Fort Campbell Army Post Review

Base Location: It is in Kentucky but half of it is in TN

How long have you been here? (give years please, ex. 2003-present) We have been here since 2004-present

What is housing like? On-post? (waiting list, conditions, etc.) Off-post? Any areas to stay away from? Average price to rent or buy? We live off post and have lived 3 different places.  You can easily find a 3 bedroom house under 800 a month near post.  We live out towards Sango in Clarksville (the town next to the post) and houses get pricier out that way.  Our townhouse is a two bedroom for 600 a month and we have lived here for two years now. There are certain areas to stay away from such as New Providence and in Oak Grove, KY certain areas have been blacklisted but not all the areas there are bad.  Just check first.  If you can try to go through a real estate agency to rent.  It seems to be easier.  On post housing is in the process of being redone and the new places are very nice.

Rate the PX & Commissary.   They are about as good as they come.  The mall in Clarksville has some basic but if they don’t have what you want just go to Nashville

Activities on base?   I know there is a YMCA but I am not sure about much else.

Active Spouses Club?   I have no idea

Things to do in area?   Despite what most people think there is tons to do.  There are tons of parks in Clarksville, YMCA, Jump Zone, a couple small museums Jazz on the Lawn during the summer, every restaurant, tons of pools, two skating rinks, laser tag, and lots of fun places to go out, and if you can’t find anything to do in Clarksville….Nashville is just an hour away.  Clarksville is like 3-4 hours away from St Louis, Atlanta, Memphis, Gatlinburg, and Louisville which are all a blast to visit.

School System? The schools are pretty good.  It is a military town so the teachers are used to dealing with the constant moving.  My Step-daughter really enjoys her school in Oak Grove and they seem very nice.  The actually know us by name but it is a smaller school.  The schools in Clarksville are bigger and some are brand new.  I have a nephew that goes to East Montgomery and it is a great school and so is Sango elementary.

Any colleges in area? There is Austin Peay, MMTC, and you can go on post through APSU, and Hopkinsville Comm College, as well as a couple others

Jobs? (on post and off) I haven’t worked on post but I have never had trouble finding a job off post.  I have worked the whole time we have been here except when I took off a few months to stay with my daughter and I had no trouble finding a job when I was ready to go back.  There are also a few very good daycares anf they use a star sytem to rate them in TN.  My best friend has her degree and works on post but she only got the job b/c she knew someone….

Favorite aspect of this base/surrounding city?  It isn’t just an army town….there are other things that go on and the economy is good.  And the weather can be beautiful although the summers get hot.  We practically live at the lake.

Least favorite aspect?  Once you go here for some people its hard to get out.  We have had a time getting reassigned and my husband has deployed twice(once for 12 months and the 2nd time for 15 months) in 5 years.

Any other tips?Every post is what you make of it….

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  1. If you PCS to Fort Campbell stay away from Venus nail salon off Wilma Rudolph! They rip off military, have terrible skills and their prices are lies!!!!!

  2. If you are in CLarksville, TN and you are married to an soldier stationed there, then Civita La Monica probably slept with your husband. She was the city slut. She would give these men any sexual pleasure they wanted. She has recently moved her slut ass to Palm Bay, Florida to use the men down there. If you are the wife of Shaun Washington, Civita slept with your husband too.

  3. As of 5 November 2012. If you PCS to Fort Campbell stay away from Hopkinsville Community College….primarily there CDL school. They do NOT accept out of state drivers, which means, if you live on the Tennessee side of Fort Campbell, KY and hold a Tennessee license you are not allowed to attend there college for that reason.

    Lol….they just called me back on 19 November 2012 to let me know that they have changed there laws to allow out of state drivers to attend there course. Giving them a temp Kentucky license. Which means, if you know the rules about CDL even if you receive a license from an out of state school, you must attain one from your parent state, or state you hold residence in. This is a shame….and the school should be under review for blacklist.

  4. We have lived on post at several posts and had a nice experience. However, Campbell is the expection to the rule. The housing we were given was in horrible shape. Little had been done to up keep it. Not only ese the appearance dreadful, but they don’t renovate the older housing at this post. We found the housing personnel. To be very unprofessional and a challenge. To work with. I was shocked to have mice and spiders in our quarters. I am a very tidy house keeper and I never had issues living anywhere but in there quarters. We endured it for the time necessary and decided to pay less than BAH and own a beautiful brand new home off post!! We couldn’t be happier with our choice. I wouldn’t wish om post living at Fort Campbell KY on anyone. Whether you rent or buy off post you will get more for your money and be much happier living off post.

    1. Hi NC Belle

      Did you go through a realty company for home rentals?If you did, what is the name of the realty company? I would like something nice and more on the newer side and definitely bug free as possible!

      Thanks in Advance

  5. DO NOT live on post worst thing ever. The houses are nasty and look like they haven’t been upgraded in 60 years. But when u leave u are expected to pay for upgrades to ur home. The people in the housing office are rude and never know what’s going on. So unless u want to pay 1100 for a house that would normally rent for 500 and then pay for them to upgrade at ur expense then do ur self a favor and stay away!!!

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