Fort Belvoir Army Post Review

Base Name: Fort Belvoir

Base Location: VA

How long have you been here? (give years please, ex. 2003-present)
What is housing like? On-post? (waiting list, conditions, etc.) Off-post? Any areas to stay away from? Average price to rent or buy
We live on post in new housing. Love it!! So worth it. I think living on post is a great option here since rent is so expensive and traffic is absolutely horrible!  Off post, don’t know to much about. Just that rent is very expensive and will take you a long time to drive to post if you hit bad traffic, which is often.

Rate the PX & Commissary.
PX is small compared to where we came from. I don’t care for it much. There selection is not good. Commissary is pretty good size and yes lots of retirees around here and they do take up the aisles and slow you down.

Activities on base?
Don’t know too much about activities yet, we’re still learning. Post is right on the Potomac River though!! Even some of the housing backs right up to the banks!

Active Spouses Club?
not sure

Things to do in area?
Its Metro DC!!! Belvoir is about 15 miles from DC. Of course TONS to do there. You have all your monuments and sights to see of course. There’s a Six Flags America. Kings Dominion amusement park south towards Richmond. Potomac River is right here with a state park down the road you can rent boats and paddleboats, canoes, kayaks etc. Baltimore is about an hour away. Philly two hours. NYC 4 hours and Boston 8. Great vicinity to so much!!

School System?
Fairfax County schools are very good   Any colleges in area?
oh yes many

Jobs? (on post and off)
good variety

Favorite aspect of this base/surrounding city?
So close to so much!!

Least favorite aspect?
Traffic. Traffic is a nightmare. But that’s any big city. Leave room and plenty of extra time to get anywhere you try to go!

Any other tips?
Enjoy this area as much as you can while here. I can’t say enough how much is around here. DC is full of things to do and explore!

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