 lbs
  • 100 points: 210 lbs

Standing Power Throw (SPT)

This event involves tossing a 10-pound medicine ball backward from a stationary stance. The grader records the best of two throws.

Male, age 21:

  • 60 points: 6 meters
  • 80 points: 9.3 meters
  • 100 points: 12.6 meters

Female, age 21:

  • 60 points: 3.9 meters
  • 80 points: 5.8 meters
  • 100 points: 8.4 meters

Hand Release Push Up – Army Extension (HRP)

Complete as many hand-release push-ups as possible within two minutes. The soldier performs a standard push-up. The soldier extends their arms straight from their sides at the end of each repetition.

Male, age 21:

  • 60 points: 10
  • 80 points: 37
  • 100 points: 57

Female, age 21:

  • 60 points: 10
  • 80 points: 27
  • 100 points: 53

Sprint-Drag-Carry (SDC)

This is a timed event.

Sprint: The soldier runs 25m, touches the line with the foot and hand and sprints back. (50 meters)

Drag: The soldier will pull a 90 lb sled backward to the 25m line, turn around, and pull the sled back to the starting position. The sled must completely cross the line to count. The soldier laterals to the 25m line and back. The soldier does this twice, alternating the lead foot. (100 meters)

Carry: The soldier will carry 40lb kettleballs to the 25m line and return to the start line. The kettleballs are placed on the ground and the soldier sprints to the 25m line and back. (100 meters)

Male, age 21:

  • 60 points: 2:28
  • 80 points: 1:53
  • 100 points: 1:29

Female, age 21:

  • 60 points: 3:15
  • 80 points: 2:28
  • 100 points: 1:55

Plank (PLK)

The soldier maintains a straight line in the plank position (similar to a front-leaning rest). The plank position is resting on the forearms. The hands can be palms down or in a fist.

Male, age 21:

  • 60 points: 1:30
  • 80 points: 2:35
  • 100 points: 3:40

Female, age 21:

  • 60 points: 1:30
  • 80 points: 2:35
  • 100 points: 3:40

Two-Mile Run (2MR)

The two-mile run is performed on a track, road, or sidewalk.

Male, age 21:

  • 60 points: 22:00
  • 80 points: 16:57
  • 100 points: 13:22

Female, age 21:

  • 60 points: 23:22
  • 80 points: 19:17
  • 100 points: 15:29

Alternate events can be performed in place of the run if the soldier is on a permanent profile.

  • 2.5 mile walk
    • Male, age 21: Under 31:00
    • Female, age 21: Under 34:00
  • 12 km Bike
    • Male, age 21: Under 26:25
    • Female, age 21: Under 28:58
  • 1 km Swim
    • Male, age 21: Under 30:48
    • Female, age 21: Under 33:48
  • 5 km Row
    • Male, age 21: Under 30:48
    • Female, age 21: Under 33:48
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