Fort Knox Basic Training Review (4)

1. My Name: Amber G.

2. Where did your soldier attend basic training? He did his basic training at Fort Knox.

3. When did he attend basic training? He attended basic training January 27th through April 8th, 2010.

4. How often did you hear from him? (Phone and letters) He called a total of 8 times with 3 of those being in the week before he graduated. I also got an average of one letter from him per week. The longest conversation we had was 8 minutes and the shortest was a minute. For the most part he only called on Sunday evenings.

5. How long was it before you heard from him the first time? He called the first time the Sunday after he left but it was just to give me the address. (talked for a minute)

6. How long did it take to receive a mailing address for him? I got his mailing address from the Army about 2 weeks after he left.

7. Were there any restrictions on what you could send him? I only ever sent him letters. He asked for some toiletries from his mom which she sent.

8. Were you sent information about family day and graduation? I got the information about family day and graduation in the same letter with his address which I received about 2 weeks after he left.

9. Did he have a family day? If so, please describe. They went back and forth about whether or not they would have family day but they ended up getting it. He was able to go off base after graduation and didn’t have to be back until 7:45pm (19:45). We went out to lunch and went with to the Justice of the Peace and one of his friends got married.

We relaxed for most of the afternoon. He was tired since he had been up since 3am.

10. Please describe the graduation ceremony. It was fun but hard to hear the speakers. It was about an hour long. There were several speakers, some awards were handed out, and there was some music played.

11. Is there a website for his basic training unit? Is there a place to see pictures of his training online? I wasn’t able to find a website or pictures.

12. Any other tips or information? Write as much as possible! He complained I didn’t write enough. It will go by real quick.

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