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Camping Out at the USO in the Airport

On a recent trip, my plane landed 3.5 hours before my friends were going to be arriving.

This was also the first time EVER that I had a plane land thirty minutes early. Of course, it’s on the day I would have been okay with being late, but it is a half hour early. Go figure.

Once I exited the plane, I saw a sign for the USO and thought “Score!” I have never been able to take advantage of the USO services in the airport because I’ve never been there long enough. So I was pretty excited about the opportunity.

I stopped at Chick-fil-A to pick up lunch, where they made fun of my Georgia accent. Um, hello, people, this company you’re working for originated where I live so shut it! 🙂

Second Home at the USO

I instantly felt at ease as I rounded the corner to the USO. Soldiers in uniform, military wives…this was my home.

I walked in and the lady at the desk was so sweet and told me I shouldn’t have brought food with me as they had plenty. Since I had never been before, I had no idea.

She led me to the room where I could store my luggage and then asked if I wanted to watch a movie while I ate. Well, of course!

So I joined another lady in the theater to watch “My Best Friend’s Wedding” with her. I sank down into a leather recliner, grabbed a blanket, and snuggled in for my movie and lunch.

By the way, check out my favorite travel blankets (this is an affiliate link). They roll up super small so they are convenient and easy to travel with without worrying about blankets on a plane!

I decided to take them up on their dessert offerings and spoke to several wives and soldiers who were mulling around the area.

In addition to the theater, there was also a computer area, a comfy area with sofas and chairs, a dining room full of free food and drinks, and private bathrooms. It was nice and actually made my time fly by.

In fact, I was so comfortable, I was a little sad when my friends said their plane had landed and it was time to leave.

If you are ever at the airport where there is a USO, I encourage you to stop by. It is manned by volunteers and everything available is free of charge. You need to show your military ID to take advantage.

I always knew the USO rocked but it was great to experience it firsthand!

USO Locations

There are over 250 locations worldwide. You are likely to find one in most major airports in the U.S.

Be advised I have been to a few airports where the USO was outside security, so you may have to go back through security to get back to your gate if you are there for a layover.

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  1. I don’t seem to have tome when I fly either. I gotthrough the Dallas airport on American Airlines and their terminal has one, but I am usually needing to catch another flight. Maybe next time if I am early I will check it out 🙂

  2. why do i have to pay £400..00 to chat on the phone to my husband to be in the army if i dont pay we cant use the phone to keep in touch… is this true or am i being coned can someone tell me please

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