Fort Drum Army Post Review

Your Name (if you would like it to appear):

Sara B

Base Location:

Jefferson County, North Country, Upstate NY

How long have you been here? (give years please, ex. 2003-present)

Oct 08-Present (and for the next 4 years)

What is housing like? On-post? (waiting list, conditions, etc.) Off-post? Any areas to stay away from? Average price to rent or buy?

They are building tons of new houses.  We were on the list for almost a month and a half before we got offered, and with the weather on base is better than off.  The off base housing ranges from a 2/1 for about 800 and up

Rate the PX & Commissary.

It’s all in the same building, along with a food court, game stop, barber shop, beauty shop, Clothing and Sales (open everyday which is nice).  The commissary closes early without any notice, and if you are there after they close they make sure they don’t let you in.

Activities on base?

Lots of BOSS activities (Better Opp. for Single Soldiers, which isn’t just for single soldiers) and lots of stuff through the FMWR

Active Spouses Club?

I’m sure there are, however being new I haven’t found any yet

Things to do in area?

There is a new dog park on base and one in Watertown.

School System?

Lots of schools, however I don’t have school aged kids, but the buses pick up on base and drop back off on base.

Any colleges in area?

Jefferson Community College

Jobs? (on post and off)

AAFES is usually hiring

Favorite aspect of this base/surrounding city?

I love driving around and checking out the older buildings

Least favorite aspect?

The way the people drive and park here, plus coming from TX getting used to the weather is tricky

Any other tips?

Watch out for bad drivers and poor parking, watch out for the snow plows so that your car doesn’t get hit.

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  1. We are Fort Drum right now and I really do not like the housing. We lived in the new housing area and it looked great but after eight months I decided it wasn’t worth all the BAH they were receiving. We got there in the winter and the down stairs was freezing while upstairs was roasting, appliances broke, garage door broke, the water smelled like rotten eggs and kids have crazy long bus ride to school. We actually paid to get out of housing and bought a home off post in Evans Mills which is only five or six minutes away and its been great. We actually get to have a warm cozy house and keep some BAH in our pockets afterwards. I am glad we moved it was on the news that black mold was found in new and old housing on Fort Drum. https://www.watertowndailytimes.com/national/black-mold-rats-and-lead-survey-of-military-families-paints-slum-like-picture-of-housing-on-us-bases-20190214

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