Army R&R Travel from Overseas


Your soldier has to pay for his travel back home during R&R when he is deployed overseas.


No, he does not. The military pays for this flight to the airport of his choice. The only stipulation is that whatever airport he flies into is the same airport he must fly back out of when he returns to theater.

Please note there is a scam where unsuspecting people are being told that a “soldier” must pay thousands to return home for R&R.

The people are asked to wire money to the soldier to pay for his flight, or he won’t be able to come home. This is a scam and not legitimate.

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Stacey Abler
Stacey's husband joined the Army in 2003 and was medically retired after four deployments. She enjoys sharing her experiences and expertise around Army life while continuing to support Army spouses and families in their military journey.

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  1. Have this fella i talk to he says hecworks in aus army and says that no solider is allowed access to there accounts. He asked me pay through military website. And they reply same thing. Is is a scam pls help

  2. Christian Wright from on Tinder. Said he is in Syria and all of a sudden I got flower that he said the army let him send to me because he was heading out to do surveillance. Now he wants to be done and is there with NATO, of course after two months now he saying that they won’t pay for him to leave if he wants to leave before his time is up. I think that is bunk

  3. I met this guy on Facebook…serms nice but I’m a little worried he might be a scammer…his name is Michael Clark..he said his wife died giving birth to their child …he from Columbus, Ohio but spent time in Germany during his childhood…he says he in Afghanistan..he requested leave but want me to pay 1250 for his flight to come home…please tell help me find out if he’s a real or fake soldier

  4. I met a man on Bumble then he wanted to start messaging on KIK. So we have been “dating” for almost 3 months. He says he is stationed in Fort Bragg but deployed in Syria. He has asked me for money via ITUNE cards. I have sent him some of course believing everything he told me. He even told me what his bonus was going to be. But then said his unit agreed to pay 2.5% to IDP, Internationally Displaced Persons, but he had to pay that (718.00) by that Thursday and needed me to help him, which I did. I didnt understand it though. Well now he says his deployment has been extended because their mission is not complete. Says he talked to the Captain and told him his boys would be upset he is not coming home now and even said I have a girlfriend (me) now. He said after careful deliberation the captain said he could come home on the 28thm but would have to make arrangements himself and pay for flight home. Well he asked me to help him with this. I KNEW THIS WAS A SCAM THEN. I said no and now he doesnt talk to me. His name is DYLAN PAUL. Anyone ever dealt with him?? Says he is a staff sergeant.

  5. I’ve been talking to an army soldier for months. He’s deployed in Afghanistan I fell for the scam. I’m to embarrassed to say how much money he got from me, and he is good. Now he needs more money to get his papers that are in the pkgs that I didn’t get it’s held up in Kennedy Airport. It’s a scam his name is Sean Haneberg 18E special operations specialist. He found me on face book. He was in Kabul Afghanistan, then moved to another Army Base where there is more fighting. Wants more money, so he could get a form he needs to come home since his is in the box and he can’t retrieve it, delivery is pending. I called Customs and they said it’s a scam, I got and email on the pkgs that I had to come up with all this money to receive it or they will be coming to my door and I had so much time to come up with it or i will be investigated. Of course I haven’t given them any, and don’t plan to. I tried to send a care pkg to him to get address, I told him it’s a surprise and he said he doesn’t like surprises, and didn’t need a care pkg. So I told him I would send the money and I asked where do I send it too. Then he said he had to talk to the soldier since he was going to pay him to get his forms so he can come home. I want to know what kind of address he’s going to give me. This guy is very good, he’s a natural with this scam. He even put his nice uniform on and wrote on paper with my name on it saying he loved me.. I would like to know who the real soldier , and does he know someone has took his identity. Can you help?

  6. I met this guy on my page he says he is military. He wants me to come visit he says he stay on base and he wants me to write his commander to have me added as his woman is this real? I don’t know all these horror stories his name is Hanold William and there is one friend we have in common. Please help.

  7. I meet lars hendria 6 months ago. His wife died and he has a 8 year old boy. He is deployed in Sudan and is from san Antino Texas
    He wants to marry me and to for me to send and agent in Syria a money gram to come see me for 1400.00.
    Is this a scam

  8. I met a guy on Instagram a month ago. His name is 2LT Gary Robert Taylor. He is stationed in Bakamo Mali Africa. He is very secrative about his info. I only got a 6 digit MOS. No email address. I have 2 phone numbers but both landlines. He can’t talk, video nothing. Only send pics when at his Safehouse. He has asked for money for Itune cards, pay for cell phone, foid cause rebels raided camp and poisened food, now needs to pay to come home to leave deployment early. Needs to pay for commercial flight and aerial security and clearance. Oh and his passport because it expired. The list goes on. Even got an email from a Col Walter Piatt stating i need to pay for him to,come home. Email was department.ofdefense@ usa.com. Written just like that. Can anyone please give me some answers?
    Thank you,

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