Fort Campbell Army Post Review (2)

Your Name (if you would like it to appear):

Megan Greco

Base Location:

KY and TN border (Clarksville, Tn and Hopkinsville, Ky)

How long have you been here? (give years please, ex. 2003-present)

July 2007-present (July 2009)

What is housing like? On-post? (waiting list, conditions, etc.) Off-post? Any areas to stay away from? Average price to rent or buy?

We have never lived on-post, but we have friends that do. The houses are nice, but the waitlist is usually long. They have been doing renovations on some of the houses for a while and the new ones look great!

We bought a house in Clarksville. The area we live is gorgeous and was very cheap. Our mortgage is $740 but I’ve seen rent here as cheap as $450. It really depends where and what you are looking for.

Stay away from parts of downtown Clarksville. Some of the areas are really shady… Once my husband and I got approached by a drug dealer!

Rate the PX & Commissary.

I love the PX, its big and I can always find what I need/want there. The commissary is good too, we shop there because it tends to be just a little bit cheaper. Watch out for the retired ladies though… They stand in the middle of lanes!

Activities on base?

There is a ton! Let me see if I can remember them all lol.

Horseback riding, camping, fishing, some swimming pools, arts and crafts, bowling, movie theatre… There’s a lot

Active Spouses Club?

Yes but I was never a part of it.

Things to do in area?

Clarksville there’s not a ton unless you like to drink (there are quite a few bars in the area) There is a mall but it isn’t very big. So when I get a chance I go down to Nashville. Its only about an hour away so it works out well.

School System?

I don’t have any kids, but I’ve heard great things about the school on-post. Off-post there are a lot of schools, but none that are extremely great. There is a private school here though.

Any colleges in area?

Austin Peay, Hopkinsville Community College, Draughns…

Jobs? (on post and off)

Ugh, jobs are so hard to find. Chances are if you live in Clarksville you will try your hand at Convergys. (Customer service for AT&T) It is really easy to get a job there and they pay $9.00, but the job sucks… Other than that its really hard to find a job in Clarksville.

Favorite aspect of this base/surrounding city?

Nashville is so close, and our house is here!

Least favorite aspect?

Clarksville isn’t the best town.. The crime in some areas is really bad. Also it seems like all the wives cheat here! This is my first post so I don’t know if that’s everywhere, but I couldn’t believe it!

Local websites? (base, chamber, newspaper, schools, etc.)



Any other tips?

Make the most of it! This town/post is really truly what you make of it. And most of all ladies, DO NOT trust a wife who cheats. I got wrapped up in a whole situation of divorce, lies and drugs… because of a “friend.”

Also, meth seems to be a big problem in Clarksville… Not trying to scare you, just make you aware. Watch out for it!

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  1. My husband just finished dental school and has joined the army. We are stationed in Ft Campbell. I have three kids 5, 3 and 8mths. I’m extremely nervous since it’s our first time of joining the army and also moving out of Illinois. He’s going for training in Ft Sam for two mths after which we join him. When should we contact housing? Also, I’m hearing Roseville is a nice place to live, how far is it from base? Thank you

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