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Ask An Army Spouse: Basic Training Overview

What Happens During Basic Training

My boyfriend just left for boot camp it’s been the longest week of my life and I don’t know whats going on or what they are doing there because I haven’t talk to him but I got a letter but that’s about it can someone please give me some idea of what’s going on in boot camp? And how to get though this because I feel so lost and sad. Thanks


It can be so overwhelming when they first leave for boot camp. I wrote this ebook to cover everything you should expect during basic training including what he is doing and what you should know about the training process. It can be found here:

You can use the code “NEWSLETTER” to save $5.

In addition, you can also check out this section of the site where there are a lot of articles about the process. Good luck!

Christmas Exodus During Training

My husband will be at Ft. Lee for his AIT. He will get Christmas exodus. They told him it would be around 2 weeks. I was just wondering if any of you know the dates that it starts and ends. I would really appreciate any response. Thank you.

It’s generally about a week before Christmas to a week after Christmas. You should be able to check the website of where he is for training for the exact dates as well as release times and when he will need to report back to training.

First Separation During Basic Training

My husband left for basic training 3 days ago and it has been the hardest 3 days. He’s gone til the end of August and everything is just piling up. I’m due to have our son next week and he wont be able to be there. All I’ve done is cry and cry. I just want him to come back home and have no idea how to deal with it.

The first separation when they leave for basic training is one of the hardest in my opinion because you have no idea what to expect. In a normal situation, I would say that as you both get settled into a new routine, it will get easier. However, you have the added craziness of pregnancy hormones and bringing a new baby into the world. Please lean on your family and friends for support during this time. You are going through an enormous amount of change and will need that support around you.

Continue to write your husband as often as you can and be sure to send him plenty of pictures. I hope his time in basic training flies by for you. Good luck with everything.

Coming Home for Birth of Baby

I recently got married three months ago and four months pregnant. My husband just started basic training for the Army and will be done in February and will soon after be leaving for AIT. I am due in May. Will he be able to come home for the birth of the baby? And how long can he stay?

It will be up to his command to decide. The longer his AIT is, the more possible it is to be able to do this. It will likely only be a very short pass if he gets one at all. I would begin planning now for the possibility that he won’t be able to be there. Check with the hospital on making a video of the birth or possibly having Skype or some other form of communication with him when you deliver.

Pregnant While Soldier is in Training

Mahalo (thank you!) for answering my earlier questions. So helpful!

Therefore I am returning for another question because I trust you and your answers!

My husband will be at Basic/AIT training while I have the Baby #3. I would like to leave Hawaii and go live with my mom in Springfield, Missouri during this time so I’ll be with my family during childbirth and over the holidays.

QUESTION #1: Since my husband’s address is still Hawaii while he’s in training, does this mean we’ll receive BAH even though I’m not physically in HI anymore?

QUESTION #2: Will I be able to be covered by Army insurance for the rest of my pregnancy / delivery even though I’m in Springfield and not really near a military hospital/clinics?

Anything…answers, advice, tips, etc. you can tell me will be very helpful and much appreciated. Aloha and THANK YOU so very much for your help!


If your husband was already at his permanent duty station, you would get BAH depending on his address regardless of where you lived. However, when he is in training, BAH will be calculated based on the zip code where you are located.

As far as insurance, yes, you can still have coverage. You will need to contact Tricare when you move to change regions. When doing that, you can talk to them about the best option for you since you will not be close to a post. When I had our son, I was not living close to a post and was able to stay on Tricare Prime and use civilian doctors but every situation is unique. Definitely check with them and check to see which plans the doctor you plan to use accepts (Prime, Standard, etc). Good luck!

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  1. My husband is in basic now at fort benning Ga his christmas exoudus starts the 19th and goes to the 4th of jan but he will need to find out what date for him I know my husbands date changed 4 or more times before i bought tickets!

  2. My boyfriend is in Ft. Knox for basic training. If he comes home for Christmas Exodus can he leave that town to visit family?

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