Army Wives – Does It Matter If It Is Realistic?

I DVR’d the season premiere last night and watched it this morning. I will admit that I was less than impressed with last season and only watched the first episode and last few episodes of the season. But as always, it ended with a bang (literally) so I had to tune in at least to see what happened.

It seems as if this season has some potential. All of the characters are involved in something, instead of just a few. And as much as I hate Lenore, I think it will be interesting for her to be back in the mix again.

One thing I have never understood (and feel free to enlighten me) is why some refuse to watch it because it is not realistic. I get that it is not. In fact, there’s very little on the show that mirrors real Army life other than maybe some of the personalities that are portrayed.

But why does that matter? Very little else on television is real either – even the “reality” shows are staged to a certain extent. It is all just entertainment pure and simple.

I’m sure crime scene investigators feel the same about CSI and doctors feel the same about ER and House. I guess I don’t understand why some can’t just view it as entertainment and state they won’t watch it because it isn’t real.

It was never meant to be a documentary. The Army post doesn’t even exist.

I’ve heard some say that it portrays Army wives in a bad light. I can see their argument to a certain extent but I don’t watch other shows based on different professions and lifestyles and use it to base my opinions on the real people living that life.

Feel free to enlighten me. I’m just hoping for a more entertaining season than last.

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Stacey Abler
Stacey's husband joined the Army in 2003 and was medically retired after four deployments. She enjoys sharing her experiences and expertise around Army life while continuing to support Army spouses and families in their military journey.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more about the big fuss over this show, and how alot of wives won’t watch it, because “it’s not realistic!” I personally watch it, religiously, because of the pure drama! And before I got to the part in your blog where you compared it all to doctors watching House, and ER, and CSI, I was thinking the same thing! My sister in-law is a nurse, and she can’t miss the RE-RUNS of ER, and won’t fail to keep up with the latest Grey’s Anatomy!
    Here’s the deal…I have come to find, in my 8 years as an army wife, that alot of wives will just complain about anything, everything! lol God love us all! I bet you this…the same ones that do all that complaining, and saying how much “they can’t stand the show, and that they’d never watch it!”–they really are watching it!
    It is a little on the cheesy mac and cheese, side, but I take it for what it is. I like to watch it, and I knew Jeremy didn’t die! lol
    BTW love the site, and gonna start keeping up with the blog!

  2. I love Armywives, and I can’t understand all the excuses for not watching it. I agree completely with the other shows you listed which I also love. πŸ™‚
    It has also been my experience that people just want to have some thing to gripe about and yes I am saying not just armywives (though many whine and gripe more than any of us would like).
    Well I love your blogand can’t wait for more.

  3. I love Army wives and this blog! I was at a post once and heard a group of women say “it reflected poorly on Army wives” . I disagreed and felt that I could relate to some of the struggles like when Roxy first became an army wife and was scared when some people in uniform showed up at her door. This is only one example. It may not be a real post but as seasons have continued I have seen efforts to improve and enlighten army issues….I will continue to watch it.

  4. If you are looking for a show that realistically portrays army wives, then yeah, you should skip it. What people have to understand is that it is a drama program and they need to make the episodes exciting and fresh to attract viewers. This means giving the characters multitudes of problems that in real life no one army spouse would have!! And sometimes they take liberties and do not portray certain things realistically. Hopefully people realize this when they watch and do not look at it as an accurate portrait of army life.

  5. You make a great point. I am one of those people that chose not to watch the show because I felt it didn’t portrait Army wives/military life accurately. However, I have no problem watching just about anything else. Thank you for this post. You’ve enlightened me!

  6. Ive always said that there are so many other shows and I highly doubt people sit and nitpick them as bad as we do Armywives.

    It doesnt totally portray us accurately but it does do a good job at showing people who have no connection with the military some of the trials and tribulations we deal with.

    Krystel S.

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