Fort Huachuca Army Post Review

Your Name (if you would like it to appear):  Jenni S.

Base Location:  Sierra Vista, AZ, about 20 minutes from the Mexican border

How long have you been here? (give years please, ex. 2003-present) 2007-present

What is housing like? On-post? (waiting list, conditions, etc.) Off-post? Any areas to stay away from? Average price to rent or buy?

There is lots of new housing on post and more being built.  The waiting list says 4-6 months, but we were offered housing in 6 weeks.  Rent off-post is anywhere from $800-$1300 per month, depending on how nice a place is.

Rate the PX & Commissary.  The commissary doesn’t have a lot of variety in brands, but it’s clean and fairly new.  The prices are much cheaper than shopping in town.  The PX is small but nice.

Activities on base?  Buffalo Corral for riding horses, Buffalo Soldier museum, lots of hiking and outdoor activities, bowling alley, movie theater, but no on-post library.  We use the public library in Sierra Vista.

Active Spouses Club?  No idea about this.  If there is one, they don’t advertise well.

Things to do in area?  Again, hiking and outdoor activities.  Mall, Target, Walmart, several restaurants like Texas Roadhouse, Applebee’s, Chili’s, etc.  A nice city park that sponsors a lot of activities.

School System?  I know post schools don’t do well in ratings, but I don’t have school age children.

Any colleges in area? Cochise County Community College, University of Arizona South

Jobs? (on post and off)  Not a lot of industry in the city; post is #1 employer for the area.

Favorite aspect of this base/surrounding city?  Beautiful mountain views; excellent weather.  Over 300 sunny days per year, and it’s not as hot since we are at a higher elevation.

Least favorite aspect?  Wish there was more to do that wasn’t outdoors-related.  However, Tucson is only 75 miles away.

Local websites? (base, chamber, newspaper, schools, etc.)  www.svherald.com

Any other tips? Join your FRG; wear sunscreen; go to local tourist attractions (Tombstone, Bisbee, etc.)

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