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Ask An Army Spouse: Dual Military When You Both Serve

Can You Be Stationed Together When You Both Serve?

My daughter just finished her AIT (medic) and while she was home she got married to a guy she met at basic training. She had to ship out yesterday to Younsan, South Korea. Her husband is National Guard and has orders to deploy to Afghanistan in the fall (pre-deployment training starts next week). They had a Sgt (his recruiter) tell them that he would be able to get his orders changed and be with her within 45 days but today we just found out that it won’t happen because he is NG. Is there anyway (including him enlisting in the Army) that would make it that they could be together?

There’s always a possibility if he enlisted that he could be sent to Korea but there are simply no guarantees. Because he already has orders for a deployment, it may also be difficult for him to get out of those orders. His best bet is to speak to a recruiter about the possibility of enlistment. The upside would be that Korea is not typically a first choice for a duty station so his wishes would be more likely to be honored when he states he wants to be stationed there.

Joining as Dual Military

I am 18 years old with a serious boyfriend who is 19, I do believe we will get married. Never before have I considered the military or anything but the more I learn, the more I really want to join. I want to join for many reasons, the paying of my education, and to be making something out of myself. Right now I am debating between the Marines and the Army (the variety of jobs and places to live will be the deal breaker), I do not however want to make a career out of the Army. I really only want to enlist for about 4 years.

The problem is, my boyfriend does not want me to and I realize it is very selfish of him but I don’t know all the details. I’m not looking to be married to him right away but soon, before I enlisted. I want to know would we be living together if we were married and he serves too? What exactly would that four years be like? I hear you get to request where you want to live, I live on the east coast and would like to stay near by. In between 4 years do you move that much? I know we won’t get to live together in bootcamp if we’re married but what about after?

While the Army will try to station you together if you both serve, there are no guarantees. If you join two different branches, I wouldn’t count on it at all as there generally aren’t two branches with posts in the same location (with VERY few exceptions). You could count on moving once possibly twice in four years – it depends on your job and the unit.

Serving in Different Branches

My boyfriend and I want to join the Military. He wants to do the Army and im not sure what branch i want to join. Is there any way that him and i can be together while in the military? And is it appropriate to ask this of a recruiter?

You should feel free to ask any questions of your recruiter. That is why they are there.

As far as being together, it would be much easier if you were in the same branch. It is rare to find posts for different branches in the same city. If you are both in the same branch, you would have a much better chance of being together. Just keep in mind that with dual military, the Army tries to post you in the same location but the needs of the Army come first. There are no guarantees.

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Stacey's husband joined the Army in 2003 and was medically retired after four deployments. She enjoys sharing her experiences and expertise around Army life while continuing to support Army spouses and families in their military journey.

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