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Augusta, Georgia

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Sept. 2008-present

What is housing like? On-post? (waiting list, conditions, etc.) Off-post? Any areas to stay away from? Average price to rent or buy?

We first signed up for on-post housing upon arrival.  It’s now August 21, 2009, and we’re still waiting.  It all depends on rank and number of bedrooms.  We need four bedrooms, so the wait is longer.  We live off-post and rent a house in Grovetown.  Our rental is $950/month.  It’s an excellent city to live in.  Another good area is Evans.

Rate the PX & Commissary. The PX is average.  The commissary is under renovation which should be complete in the next month or less.  As far as facilities, once the commissary is completed, it will look very nice.  I find the commissary a bit pricey.  I actually do most of my grocery shopping off-post and take advantage of the ads and coupons.  We are lucky to have Food Lion, IGA, Kroger, Bi-Lo, and Publix (in Augusta — just next door to Grovetown) so groceries must be competitively priced to attract customers.

Activities on base?

There is a dinner theater, movie theater, gyms, bowling, Bingo, the usual.  The only real difference I’ve noticed about Ft. Gordon is that it’s more non-military friendly.  Civilians are encouraged to use the entertainment facilities on-post.

Active Spouses Club?

Not that I’m aware of, but then again, I don’t live on-post.

Things to do in area?

Ice skating, movie theaters, mall, Ft. Discovery (this is a hands-on science museum — military members and their families get in at a discounted price), Riverwalk, Adventure Crossing (laser-tag, video games, miniature golf for the kids), a large family YMCA with an indoor and outdoor pool–indoor track — indoor basketball court — workout equipment, etc, Patriots Park, which also has an indoor gym — quite large, tennis courts, football, track, two playgrounds, baseball field, etc.

School System?

The schools are really good in Columbia County.  Stay away from Richmond County if you have school-age kids.  The schools there aren’t so great.  Lots of the schools are in corrective action…either from state or federal government, etc.  Evans is a good area, as well.  Grovetown is just much closer to Ft. Gordon, and they just opened a brand-new high school…state-of-the-art.

Any colleges in area?

Augusta Technical College, and Augusta State, Medical College of Georgia (MCG)

Jobs? (on post and off)

For on-post jobs, link to the newcomers page on the Ft. Gordon website (gordon.army.mil).  Off-post, there is a large need for workers in the medical field, teachers are always needed.  Ft. Gordon often holds job fairs (check the Signal newspaper) for off-post employers, and check the Augusta Chronical on Sunday (there’s usually a large selection of help-wanted ads there).

Favorite aspect of this base/surrounding city?

People are friendly. There are lots of trees/open spaces.  The mall is nice, and it’s easy to find your way around the city.

Least favorite aspect?

It’s a training post, so there aren’t as many families as other posts.  That being said, the Family Practice Clinic is always BOOKED SOLID.  You have to call at 7am and pray that you get an appointment for your sick child; otherwise, you can sit in the ER for six hours just for an ear-ache.  I find that it’s hard to connect with other military families living off-post…but that may just be a personal thing for me.

Local websites? (base, chamber, newspaper, schools, etc.)

www.gordon.army.mil , www.ccboe.net

Any other tips?

Like anywhere, you have to make the most of where you live.  I love my neighbors, but I had to reach out to them.  I have made friends here that I will have for a long time.   Good luck!

Received August 2009

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  1. Hi I was just curious because my husband is going to be getting out of basic training then going to A.I.T at Fort Gordon. During A.I.T do I get to see him or not? I live in Oregon and I want to move down there, I’m just lost and trying to figure this out on my own. Any info helps thanks

    Sharen Brumbles

    1. Hi, every AIT is different. Some will allow soldiers to have nights and weekends off where others are very similar to the environment in basic training. Generally, the longer the AIT is, the more freedom they will have as training progresses. My husband went through OSUT and there was absolutely no difference between the basic and AIT portions. I know others who have seen their soldier every night and weekend during AIT when they moved. Just keep in mind without being on orders, you won’t be allowed to live on post. Because your soldier is not living with you off post, you MAY not be covered by the military clause to break the lease when orders are received. Speak to JAG before you sign a lease to make sure you will be able to get back out of it when the time comes. Good luck!

  2. Hello,

    My husband is also going to Fort Gordon for AIT. His training will be 26 weeks. I’ve heard that if your AIT is 20 weeks or longer more than likely your spouse will be on the orders to move there. I know that every AIT is different with restrictions and priveledges (sp). My question is, in your experience, or hearing of others experiences, would it be worth it to move out there with him?

    1. For 26 weeks, I would probably move, if it was me. Usually around the 10-11 week mark, most instructors will allow them to live with family if the family has moved to the location. Don’t count on that as a definite but with a longer AIT like that, I wouldn’t want to be apart unless if we absolutely had to be. If the Army is offering to pay for the move, why not? 🙂

    2. If he is there for 26 weeks then he is a 25S correct? Expect to be there a lot longer than 26 weeks. The phase process is slowly being ignored on that post, so where in the past your husband would have had weeknights and weekends off after the first 4 weeks of AIT and almost normal Army conditions after 11 weeks, that might not be the case anymore. Latest article in the Army Times said that Ft. Gordon is instituting a 2100 curfew with no off post drinking and strict tobacco policies. However, the good news is since your husband is obviously married, you can expect none of that to really matter. Expect resentment from you husbands fellow soldiers in the company when they are expected to be in bed by 2100 on weekends and at formation at 0800 on weekends your husband will be treated more like an adult. I was there for well over a year, so moving there will be the best bet, he is going to need your support.

  3. First, is it only spouses that are able to move on base? and if his AIT is 22 weeks, do you think they would offer this?

    1. If you are married, you would likely be included on his orders if his AIT is 22 weeks. Only dependents are allowed to live in on post housing.

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  5. hey, my husband is in ait right now and has been there a week. he is wanting me and our kids to move to augusta. his mos is 16 weeks long but they dont know how long it will be before he gets in a class. would it be worth it for us to move? after he phases up would he be able to stay with us when he gets off and on weekends? thanks

  6. hello my brother is in ait right now i ask him to give me his address but the only thing he gave is C/447 Ft. Gordon, GA30905 and my mom wants to send him something so what do i do

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